22 September 2015

From one German Baltic coast island to another - Rügen to Usedom.
DSC4910 : Germany DSC4917 : Germany DSC4918 : Germany
DSC4921 : Germany DSC4922 : Germany DSC4926  Putbus Circus has an obelisk at its centre. : Germany
DSC4929  Looking along the trackbed of the old Altefähr to Putbus line at Garz. : Germany DSC4934  Closer to Altefähr the line has become a paved cyclepath. : Germany DSC4941  Altefähr standard gauge station towards Stralsund.  The line is single over the bridge from the mainland onto Rügen island. : Germany
DSC4945  The narrow gauge depot and buildings which remain at Altefähr. : Germany DSC4948  Altefähr station with a view to one of the prominent churches of Stralsund. : Germany DSC4949  Modern traction in Stralsund. : Germany
DSC4950  If it wasn’t for the modern cars and road signs it could be Communist times. : Germany DSC4955  Peenemunde Museum entrance which is the former power station’s control bunker. : Germany DSC4959  Inside the control bunker which was setup with defence in mind. : Germany
DSC4960  The preserved power station at Peenemunde and associated coal conveyer and crane. : Germany DSC4964  The former power station’s control bunker. : Germany DSC4967  The memorial to some of those who died at Peenemunde stands in front of a replica V2 rocket. : Germany
DSC4972  A replica V2 rocket painted in the colours used for the test rockets. : Germany DSC4985  The Peenemunde development complex had its own railway system due to the area covered. This electric multiple unit represents the trains used, but is of a different sort. : Germany DSC4991  The large outdoor exhibits at Peenemunde Museum includes a V1 rocket complimenting the train and V2 rocket. : Germany
DSC4995  This map shows the extent of the development complexes at Peenemunde on Usedom island. : Germany DSC4998  V2 nose cones, the one of the left having been recovered from a crashed rocket. : Germany DSC4999  V2 rocket nose cones. : Germany
DSC5000  The excellent  museum includes a number of models of test facilities used during rocket development. : Germany DSC5002  Genuine V2 rocket parts. The signs bottom right show, in red, where on a V2 the parts were installed. : Germany DSC5004  V2 rocket engine Alcohol/Oxygen mixing chambers. : Germany
DSC5006  Various parts from inside of a V1 rocket. : Germany DSC5008  A compressor from a V2. : Germany DSC5017  The museum is in the former power station. Part of a steam turbine is on display in the largely gutted turbine hall. : Germany
DSC5022  A view of the external exhibits from the roof of the power station. : Germany DSC5029  In the harbour at Peenemunde is a former USSR nuclear submarine. : Germany DSC5034  The propulsion system from a small ship. : Germany
DSC5042  Coal handling machinery at Peenemunde. : Germany DSC5048  The museum’s V1 rocket and partial launch ramp. : Germany DSC5049  V1 launch ramp and catapult. : Germany
DSC5061  On the Baltic Sea facing beach near Peenemunde looking towards Poland. : Germany DSC5064  On the beach looking roughly west. : Germany DSC5070  Much of the area around Peenemunde is off limits as it contains unexploded ordnance. This area contained the production facilities for the V2s. : Germany
DSC5071  A key part of the V2’s fuel system was liquid oxygen. A plant was built to provide it. The building remains but is in poor condition. : Germany DSC5072  The oxygen plant at Peenemunde. : Germany DSC5075  Peenemunde oxygen plant. : Germany
DSC5078  The oxygen plant doesn’t retain any of its internal fittings. : Germany DSC5081  Peenemunde retains a railway and passenger service. Trains from here head to Zinnowitz where they connect to others running further afield. : Germany DSC5085  The former railway system used at the Peenemunde complex and subsequently by the DDR military ran in the trees alongside the road. : Germany
DSC5088  Much use of forced labour occurred at Peenemunde. This is a former concentration camp site. : Germany DSC5090  A representation of the former concentration camp. : Germany DSC5092  Within the grounds of the concentration camp. An accommodation hut would have stood here. : Germany
DSC5096  The former station at Peenemunde West. : Germany DSC5097  Signs that the railways on the island were electrified. : Germany