ARMF, Lleida, Spain

Associació pera la Reconstrucció i Posta en Servei de Material Ferroviari Històric (ARMF) are based in Lleida, not a million miles from Barcelona in Spain. The commercial arm of ARMF undertakes many contract overhauls of locomotives and stock for groups within Spain and worldwide. They are committed to applying modern steam technology, where appropriate.

One service offered by ARMF is oil firing of locomotives. The oil firing systems are supplied by Phil Girdlestone in South Africa.

Below are some photo albums showing ARMF work and specifically oil firing retrofits:

Rebuilding NTE 2723/RENFE 040-2184
Oil Firing FGC209 'Monistrol'
Rebuilding NTE 2723/RENFE 040-2184

ARMF can be contacted via their website at