15 September 2015

Sachsenhausen Memorial, then on to Bad Doberan.
DSC3129  Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial. It is in Oranienburg a little to the north of Berlin. : Germany, Sachsenhausen DSC3136  The white gatehouse was the entrance to the camp. : Germany, Sachsenhausen DSC3140  I don’t think so…. : Germany, Sachsenhausen
DSC3141  Sachsenhausen, now minus most of the accommodation huts. : Germany, Sachsenhausen DSC3144  Each gravelled area shows were an accommodation hut was located. : Germany, Sachsenhausen DSC3147  The memorial constructed by the Soviets. : Germany, Sachsenhausen
DSC3151  The execution pit with logs to help absorb the sound of the gunfire. : Germany, Sachsenhausen DSC3152  The crematorium memorial. : Germany, Sachsenhausen DSC3154  The remains of the crematorium. : Germany, Sachsenhausen
DSC3155  What the crematorium ovens looked like. : Germany, Sachsenhausen DSC3158  In the back corner are the remains of a small room, a room which was the gas chamber. : Germany, Sachsenhausen DSC3160  Looking towards the gatehouse at Sachsenhausen. : Germany, Sachsenhausen
DSC3161  Guard tower at Sachsenhausen. : Germany, Sachsenhausen DSC3166  This section of the mortuary was where the post mortems were carried out to “find the cause of death”. : Germany, Sachsenhausen DSC3168  The bodies were piled up here prior to final “disposal”. : Germany, Sachsenhausen
DSC3169  On the left is the somewhat euphemistically named infirmary. : Germany, Sachsenhausen DSC3170  Just one example of the terrible things which happened in the infirmary. : Germany, Sachsenhausen DSC3173  Security at Sachsenhausen. : Germany, Sachsenhausen
DSC3177  The remaining section of the jail at Sachsenhausen, being in here was even worse than the rest of the camp. : Germany, Sachsenhausen DSC3179  The remains of the rest of the camp jail. : Germany, Sachsenhausen DSC3183  Hut 38, the principle Jewish hut at Sachsenhausen. : Germany, Sachsenhausen
DSC3184  Toilet facilities for the inmates. : Germany, Sachsenhausen DSC3185  Washing facilities. : Germany, Sachsenhausen DSC3187  A model of the site which was to have been vast, not all of it was built. The memorial occupies the semi-circular area in the middle. : Germany, Sachsenhausen
DSC3188  Heiligendamm station on the Baltic coast. : Bad Doberan, Germany, Mollibahn DSC3190  Heiligendamm station on the 900mm gauge Mecklenburgische Bäderbahn, the Molli. : Bad Doberan, Germany, Mollibahn DSC3192  2-8-2t 99 2322 approaches Heiligendamm with the 16:36 from Bad Doberan to Kühlungsborn West. : Bad Doberan, Germany, Mollibahn
DSC3196  900m gauge 99 2321, on the 16:35 from Kühlungsborn West, heads away from Heiligendamm with its train for Bad Doberan. : Bad Doberan, Germany, Mollibahn DSC3206  99 2321 on the outskirts of Bad Doberan with the 16:35 from Kühlungsborn West. : Bad Doberan, Germany, Mollibahn DSC3217  Chasing the train down Goethestrasse. : Bad Doberan, Germany, Mollibahn
DSC3226  99 2321 sets off from Bad Doberan Stadtmitte on the final leg of its journey. : Bad Doberan, Germany, Mollibahn DSC3230-2  99 2321 in Bad Doberan. : Bad Doberan, Germany, Mollibahn DSC3230  Or, if you prefer, 99 2321 in colour. : Bad Doberan, Germany, Mollibahn
DSC3239  Bad Doberan station, DB side, with the Molli facilities in the background. : Bad Doberan, Germany, Mollibahn DSC3246  A DB unit arrives at Bad Doberan with the 17:30 to Tessin, a train originating in Wismar. : Bad Doberan, Germany, Mollibahn DSC3254  99 2321 stands at Bad Doberan waiting for the points behind to be set. : Bad Doberan, Germany, Mollibahn
DSC3264  99 2321 waits time at Bad Doberan with the 17:45 to Kühlungsborn West. : Bad Doberan, Germany, Mollibahn DSC3267  Bad Doberan is in the former East Germany. There are still a few Trabants around. : Bad Doberan, Germany, Mollibahn DSC3276  The Molli is rightly well known for the street running section in Bad Doberan. 99 2322 heads down Mollistrasse with the 17:35 from Kühlungsborn West. : Bad Doberan, Germany, Mollibahn
DSC3284  99 2322 in Mollistrasse. : Bad Doberan, Germany, Mollibahn DSC3289  The train pauses at Stadtmitte on Mollistrasse. : Bad Doberan, Germany, Mollibahn DSC3291  The right away is given at Stadtmitte. : Bad Doberan, Germany, Mollibahn