24 September 2015

Berlin Technical Museum and WWII sites.
DSC5188  Berlin Technical Museum. : Germany DSC5191  U Bahn route 1 runs past the Technical Museum on this viaduct. : Germany DSC5196  There used to be a mainline railway here heading into Anhalt terminus. : Germany
DSC5199  Compound expansion steam engine from a ship. : Germany DSC5200  Slide valve detail. : Germany DSC5204  Triple expansion ship engine. : Germany
DSC5209  An excellent cut away from a ship showing how the engine and related components were installed. : Germany DSC5211  A compound engine arranged in a V. : Germany DSC5214  A compound engine arranged in a V. : Germany
DSC5217  The remains of a wooden boat. : Germany DSC5219  What looks like something of a death trap, a one man helicopter. : Germany DSC5220  A torpedo. : Germany
DSC5224  A one man submarine. : Germany DSC5226  A representation of how slaves were transported in ships. : Germany DSC5228  The technical museum contains a number of excellent speculative models of balloons. : Germany
DSC5230  The remains of a loco boiler which took a direct hit from a bomb….. : Germany DSC5231  Above the boats at the Technical Museum are the planes. : Germany DSC5232  This is a Arado Ar 96. : Germany
DSC5236  Various plane engines. : Germany DSC5242  The remains of a Junkers Ju 87. : Germany DSC5244  From the left a Rheintochter R1 surface to air missile, a V1 (Fieseler Fi 2013), a Henschel Hs 293 (radio guided anti-ship weapon) and an early jet fighter, a Heinkel He 162. : Germany
DSC5249  A Walter HWK 109-509 rocket engine as fitted to the Messerschmitt Me 163. : Germany DSC5255  A reconstructed engine from a V2 rocket. : Germany DSC5258  V2 rocket engine remains. : Germany
DSC5260  A V1, a Henschel Hs 293 and between and behind them a Henschel HS 117 weapon. : Germany DSC5261  This is a Messerschmitt Bf 109 (Me 109). : Germany DSC5266  Am not sure what this car was trying to be! : Germany
DSC5267  An early Lufthansa plane, a Junkers Ju 52/3m. : Germany DSC5271  U1 service seen from the observation deck at the Technical Museum. : Germany DSC5278  U1 service with Möckernbrücke station behind the train. : Germany
DSC5281  The remains of a Junkers Ju 87. : Germany DSC5284  This partial section of a Lancaster bomber was recovered from a lake in the Berlin area. : Germany DSC5288  Old television studio equipment. : Germany
DSC5290  An ornate printing press. : Germany DSC5293  A bogie from the Penydarren Railway which has found itself in a German museum. : Germany DSC5298  A 1912 built replica of "Beuth", a 2-2-2 manufactured by Borsig in 1843. : Germany
DSC5299  This 0-6-0, GVB 680, was acquired from Austria. It is a Südbahn class 29 built by StEG Wien in 1860. : Germany DSC5301  Locos in the former Anhalt loco depot, now the Berlin Technical Museum. : Germany DSC5304  GVB 680 head on showing clearly the spark arresting chimney. : Germany
DSC5306  Substantial bar frames on 680. : Germany DSC5308  Substantial and decroative worksplate. : Germany DSC5310  A Henchel loco of the KPEV (Prussian State Railways). : Germany
DSC5312  KPEV No. 1907, class T0 2-2-0. : Germany DSC5313  What looks to be something like a deathtrap! : Germany DSC5314  A sectioned loco showing parts of the Punktförmige Zugbeeinflussung (PZB) train protection system. : Germany
DSC5317  A loco brought from Poland, TKi3 112, a 2-6-0 built for the KPEV (Prussian State Railways) as class T9.3 in 1903. : Germany DSC5319  PKP TKi3 112, as acquired from Poland. : Germany DSC5323  Exhibits in the roundhouse. : Germany
DSC5326  This KPEV T3 0-6-0 found work as Mariendorf gas works between being retired from state service and withdrawl in 1996. : Germany DSC5328  Knorr air pump of a type now familiar in the UK. : Germany DSC5331  KPEV S10 4-6-0, in DR form as 17 008, is a splendid sectioned exhibit. : Germany
