Rebuilding NTE 2723/RENFE 040-2184

A 14 month long project, undertaken during 2004 and early 2005, saw them overhaul a very historic machine. An 1891 built 0-8-0 NTE 2723, 040-2184 under the RENFE numbering scheme, was built by Tubize, in Belgium. It was built for Camino de Hierro del Norte de España (NORTE) - Northern Railway of Spain. The locomotive is now owned by Spanish National Railway Museum. They have loaned the locomotive to the Railway Friends at Venta de Baños(AVENFER), in the province of Palencia, who sent the loco and many many boxes of already removed parts to ARMF for a total rebuild. The only exception was the boiler which was repaired by a specialist boiler shop in Venta de Baños. Part of the rebuilding involved a light modification. To better suit current requirements it was decided to convert the locomotive from the original coal firing to oil firing. Modern Steam engineer firm, Girdlestone and Associates, provided the expertise and oil firing equipment.

Now back in service the locomotive can be seen at Venta de Baños where it operates on special trains.

040-2184 shortly after arrival at Venta de Baños. © Fernando Repiso
040-2184 shortly after arrival at Venta de Baños. © Fernando Repiso

Some details of 040-2184:

Wheel diameter: 1200 mm;
Water: 8300 litres;
Coal: 6000 kg;
Weight: 73850 kg (loaded) 54150 kg (empty);
2 cylinders: 500 mm x 660 mm;
Stephenson valve gear (outside the frames) operating slide valves;
Pressure: 9 kg/cm2 (130psi)
Flues: 208 units x 50 mm dia;
Saturated steam;
Rated Output: 675CV;
Tractive Effort: 7425 kg.

Back in service. January 2005. © Óscar Urgelés

Back in service. January 2005. © Óscar Urgelés

Manuel Ramos, Técnico de Material (Rolling Stock & Locomotive Manager) at ARMF, has kindly supplied many photographs of the rebuilding. These are presented here in the form of a web photo album.

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