30 January 2017

Around Wernigerode before heading home
DSC9610  Stu waits the road on a grim morning in Wernigerode. : Germany, Harz DSC9615  99 7235 heads the 08:55 Wernigerode to Brocken across the famous level crossing at Westerntor in pretty dire conditions. I haven't managed a sunny shot here since 1996! : Germany, Harz DSC9623  99 7232 climbs out of Westerntor station with the 09:40 Wernigerode to Brocken service. : Germany, Harz
DSC9628  And away over the crossing. The Eselkrug restaurant to the left of the loco was the original Westerntor station. : Germany, Harz DSC9630  The 10:18 HEX unit from Wernigerode to Goslar, which had come from Magdeburg, heads away past the HSB facilities. Tom was onboard heading for Hamburg. : Germany, Harz DSC9635  99 7237 heads past the servicing facilties at Wernigerode with the 10:25 service to Brocken. : Germany, Harz
DSC9636  The 10:25 to Brocken leaves Wernigerode behind 99 7237. : Germany, Harz DSC9639  99 7237 heads towards Westerntor. : Germany, Harz DSC9651  So it was pretty clear where the pot of god was to be found. Once again it was a con.... : Germany, Harz
DSC9652  Wernigerode rainbow, but sadly no train to include in the shot. : Germany, Harz DSC9660  99 7232 rolls past 4 an der Malzmühle with the 11:36 Brocken to Wernigerode train. : Germany, Harz DSC9661  Some inspired graffiti, thoughfully done in English not German! : Germany, Harz
DSC9663  A very familiar view, departure time from Wernigerode with the clouds down on the Brocken. Until the next time..... : Germany, Harz