17 September 2015

More time at the Molli then on to Rügen Island.
DSC3529  Morning sun on Goethestrasse, 99 2322 brings the 08:28 from Kühlungsborn West cautiously down the street. : Germany DSC3537  99 2322 with the 08:28 from Kühlungsborn West to Bad Doberan close to Goethstrasse halt. : Germany DSC3555  The signal is off allowing 900mm gauge 2-8-2t 99 2322 to enter Heiligendamm station with the 09:36 from Bad Doberan. : Germany
DSC3557  Heiligendamm’s home signal at the Bad Doberan end of the station. : Germany DSC3564  99 2321 sets off from Heiligendamm with the 09:59 to Bad Doberan, which started from Kühlungsborn West at 09:35. : Germany DSC3575  Last leg of the journey, 99 2321 climbs towards Bad Doberan station with the 10:18 arrival from Kühlungsborn West. : Germany
DSC3582  At the end of Mollistrasse in Bad Doberan is a bust of Frank Zappa. This might seem a little out of place but the area now hosts an annual festival, the Zappanale, celebrating his music. It grew out of the banning of Zappa’s music in DDR days. : Germany DSC3586  Steam loco with your coffee? 99 2321 pauses on Mollistrasse. : Germany DSC3589  Awaiting the right away at Bad Doberan Stadtmitte, 99 2321 was hauling the 10:36 from Bad Doberan to Kühlungsborn West. : Germany
DSC3607  99 2322 on Goethstrasse with the 10:35 from Kühlungsborn West. : Germany DSC3615  Along Goethstrasse there are a number of interesting properties, some of which retain an air of Communist days. : Germany DSC3623  99 2322 heads up Goethstrasse with the 11:36 from Bad Doberan. : Germany
DSC3628  Another of Goethstrasse’s nice buildings. : Germany DSC3644  99 2321 and train stand at Bad Doberan Stadtmitte with the 11:35 from Kühlungsborn West. : Germany DSC3647  Setting off from Bad Doberan Stadtmitte 99 2321 crosses the cobbled road and heads towards Bad Doberan station. : Germany
DSC3654  Not a perfect pan of 99 2321, but acceptable. : Germany DSC3663  99 2321, having taken water, stands at Bad Doberan at the head of what will become the 12:36 to Kühlungsborn West. : Germany DSC3671  In the shed at Bad Doberan were the line’s two other 2-8-2t locos. 99 2324, built at Meiningen in 2008, is the most visible. : Germany
DSC3673  Bad Doberan station, the DB station building is in need of a new use and a caring owner. : Germany DSC3675  And so to Rügen island. This is Putbus station. The standard gauge line runs from Bergen auf Rügen to Lauterbach Mole (behind the camera) whilst the 750mm line runs from Göhren to Putbus and onwards to Lauterbach Mole, the later destination being added in 1999. Note the 750mm “point” has no moving parts. : Germany DSC3677  The service to Lauterbach Mole is diesel hauled back to Putbus due to the lack of run-round facilities. 251 901 is waiting its turn of duty. : Germany
DSC3678  Putbus station is in very nice condition with a number of painted signs. : Germany DSC3679  The crank axle from 4-6-2 03 0020 is on display at Putbus. : Germany DSC3684  Putbus looking towards Göhren. : Germany
DSC3685  Putbus yard. : Germany DSC3687  The vintage train on the line is in superb condition with several vehicles in Rügensche Kleinbahn livery. : Germany DSC3693  Coach connections. This line employs air brakes on its trains rather than the vacuum brakes found in other parts of Germany on certain 750mm lines. : Germany
DSC3694  Putbus’s impressive station building. : Germany DSC3695  Snowplough and older 4 wheeled vehicles in the yard at Putbus. : Germany DSC3709  Stored out of use, but serviceable, at Putbus depot were the pair Henschel 2-8-0t locos , 99 4801 and 99 4802, which moved to Putbus from the Kleinbahnen des Kreises Jerichow I in 1965. : Germany
DSC3713  Crossing services at Putbus. The railcar is on the 15:04 from Lauterbach Mole to Bergen auf Rugen whilst VIIk 2-10-2t 99 1784 is on the 13:53 from Göhren to Lauterbach Mole. The 99’s crew has just changed with the incoming crew on the ground by the loco. : Germany DSC3720  99 1784 leads the 15:11 service from Putbus to Lauterbach Mole. : Germany DSC3723  Diesel 251 901 brings up the rear of the 15:11 Lauterbach Mole bound service. : Germany
DSC3731  At the Göhren end of the line former Mansfelder Bergwerksbahn 0-8-0t 99 4011 (Mansfelder No.7) heads through the forest with the 15:53 from Göhren to Lauterbach Mole. : Germany DSC3740  99 4011 leads the 15:53 from Göhren into Garftitz station, part way up the climb from Sellin. : Germany DSC3746  VIIk 2-10-2t 99 1781 runs round at Göhren. : Germany
DSC3751  99 1781 brews up at Göhren. The locos here were making a lot of smoke, not sure what it is they were burning! : Germany DSC3753  99 1781 and train, the 16:49 shuttle to Binz, stand at Göhren station. : Germany DSC3757  Göhren station. : Germany
DSC3758  Coal and loader at Göhren. : Germany DSC3760  The watering and servicing facilities alongside Göhren station. : Germany