01 January 2018

To the Brocken and Selke
DSC1519  Wernigerode castle viewed from Westerntor station. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1527  Westerntor station. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1530  Wernigerode Westerntor station as the day slowly brightened. : Germany, HSB, Harz
DSC1545  Spot the train at Brocken station. Somewhere down there is 99 7247. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1546  The wind was making it hard to stand up, the flying snow felt more like grit, the icy conditions and the fog all made the decision to ditch the idea of a day of on the mountain taking photos really easy to make! : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1548  Solitary tall tree at Goetheweg. : Germany, HSB, Harz
DSC1560  99 7241 heads up the 1 in 30 past Goetheweg passing siding with the 09:40 from Wernigerode. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1562  The New Year's Day Tradszug was in the hands of 0-4-4-0t Mallet 99 5901. The operation at Shierke is a little complicated. Having arrived 99 5901 and train backed out of the station following the arrival of the 10:25 from Wernigerode to allow the 10:51 Brocken to Drei Annen Hohne train to access the station. The next move was the 10:25 from Wernigerode set off for the summit, vacating the uphill platform. 99 5901 then hauled the Tradzug into the station allowing the downhill train to contiune. It is that final move which is shown here. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1566  99 5901 gets some attention at Shierke. : Germany, HSB, Harz
DSC1569  99 5901 waits time at Shierke with the 10:15 Wernigerode to Brocken Tradszug. DSC1572  The weather at Shierke was extremely variable! 99 5901 sets off for the Brocken in falling snow and no sun. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1581  A few moments after the last photo the snow had eased and the sun at come out! On the right John Gough gets his own view of the scene.
DSC1593  99 5901 and Tradszug head away up the climb out of Shierke. The line in the foreground is level. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1601  99 7232 sets off from Drei Annen Hohne with the 12:40 to  Eisfelder Talmühle. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1613  99 7237 was the next one up the hill towards the Brocken, this being the 11:55 from Wernigerode. : Germany, HSB, Harz
DSC1618  99 7237 side on. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1626  Looking south at Drei Annen after the trains had all left. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1629  Drei Annen Hohne station building. : Germany, HSB, Harz
DSC1630  99 7234 takes water at Drei Annen. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1633  99 7234 sets off from Drei Annen Hohne for Brocken with the 13:39 train. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1643  The 13:39 Drei Annen Hohne to Brocken head on leaving Drei Annen. : Germany, HSB, Harz
DSC1650  Drei Annen Hohne station. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1651  The long disused Rübelandbahn standard gauge station at Drei Annen Hohne. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1653  Drei Annen's long out of use standard gauge station. : Germany, HSB, Harz
DSC1655  Presumably at some point this lovely old station building will collapse. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1662  99 7237 heads away from Drei Annen Hohne for Brocken with the 15:06 train. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1673  Having returned from Eisfelder Talmühle 99 7232 stands at Drei Annen Hohne statiion. The loco crew are taking the opportunity to give the loco a wipe over. : Germany, HSB, Harz
DSC1687  The 17:02 Eisfelder Talmühle to Quedlinburg stands at Stiege behind 99 7243. Here the loco cuts off and runs round. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1699  99 7243 at Stiege. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1707  Stiege station with railcar 187 018 waiting to form the 17:34 to Hasselfelde. : Germany, HSB, Harz
DSC1709  99 7243 runs round its train at Steige. A photo which would have been impossible to take in the days of film cameras. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1729  A new moon at Stiege. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1738  Alexisbad. : Germany, HSB, Harz
DSC1746  At Alexisbad the train sets back once any passengers have got off or on. This is to allow the locomotive to take water, there being no columns at the Gernrode end of the station. Alexisbad always makes for interesting colours at night. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1767  99 7234 takes water at Alexisbad. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1769  99 7234's rear end. : Germany, HSB, Harz
DSC1791  Watching the water go in. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1807  Railcar 187 016 stands ready to head up the hill the to Harzgerode whilst the 99 takes water. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1820  At Quedlinburg a Thale bound unit waits to head off. : Germany, HSB, Harz
DSC1823  The Halberstadt bound unit arrives at Quedlinburg from Thale. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1824  A damp Wernigerode by night. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1825  Wernigerode and its Christmas lights. : Germany, HSB, Harz
DSC1826  Wernigerode's main square with the Christmas Market shut for the night. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1830  Wernigerode Rathaus and Christmas decorations. : Germany, HSB, Harz DSC1832  Very Germanic. : Germany, HSB, Harz
DSC1834  A desserted and wet Wernigerode. : Germany, HSB, Harz