DSC5335  Sectioned cylinder. : Germany DSC5336  Sectioned boiler and components. : Germany DSC5337  Feedwater heater heat exchanger. : Germany
DSC5345  Sectioned Knorr air pump. : Germany DSC5346  A small loco with a water pump. : Germany DSC5348  The non-sectioned side of the KPEV S10 4-6-0. : Germany
DSC5350  Another loco brought from Poland, this being a PKP OK1 4-6-0, an example of the legendary KPEV P8 type. : Germany DSC5354  Smokebox view minus spark arrestor. : Germany DSC5357  600mm gauge 0-8-0t Tx203. : Germany
DSC5360  Tx203 might be 600mm gauge but it still comes with a Fabeg type turbo generator. : Germany DSC5363  97 504, a 4 cylinder rack and adhesion loco, formerly of the Königlich Württembergische Staats-Eisenbahnen. Behind is a Garratt from South Africa. : Germany DSC5367  Details of the drive arrangements for both adhesion and (upper) the rack gear. : Germany
DSC5371  German built, South Afriacan operated NGG13 2-6-2+2-6-2 Mo.83. Rather large for 600mm gauge! : Germany DSC5374  Exhibits in the roundhouse with 97 504 prominent. : Germany DSC5378  Very black. The footplate of DR Class 50 001. : Germany
DSC5379  3 cylinder 4-6-2 01 1082 : Germany DSC5382  Big end and rod detail on the 01 10. : Germany DSC5383  Nazi era electric 1′Do1′ E19 01. : Germany
DSC5384  Kriegslok 2-10-0 52 4966. : Germany DSC5388  The sort of box wagon used to transport man people to their deaths. : Germany DSC5389  An impressive model railway. : Germany
DSC5390  Diesel hydraulic B-B V200 018. : Germany DSC5391  Typical of the sorts of trains used in German cities as part of the post WWII reconstruction. : Germany DSC5393  A Heeresfeldbahnlokomotive HF 160 D -8-0t, this one being built by Société Franco-Belge as works number 2822 in 1944. : Germany
DSC5394  Rail as used as part of the anti-escape measures at the Berlin Wall. : Germany DSC5398  DR C-C diesel hydraulic 118 075 with DB V200 018 behind. : Germany DSC5400  Hydraulics from the West and East. : Germany
DSC5404  DB Class 202 (Henschel-BBC DE2500) 202 003 experimetnal loco. : Germany DSC5406  Steam loco servicing facilties at the fomer Berlin-Anhalter depot. : Germany DSC5407  One of the half roundhouses at Berlin-Anhalter depot. : Germany
DSC5413  Windmill. : Germany DSC5414  A different sort of windmill. : Germany DSC5415  The one time Berlin-Anhalter depot. A bit cleaner than it would have been in steam days. : Germany
DSC5416  The trees have been left to show the state of the depot before the museum moved in during the 1980s. : Germany DSC5418  Berlin-Anhalter depot. : Germany DSC5421  Not the most comfortable of rides! : Germany
DSC5425  Evidence of the former Berlin-Anhalter station. : Germany DSC5426  Where Berlin-Anhalter station once stood. : Germany DSC5427  All the remains of the impressive train shed at Berlin-Anhalter. : Germany
DSC5430  The remians of the frontage of Berlin-Anhalter station. : Germany DSC5431  A section of Berlin Wall and the outside exhibits at the excellent "Topography of Terror". : Germany DSC5436  Then and now. The "Topography of Terror" center occupies the site of the secret police headquarters in Nazi times. : Germany
DSC5437  "Topography of Terror". : Germany DSC5438  Reamins of the Berlin Wall. : Germany DSC5443  Below the ground here are the remains of Hitler's cental Berlin bunker. : Germany
DSC5444  Information board at the "Führerbunker". : Germany DSC5448  The rather odd Jewish Holocaust Memorial concrete blocks. : Germany DSC5453  At the Jewish Holocaust Memorial in central Berlin. : Germany
DSC5458  The Brandenburg Gate. : Germany DSC5464  The Brandenburg Gate with, once again, things in the way. : Germany DSC5468  The Reichstag with the first bits of temporary structures in place for the Berlin Marathon which occurred a few days later. : Germany
DSC5470  The Bundestag. : Germany DSC5472  Berlin Hbf. : Germany