23 September 2015

Peenemunde to the Berlin Wall.
DSC5102  Very Communist looking housing but now with satellite dishes, Peenemunde. : Germany DSC5104  Modernised DDR era flats. : Germany DSC5105  Unmodernised DDR flats. : Germany
DSC5112  The preserved power station at Peenemunde. : Germany DSC5120  Ships in the harbour at Peenemunde. : Germany DSC5121  Peenemunde harbour where coal for the power station was once offloaded. : Germany
DSC5123  U461 of the USSR navy, previously a nuclear weapon carrier. : Germany DSC5127  V2 and power station in the sun. : Germany DSC5131  V2, V1 and power station. : Germany
DSC5135  The view from my room at the InterCity Hotel near Berlin Hbf station. Only S Bahn trains were running during my stay. The lines in the foreground were close to allow repairs to the viaduct structure. : Germany DSC5138  The entrance to Nordbahnhof on the U Bahn. This station was just in the former West Berlin. : Germany DSC5143  The Berlin Wall from the western side, this part of the wall now forms part of the Berlin Wall Memorial. : Germany
DSC5146  At the memorial is this useful 3D map of the Berlin Wall in the local area showing the wall. The former East is on the right hand side of the map. : Germany DSC5148  An aerial photo of the area. : Germany DSC5151  The wall cut through streets as shown here, a section which has been dug up following the fall of the wall. : Germany
DSC5154  Looking at the wall from what would have been the strip between the wall facing the West and the smaller wall facing the East (behind the camera). : Germany DSC5155  Remains of the wall which faced the East, it was of a different form to that wall facing the West. : Germany DSC5156  Sections of the wall not in their original position. : Germany
DSC5160  Stood in the former no-mans land. : Germany DSC5161  On the Western side of the wall. : Germany DSC5164  Information on the setup in no-mans land designed to stop people crossing to the West. : Germany
DSC5168  A small section of the layout of the wall has been preserved/reconstructed at the Wall Memorial. : Germany DSC5169  Berlin Wall control tower. : Germany DSC5172  Photo displays at the Wall Memorial. : Germany
DSC5175  Remains of the church which fell in the gap between East and West, it was demolished in the mid 1980s. : Germany DSC5180  On the right are excavated remains of buildings which once went right up to the West but were demolished to prevent people escaping from East to West. : Germany