18 September 2015

Rasender Roland, steam on Rügen island.
DSC3765  The centre of Göhren is somewhat higher than the beachfront and station. This short funicular type of operation can make the climb easy, not that I saw it used when I was in the town. : Germany DSC3766  Göhren station from the road down from the town centre. : Germany DSC3768  The beach at Göhren and the Rügen coastline with white cliffs in the distance. : Germany
DSC3778  Much to my surprise I found 0-8-0WT 52Mh being prepped for service at Göhren. : Germany DSC3786  52Mh and historic train at Göhren. : Germany DSC3791  Waiting time at Göhren, 52Mh was at the head of the 08:49 to Binz. : Germany
DSC3792  52Mh is in an approximation of original condition. However, the air pump is a more recent addition. : Germany DSC3796  The well tank of 52Mh. : Germany DSC3800  The sun is not in a great place for photography first thing at Göhren but some nice results can be had. : Germany
DSC3801  52Mh’s front end. : Germany DSC3809  52Mh was built for the Rügensche Kleinbahn during 1914 in Stettin which was then in eastern Germany but is now western Poland  and named Szczecin. Such have been the shifting borders in Europe. : Germany DSC3812  Inside the historic train passengers are presented with coaches in superb condition. : Germany
DSC3813  Not any dirt to be seen anywhere! : Germany DSC3815  Philippshagen station, the first out of Göhren, is the only station on the line in need of care and attention. : Germany DSC3824  The first train from Göhren crosses the first train from Putbus at Sellin Ost. Unexpectedly the 08:08 from Putbus was doubleheaded by the line’s other 0-8-0WT 99 4633 and 2-10-2t 99 1784. : Germany
DSC3829  Binz LB, once Binz Ost, station. : Germany DSC3840  Back at Sellin and 99 1784 is in charge of the 09:53 from Göhren to Lauterbach Mole. : Germany DSC3844  As on other narrow gauge lines open coaches are used in the summer. This is the view between Sellin West and Garftitz with 99 1784 in charge at the front. : Germany
DSC3853  At Binz the 09:53 from Göhren crossed the 10:08 from Putbus which also contained an open coach. This one is fitted with a bar! : Germany DSC3858  This view more or less sums up the superb Rügensche BäderBahn. 99 1784 leads the Lauterbach Mole bound train through the open countryside beyond Serams. : Germany DSC3866  Lauterbach harbour. : Germany
DSC3868  Looking east towards the Baltic Sea (Ostsee in Germany) at Lauterbach Mole. : Germany DSC3869  99 1784 at Lauterbach Mole ready to be dragged back to Putbus on the dual gauge line. : Germany DSC3874  251 901 leads the 11:22 Lauterbach Mole to Putbus service towards its destination. : Germany
DSC3880  Back at Putbus, 251 901 stands with the 11:29 arrival. On the left is a works train headed by 204 010. Both the steam line and the branch service from Lauterbach to Bergen are operated by the same organisation, the Presnitztalbahn. They also operate freight services in this part of Germany. : Germany DSC3881  204 010 and its works train at Putbus. : Germany DSC3885  At Putbus there was the remains of a narrow gauge museum. The locos have gone but other vehicles remain. : Germany
DSC3886  Home depot is Putbus. : Germany DSC3887  A couple of the historic 4 wheel vehicles on display at Putbus. : Germany DSC3890  Towards the back of the sidings are a few vehicles in need of attention. : Germany
DSC3891  No doubt there is a story to how a Polish vehicle built after WWII ended up at Putbus. : Germany DSC3895  The Rügensche Kleinbahn used to be more extensive than it is now. Putbus was at the base of the Y shaped system in the south of Rügen island. There was a physically separated system in the north of the island. The line from Altefähr to Putbus closed in September 1967. Just north of Putbus station it crossed the Lauterbach Mole to Bergen auf Rügen line on this viaduct. : Germany DSC3899  Looking towards Garz and Altefähr. : Germany
DSC3901  Looking down on the standard gauge line from the former narrow gauge viaduct in the direction of Bergen. : Germany DSC3904  Looking towards Putbus. The line headed off down the embankment marked by the line of trees. : Germany DSC3908  Railcar 650 032 approaches Putbus with the 11:40 from Bergen to Lauterbach. : Germany
DSC3910  99 1784 has run to the shed for servicing before resuming service. : Germany DSC3914  99 1784 approaches its train at Putbus. It was to form the 12:08 departure. : Germany DSC3920  Seat with a view. : Germany
DSC3923  Lamp, bell and chimney. : Germany DSC3924  Balcony with a view somewhere near Serams. : Germany DSC3925  Former DB train end markers. : Germany
DSC3927  Sellin Ost and 52Mh is at the head of the 12:49 from Göhren to Binz. : Germany DSC3931  52Mh runs round at Binz. The blue funnel on the running board is to allow the well tank to be filled from a standard water column. : Germany DSC3933  Binz with two VIIks crossing, 99 1781 is on the 14:08 from Putbus whilst 99 1784 is at the head of the 13:53 from Göhren. : Germany
DSC3940  This time at Sellin 99 4633 is in charge of the Binz shuttle service giving 52Mh a break. This is the 14:49 from Göhren. : Germany DSC3942  99 1781’s cylinder, with works plate, and motion. : Germany DSC3953  99 1781 takes water at Göhren as the train crew take a break. : Germany
DSC3956  99 1781 through the coaches at Göhren. : Germany DSC3964  99 4633 from the balcony at Sellin Ost. : Germany DSC3965  Uncoupling 99 4633 at Göhren. : Germany
DSC3968  The two 0-8-0WTs still on Rügen at Göhren. : Germany DSC3970  99 4633 runs round as 52Mh waits to take its place at the rear of the train. : Germany DSC3977  52Mh in evening sun light at Göhren. : Germany
DSC3980  99 4633 takes water at Göhren. : Germany DSC3986  99 4633 demonstrates the method used to fill the well tank. : Germany DSC3993  52Mh coupled to the rear of the train to Binz which, unusually, ran top and tailed. : Germany
DSC3995  52Mh side on at Göhren. : Germany DSC4012  Looking into the cab of 99 4633. : Germany DSC4021  A view of Göhren from my hotel room. : Germany