21 September 2015

Jasmund National Park, closed 750mm routes and more Rasender Roland.
DSC4657  Back on the Göhren to Binz shuttle for the day was 0-8-0t 99 4011. : Germany DSC4667  Göhren pier. : Germany DSC4670  Looking back towards the town from Göhren pier. : Germany
DSC4671  Göhren beach. : Germany DSC4672  Looking to the north of the island from Göhren pier. The white cliffs are on the seaward side of Jasmund National Park. : Germany DSC4675  Looking out into the Baltic, Ostsee in Germany, from Göhren pier. : Germany
DSC4679  Birds resting on Göhren pier. : Germany DSC4684  A carved figure on the Möchguttor at Baabe. : Germany DSC4686  The Möchguttor over the main road through Baabe. : Germany
DSC4690  Baabe station, 99 4011 stands with the 08:49 from Göhren to Binz. : Germany DSC4702  99 4011 accelerates away from Baabe with the 08:59 departure for Binz. : Germany DSC4706  VIIk 2-10-2t 99 1781 stands at Sellin Ost with the 08:08 from Putbus to Göhren. On the right is the 08:49 from Göhren to Binz. : Germany
DSC4710  In forest in the Jasmund National Park on the path out to the Königsstuhl. : Germany DSC4715  Thatched cottage in the forest. : Germany DSC4718  Plenty of walking and cycling options in Jasmund National Park. : Germany
DSC4723  Plenty of algae here. : Germany DSC4726  The totally pointless and expensive visitors centre at Königsstuhl, but you have to pay to get to the viewing point. : Germany DSC4728  The view at Königsstuhl. : Germany
DSC4731  Looking down to the water at Königsstuhl. : Germany DSC4744  A Stena Line ferry from Sassnitz. : Germany DSC4750  A much better option at Königsstuhl is to head down to the shoreline. : Germany
DSC4752  On the beach below Königsstuhl. : Germany DSC4759  On the Baltic shoreline at Königsstuhl. : Germany DSC4762  The cliffs at Königsstuhl are white. Being chalk they are less than stable. : Germany
DSC4765  Cormorants rest on a rock. : Germany DSC4766  Along the coast below Königsstuhl. : Germany DSC4768  White cliffs. : Germany
DSC4771  The beach and cliffs at Königsstuhl. : Germany DSC4773  This is the boarded path down to the shoreline, it’s a fair walk back up! : Germany DSC4776  In forest near Königsstuhl. : Germany
rugen-web  This map shows the former extent of the Rügensche Kleinbahn. The heavy black lines show 750mm gauge lines, the lighter lines are standard gauge routes. DSC4779  This was the yard and depot area at Altenkirchen. On the right is the former railcar shed whilst further back the loco shed is the building with two green doors. : Germany DSC4782  The pier at Dranske. : Germany
DSC4783  These are typical of the beach seating on the Baltic Coast. : Germany DSC4786  Everything is very low lying on this part of Rügen. The railway from Altenkirchen to Dranske ran on the land visible in the distance. : Germany DSC4788  Dranske. : Germany
DSC4791  Looking across the water at Dranske. Once again the railway hugged the bay on the land in distance. : Germany DSC4793  The town of Wiek from Dranske. Wiek had a small port served by the railway. : Germany DSC4799  Looking roughly north back towards Dranske. The line to Bug ran where the road now is. : Germany
DSC4803  The windswept pebble beach on the spit of land between Dranske and Bug. : Germany DSC4811  Looking across the water towards Hiddensee. : Germany DSC4815  Bug remains closed to the public but is no longer used by the German military as it was in Communist times. : Germany
DSC4816  At Wiek the former ship loading ramp has been ramp has been refurbished. : Germany DSC4817  The history of the harbour at Wiek. : Germany DSC4825  The quayside at Wiek used to be the location of the railway station and yard. : Germany
DSC4829  Looking back towards Altenkirchen at Wiek. : Germany DSC4832  A thatched cottage and cobbled road in Wiek. : Germany DSC4835  The line was Bergen Altenkirchen (and beyond) was physically two separate lines with a train ferry joining the two. The ferry is now road vehicles only. : Germany
DSC4836  The spare ferry on the northern side of the water. : Germany DSC4849  Leaving Fährhof for Wittower. The train ferry left from the terminal on the left with the wooden stockade. : Germany DSC4855  Approaching Wittower. The train ferry left from the terminal on the right. : Germany
DSC4856  Looking roughly east from the Wittower ferry, flat land! : Germany DSC4857  A useful map of Rügen Island. : Germany DSC4859  The former rail ferry terminal at Wittower. : Germany
DSC4870-2  Back at Garftitz 99 4802 comes to a stand with the 15:53 from Göhren to Lauterbach Mole. : Germany DSC4870  Or in black and white. : Germany DSC4873  99 4802 sets off from Garftitz with the 15:53 from Göhren. : Germany
DSC4881  Sellin Ost station. : Germany DSC4888  99 4011 approaches Sellin Ost with the 16:49 from Göhren to Binz. : Germany DSC4894  Göhren with typical architecture. : Germany
DSC4896  In Göhren. : Germany DSC4897  The main street in Göhren. : Germany DSC4899  Göhren’s First World War memorial. : Germany