19 September 2015

Linesiding on Rasender Roland.
DSC4030  99 4011 was on Göhren to Binz shuttle duty this day. The loco stands over the pit at Göhren prior to be attached to its train. This diagram sees the loco eventually end up back in Putbus and a different loco taking up shuttle duties the next day. : Germany DSC4031  99 4011 only gained the DR style number after moving to the line from Mansfeld where it had simply been No.7 : Germany DSC4033  The bottom end of 99 4011 showing how little room there is for the ashpan. : Germany
DSC4040  A view into the cab of 99 4011. : Germany DSC4043  The hooter on 99 4011 which, like many Germany narrow gauge locos, makes a lovely sound. : Germany DSC4046  99 4011’s front end. : Germany
DSC4048  The cobbled road and avenue of trees up to Garftitz station. : Germany DSC4051  99 1781 comes down the hill into Garftitz with the 08:08 from Putbus. : Germany DSC4059  0-8-0t 99 4011, as the sun dipped behind a cloud, heads up the steep climb towards Garftitz from the 08:49 from Göhren. : Germany
DSC4063  99 4011 returns from Binz with the first shuttle back to Göhren. In the forest just before Jagdschloss this is the 09:44 from Binz. : Germany DSC4067  99 1781 climbs to bank from Sellin with the 09:53 from Göhren. : Germany DSC4076  The 09:53 from Göhren behind 99 1781 heads up the sharp climb to Seelvitz in lovely late morning light. : Germany
DSC4079  Seelvitz station, not exactly in the centre of anywhere! : Germany DSC4080  Another cobbled road, this being the main road to Putbus. : Germany DSC4084  The attractive station at Jagdschloss, deep in the forest. : Germany
DSC4092  Jagdschloss station serves the popular hunting lodge of the same name which is a short uphill walk from the railway. 0-8-0t 99 4011 rolls in with the 10:48 from Göhren. : Germany DSC4108  99 4011 sets off from Jagdschloss and back into the forest on the last leg of its journey to Binz. : Germany DSC4113  99 1781 heads the 12:08 from Putbus past the large pond just to the east of Posewald station. : Germany
DSC4115  Posewald station, a request stop. : Germany DSC4118  I was very pleased to see 2-8-0t 99 4802 running. Having seen it stored at Putbus I hadn’t expected it to run during my visit. Here is runs through the gentle countryside beyond Serams with the 11:53 from Göhren to Lauterbach Mole. : Germany DSC4122  A nice feature of the Rügenschen BäderBahn, known locally as Rasender Roland, is the retention of telegraph poles and wires despite them not being used for communications any more. : Germany
DSC4126  99 4802 heads through the countryside near Serams. : Germany DSC4132  The climb towards Seelvitz starts in this area, it seems the fireman is getting the fire prepped for the hill! : Germany DSC4136  Between Göhren and Philippshagen 99 1781 heads its train through the trees during an inconvenient gap in the sunshine. This was the 13:53 from Göhren. : Germany
DSC4140  99 1781 brings the 13:53 from Göhren into Jagdschloss. : Germany DSC4142  Jagdschloss station sits happily in a gap in the trees letting the sun in to light the line. 99 1781 arrives with the 13:53 from Göhren to Lauterbach Mole. : Germany DSC4146  99 1781 stands at Jagdschloss. : Germany
DSC4148 : Germany DSC4155  99 4802 rolls into Jagdschloss at the head of its Göhren bound train, the 14:08 from Putbus. : Germany DSC4160  Rolling to a stop at Jagdschloss. 99 4802 continues to make smoke, fairly typical of the coal in use on the line! : Germany
DSC4173  99 4802 brings the 15:53 from Göhren uphill east of Garftitz. : Germany DSC4176  The weather changed for the worse in the mid afternoon with heavy showers and thunder in the distance. Here 99 4802 races up the bank towards Garftitz, during a break in the rain, with the 15:53 from Göhren to Lauterbach Mole. : Germany DSC4177  Or in colour. : Germany
DSC4180  The photographers friend on the climb to Garftitz. A very useful extra bit of height. : Germany DSC4189-2  99 4802 at the head of the 15:53 from Göhren, this time rushing past the request stop at Beuchow. : Germany DSC4189  Or if you prefer a colour version of 99 4802. : Germany
DSC4197  During a heavy shower 99 4802 starts away from Putbus on the last leg of the journey to Lauterbach Mole. : Germany DSC4210  Depot access at Putbus proved to be no problem. Having returned from Lauterbach 99 4802 ran to shed for a top up of coal and water. : Germany DSC4213  99 4802 gets some coal at Putbus. : Germany
DSC4224  Well tank 99 4633 rests at Putbus depot. : Germany DSC4229  Having taken coal the 2-8-0t moved over a road to take water and for crew to be relieved.  It stands alongside 52Mh which was back on the stored engines road. : Germany DSC4230  99 4802, a good looking 750mm gauge loco. : Germany
DSC4231  Five locos in one photo, from the left, 99 4802, 99 1784, 52Mh, 99 4633 and 99 4801. : Germany DSC4235  99 4802 head on as the tanks are filled. : Germany DSC4240  0-8-0WT 52Mh at Putbus depot. : Germany
DSC4242  Front end comparison, 52Mh and 99 4802. : Germany DSC4245  Not in service this day was VIIk 2-10-2t 99 1784. The front ends appear a little different to the locos on this class elsewhere in Germany. They are air braked and have been fitted with an extra air reservoir below the smokebox. This has been protected by the angled plate running up from the bufferbeam. : Germany DSC4250  Briquettes for burning. : Germany
DSC4253  A nice selection of locos on shed at Putbus. : Germany DSC4255  2-8-0 tanks at Putbus, 99 4802 and 99 4801 behind. : Germany DSC4262  Two 2-8-0ts and one 0-8-0WT at Putbus. : Germany
DSC4267  Another front end comparison at Putbus depot. : Germany DSC4269  99 4801 of the Rügenschen BäderBahn. : Germany DSC4274  99 4801 and 99 4802 at Putbus. : Germany
DSC4278  99 4802 stands ready for duty alongside the four locos not then in use, 99 4801, 99 4633, 52Mh and 99 1784. : Germany