25 September 2015

The reality of East Germany - the Stasi Jail and Headquaters.
DSC5473  The Brandenburg Gate from the start of the Unter den Linden. : Germany DSC5475  The Stats Opera house, less covered in scaffolding than when I went past in December 2014. : Germany DSC5476  On Unter den Linden in the Neue Wache. : Germany
DSC5480  Marienkirche from Alexanderplatz. : Germany DSC5481  The TV tower at Alexanderplatz. : Germany DSC5484  A M6 route tram approaching the stop on Alexanderplatz. The DB evalated station is behind. : Germany
DSC5492  Stasi Prison, behind each window is a cell. : Germany DSC5495  When the occupying Russians were running their sector of Germany after the end of WWII they were the first users of what became the Stasi prison at Hohenschönhausen. Conditions under the Russians were even worse than under DDR authorities. This room would have been packed with prisoners. : Germany DSC5496  Cell door in the Stasi jail in the part used by the Russians. : Germany
DSC5501  Jail corridor. : Germany DSC5504  Prisoners of the Stasi were transported around Berlin (and elsewhere) in non-descriptive vans like this one. : Germany DSC5509  A typical DDR era cell. The glass made it impossible for prisoners to know where they were. : Germany
DSC5510  Cell 122. : Germany DSC5512  Corridor control - the coloured lights indicated to the guards if they could move prisoners around or not. : Germany DSC5513  Stasi jail corridor, pretty much as it was when the DDR collapsed in 1989. : Germany
DSC5521  Soundproofing. : Germany DSC5522  Corridor view at the Stasi jail. : Germany DSC5525  A typical interogation room. : Germany
DSC5526  The wire on the wall was an alarm system. Pulling the wire would break the electrical cicruit setting off the prison alarm system. : Germany DSC5529  Everywhere people were being watched. : Germany DSC5531  At one point everything in this view was run by the Stasi. The green and cream block, which is outside the jail walls, contained an arm of the Stasi. : Germany
DSC5534  This was an exercise area. The prisoners lead here never got to see anything other than the sky so they (probably) had no idea where they were. The chap in the brown trousers was our guide. : Germany DSC5536  Control tower. : Germany DSC5541  Stasi jail at Hohenschönhausen. : Germany
DSC5543  Looking towards the main gate. : Germany DSC5545  This 3D map shows the Stasi areas at Hohenschönhausen. The prison is in dark grey, the buildings in white were all Stasi. : Germany DSC5549  Internal gates at the Stasi jail. : Germany
DSC5553  A former Stasi building at Hohenschönhausen. : Germany DSC5557  In the former Stasi quarter. : Germany DSC5563  Stasi jail perimeter. : Germany
DSC5564  If any prison had made it out of the jail they would still have been in a Stasi area which was closed to normal people. : Germany DSC5565  The Stasi jail at Hohenschönhausen. : Germany DSC5566  Saint Antonius and Saint Shenouda Kirche in the Lichtenberg district, right alongside the Stasi HQ. : Germany
DSC5568  The former Stasi HQ. The covered area was built so no one outside could see who was coming and going. Total paranoia! : Germany DSC5571  Marx, he probably wouldn't have been that enamoured of being celebrated by the Stasi. : Germany DSC5573  Inside a Stasi prisoner transport van. : Germany
DSC5578  The Stasi quater at Lichtenberg. This was effectively a closed city within the city of Berlin. : Germany DSC5586  What must have been state of the art doorless lifts. : Germany DSC5587  What now looks like an ancient telephone system. : Germany
DSC5590  This red case was held at Stasi HQ. After the fall of the DDR it was found to contain various papers which could haven been very embaressing for Erich Honecker, the last leader of the DDR. : Germany DSC5593  Stasi Office. : Germany DSC5596  In the office of the Stasi chief Erich Mielke. : Germany
DSC5597  In Erich Mielke office with obligatory recording equipment. : Germany DSC5599  Multiple telephones with different uses. : Germany DSC5601  Mielke's private quarters at the Stasi HQ, used when he stayed overnight. : Germany
DSC5608  A large meeting room with the obligatory bust of Lenin. : Germany DSC5611  Various tools of the trade for Stasi operatives. : Germany DSC5612  Recording devices used by the Stasi. : Germany
DSC5615  A camera with a 90 degree lens for filming through walls. : Germany DSC5616  Various items for taking covert photographs. : Germany DSC5617  Camera in a bag. : Germany
DSC5619  Camera in a radio cassette player. : Germany DSC5620  Button camera. : Germany DSC5621  This item produced steam to open letters. Once read letters were resealed by a person with an iron. : Germany
DSC5629  A scent sample. These cloths were sat on by prisoners during interogation. They were then stored should they be needed to assist with searches and so on. : Germany DSC5632  The Stasi HQ. : Germany DSC5638  Stasi buildings in Lichtenburg. : Germany