20 September 2015

To Rügen Transport Museum, Prora and some 750mm gauge steam.
DSC4287  At a very wet Ostseebad Binz station 101 076 prepares to run round its train. : Germany DSC4292  Ostseebad Binz station. : Germany DSC4293  Binz is served by trains to and from many part of Germany, this one heading to Stuggart. It is also possible to travel beyond Germany without changing trains. : Germany
DSC4303  Binz is also served by local train from Stralsund. This unit had recently arrived during another heavy downpour. : Germany DSC4308  101 076 heads through Prora station on its way to Stuggart Hbf. : Germany DSC4310  Prora is the location of the Eisenbahn & Technik Museum Rügen (Rügen Transport and Technology Museum). It contains a range of interesting exhibits, one of the stars is 5’ gauge P36 4-8-4 0123 imported from Russia. : Germany
DSC4312  0123’s front end. : Germany DSC4316  A pair of comrades. : Germany DSC4317  Looking up at the smokebox of 0123. : Germany
DSC4319  P36 0123 is fitted with a huge auto coupler. : Germany DSC4323  0123’s motion, a mix of plain and roller bearings. : Germany DSC4326  A big loco! : Germany
DSC4328  The P36 and cars to give an idea of the size. : Germany DSC4334  Another idea of the size of the loco is given by the people at the front. : Germany DSC4344  P36 0123’s cabside including works plate. The loco was built in 1955 at Kolomna. : Germany
DSC4359  It’s a long way up into the cab of a P36! : Germany DSC4362  The rear of the tender of the P36 also shows the difference between 5’ and standard gauge track. : Germany DSC4365  Another of the key railway exhibits is diesel hydraulic V200 009 which is parked alongside a number of fire engines and motorbikes. : Germany
DSC4368  A Skoda police car and a sort of monorail behind. : Germany DSC4369  Plauener Straßenbahn car No.48. : Germany DSC4371  Multiple diesel shunters. : Germany
DSC4372  More diesel shunters including one which appears to have wanted to be narrow gauge. : Germany DSC4377  Volvo and MiG-21MF. : Germany DSC4380  An excellent model of the huge Nazi complex at Prora. : Germany
DSC4388  2-10-0 50 3703, an East German Reko loco. : Germany DSC4390  An Austrian 0-4-0 shunter. : Germany DSC4391  DR 244 139, a class E44. : Germany
DSC4396  Steam rotary snowplough and tender. : Germany DSC4397  Reko 52 8190. : Germany DSC4400  DR 2-10-0 044 397. : Germany
DSC4402  DR's variety of class 23, 23 1021. : Germany DSC4404  The front end of 044 397. : Germany DSC4405  DR 52 8190, post Reko rebuilding. : Germany
DSC4407  The 044 was modified from being a 3 cylinder machine to a 2 cylinder machine. : Germany DSC4414  DR 2-6-2 23 1021. : Germany DSC4420  23 1021 and Berlin S-Bahn car from unit 475 057. : Germany
DSC4421  Steamlined 03 002 head on. : Germany DSC4426  Ford "Tin Lizzie" and 4-6-2 03 002 (actually 03 193 in disguise). : Germany DSC4431  Trabants. : Germany
DSC4437  I wouldn't fancy working on that running board with the lack of handrail. : Germany DSC4440  Streamlined tender with corridor connection. : Germany DSC4444  Electric 1'Do1' E18 204. : Germany
DSC4450  No doubt which railway operated V200 009! : Germany DSC4453  V200 009. : Germany DSC4458  A Messerschmitt KR200 car. : Germany
DSC4463  A BMW Isetta 300. : Germany DSC4472  Looking south along the beach at Prora towards Binz and beyond. : Germany DSC4475  The huge holiday resort at Prora, as built but never finished by the Nazis under their “Strength through Joy” programme. This show just one small part of the complex which was planned to hold 20000 people at any one time. : Germany
DSC4478  Prora, typical utilitarian architecture. : Germany DSC4483  A photo of a photo showing a typical room for holiday makers. : Germany DSC4488  A great view at Prora! : Germany
DSC4491  Inside at Prora. : Germany DSC4493  Another photo of a photo, this one showing a little over half of the complex at Prora. : Germany DSC4499  One of the accommodation blocks at Prora. : Germany
DSC4503  Looking north up the beach at Prora. : Germany DSC4505  Prora beach. : Germany DSC4516  Halfway up the resort at Prora is the remains of what had intended to be the start of a pier to be served by cruise liners. On the land side there were to be a number of structures intended to glorify the Nazi state. : Germany
DSC4521  After the end of WWII Prora was used for military accommodation. Following the fall of Communism there has been a problem find use for the huge complex. Here work to rehabilitate this section was in hand. : Germany DSC4522  On the other side of the buildings seen in the previous photos. More work underway. : Germany DSC4524  The gutted ground floor. : Germany
DSC4527  The Prora complex was and still is huge. : Germany DSC4532  No windows but building supplies are on the ground. : Germany DSC4539  Remains of the proposed main arrival hall. : Germany
DSC4542  Looking south from northern end of the Prora complex. : Germany DSC4551  The most northerly part of Prora is in the worst condition having been heavily stripped after the end of WWII. This section of Prora is fenced off for safety reasons. However shifting sand dunes does give access if you look for it. : Germany DSC4553  Prora resort in very poor condition. : Germany
DSC4556  Looking upwards. : Germany DSC4560  Outside of the fence looking up at the crumbling remains. : Germany DSC4566  Not in such condition. : Germany
DSC4576  99 1781 heads through Garftitz station without stopping. This was the 14:49 from Göhren to Binz. : Germany DSC4582  Trees and water on Rügen Island. : Germany DSC4586  From alongside the Bergen to Sellin road. : Germany
DSC4594  The port of Sassnitz/Mukran, one of the last places train ferries run from. The yard contains both standard and 5’ gauge tracks. : Germany DSC4595  Lietzow station on the Sassnitz to Stralsund line is overlooked by a rather ornate building. : Germany DSC4599  Swans take off at Lietzow. : Germany
DSC4601  Looking west at Lietzow. : Germany DSC4606  Bergen auf Rügen station. : Germany DSC4612  The small loco depot at Bergen station. : Germany
DSC4613  Bergen town square. : Germany DSC4618  Looking across the fields at Baabe. : Germany DSC4623  Baabe station. : Germany
DSC4630  Bathed in lovely evening sun 99 4011 accelerates its train away from Baabe with the road behind and cycle path in the foreground. The loco was hauling 17:53 from Göhren to Lauterbach. : Germany DSC4644  99 1781 brings the 17:44 Binz to Göhren past the impressive wooden gate, the Möchguttor, on the approach to Baabe. : Germany DSC4648  99 1781 approaches Baabe. : Germany