26 September 2015

A morning in Berlin before heading home.
DSC5639  Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche in the former West Berlin near Zoo station. : Germany DSC5640  The ornate entrance to Berlin Zoo. : Germany DSC5641  The Landwehr Canal on the edge of the Tiergarten. The bridge is part of the Zoo complex. : Germany
DSC5644  An emu seen over the zoo fence. : Germany DSC5647  The Siegessäule - Victory Column - at the Großer Stern in the Tiergarten. It was moved to this location by the Nazis. They also increased its height by 7.5m. : Germany DSC5648  The golden statue of Victoria. : Germany
DSC5649  Looking down the normal very busy Straße des 17. Juni. It was closed in preparation for the Berlin Marathon the next day. : Germany DSC5652  Bismarck Memorial in the Tiergarten. : Germany DSC5658  Red post box outside Schloss Bellevue. : Germany
DSC5659  Schloss Bellevue in the Tiergarten. : Germany DSC5663  Looking along the River Sprey near the Schloss Bellevue. : Germany DSC5665  Schloss Bellevue. : Germany
DSC5668  One of many such plinthed sculptures in the Tiergarten. : Germany DSC5671  The start line for the Berlin Marathon. : Germany DSC5674  In the Tiergarten. : Germany
DSC5678  Along the eatern edge of the Tiergarten. The fencing on the left was part of the Berlin Marathon security which, very annoyingly, shut much of the Tiergarten off. : Germany DSC5682  Berlin Cathedral. : Germany DSC5684  The National Gallery in Berlin. : Germany
DSC5691  S-Bahn and pleasure boats on the Sprey. : Germany DSC5695  Lunch at the Ständige Vertretung. : Germany