29 January 2017

Finally caught up with steam on the Rubelandbahn
DSC9271  The main room at 4 an der Malzmühle. : Germany, Harz DSC9275  The view from the balcony, including the railway, perfect! : Germany, Harz DSC9278  99 7237 struggles for adhesion approaching the crossing at Westerntor with the 08:55 from Wernigerode to Brocken. : Germany, Harz
DSC9290  The famous level crossing through the crossroads at Westerntor with 99 7237 heading for the Brocken. : Germany, Harz DSC9292  Looking towards the centre of Wernigerode with the Westerntor (Western Gate) prominent. : Germany, Harz DSC9295  A bronze depiction of Wernigerode which is outside of the tourist office. : Germany, Harz
DSC9296  A deserted main square in Wernigerode on a quiet Sunday morning. : Germany, Harz DSC9298  Lovely wood carvings on the town hall in Wernigerode. : Germany, Harz DSC9300  More fantastic painted wood carvings. : Germany, Harz
DSC9301  Looking out into the street from the entrance hall at the excellent Kartoffelhaus restaurant. : Germany, Harz DSC9302  The streets of Wernigerode were deserted on this Sunday morning. : Germany, Harz DSC9303  A weather vane which will have seen some events since 1939. : Germany, Harz
DSC9305  The view along Breite Strasse as Wernigerode comes to life. : Germany, Harz DSC9306  Cafe Wien on Breite Strasse, just one of many lovely buildings in Wernigerode. : Germany, Harz DSC9307  Shiny! : Germany, Harz
DSC9313  Further along Breite Strasse and out of the pedestrian zone. : Germany, Harz DSC9314  A house with some interesting wooden features on Breite Strasse. : Germany, Harz DSC9315  A very ornate frontage on Breite Strasse. : Germany, Harz
DSC9316  The amount of time and work which went into this wooden frontage must have been considerable. : Germany, Harz DSC9321  Looking up to the Schloss. : Germany, Harz DSC9322  The view along Pfarrstrasse. : Germany, Harz
DSC9323  And the view along Grüne Strasse. : Germany, Harz DSC9327  Most of the snow had melted but there was still the odd patch to be found in more sheltered places. : Germany, Harz DSC9331  Wernigerode HSB depot has “Red Camel” 199 874 waiting for something to do as 99 7234 goes off shed ready to haul the 10:25 to Brocken. : Germany, Harz
DSC9337  99 7234 and 199 872 at Wernigerode station. : Germany, Harz DSC9338  V100 199 872, formerly a standard gauge loco, stands at Wernigerode station. These locos were regauged in the late 1980s to replace the 2-10-2t “Brockenloks”. Fortunately, the fall of Communism saw the steam saved for future service. These diesels are now largely used on empty stock workings around Wernigerode. : Germany, Harz DSC9342  The 2-10-2s have plenty of domes and other attachments on top of the boiler! : Germany, Harz
DSC9347  No photos!! : Germany, Harz DSC9350  The fireman on 99 7234 doses the powder water treatment from the box on top of the smokebox. : Germany, Harz DSC9352  Looking towards Wernigerode at a grey Halberstadt. The railway water tower, now no longer needed, dominates. : Germany, Harz
DSC9353  A pair of HEX units at Halberstadt. : Germany, Harz DSC9355  Looking east at Halberstadt, once a busy place. The steam shed stood between the station and tower in the distance. : Germany, Harz DSC9356  The much improved Halberstadt station is now a major point of interchange on the railways of the Harz. : Germany, Harz
DSC9357  Blankenburg-Harz, a station which had seen much better days….. : Germany, Harz DSC9358  There is still some freight at Blankenburg. : Germany, Harz DSC9361  Tom and the railcar which had brought us from Halberstadt. : Germany, Harz
DSC9364  Blankenburg is the start of the Rubelandbahn, the steepest adhesion worked railway in Germany at around 1 in 16. The line was electrified in the 1960s to ease operations. It remains an isolated section of electric operation. : Germany, Harz DSC9365  Trains arrive  from and depart to other parts of Germany diesel hauled. Stood at  Blankenburg station was this pretty ugly Voith Maxima 30 CC diesel hydraulic. : Germany, Harz DSC9366  Blankenburg-Harz. : Germany, Harz
DSC9367  Must have been something to look at….. : Germany, Harz DSC9370  Blankenburg station has some impressive but now sadly very underused buildings dating back to when the line was much busier. : Germany, Harz DSC9371  In Blankenburg, near to the station. : Germany, Harz
DSC9373  Looking towards the town centre of Blankenburg, a town which still has the air of East German days about it. : Germany, Harz DSC9374  Bored now….. : Germany, Harz DSC9375  There are signs of recovery in Blankenburg with several buildings having been nicely restored. : Germany, Harz
DSC9376  Wooden clad buildings in Blankenburg. : Germany, Harz DSC9377  More grand old buildings in Blankenburg. : Germany, Harz DSC9378  A nice old building in need some of some TLC. : Germany, Harz
DSC9379  Blankenburg railway works, much quieter than it was. : Germany, Harz DSC9382  The reason for heading over the Blankenburg, standard gauge 2-10-2t 95 027. Built by the KPEV (Prussian State Railways) as a class T20. : Germany, Harz DSC9383  95 027 in Communist days? : Germany, Harz
DSC9388  95 027, overhauled at Magdeburg, based at Blankenburg. : Germany, Harz DSC9389  Looking forwards along the motion. : Germany, Harz DSC9391  Crank pin and knuckle detail. : Germany, Harz
DSC9392  Water tank gauge. : Germany, Harz DSC9396  95 027 at Blankenburg depot. : Germany, Harz DSC9399  171 002, one of the electric locos used on the Rübelandbahn between electrification and 2005. : Germany, Harz
DSC9400  Diesel shunter ‘Rapante 8’ at Blankenburg. : Germany, Harz DSC9406  95 027 sets back at Blankenburg depot. : Germany, Harz DSC9411  The KPEV T20 is an impressive beast with what appears to be small water tanks for the size of loco. : Germany, Harz
DSC9417  A wooden framed building in need of serious attention. : Germany, Harz DSC9424  On the footplate on 95 027, looking over at the driver’s side. : Germany, Harz DSC9425  The fireman’s side of the footplate on 95 027. : Germany, Harz
DSC9426  An unusual feature of 95 027 is the staggering of the gauge glasses, done to better see the water level on severe gradient changes. : Germany, Harz DSC9427  A view into the firebox through 95 027’s Marcotty Firehole door. : Germany, Harz DSC9429  Driver’s notices. : Germany, Harz
DSC9431  GSM-R D, a bit different to the UK version. : Germany, Harz DSC9432  95 027’s motion and under the boiler a feedwater heater. : Germany, Harz DSC9433  At the front of 95 027, above the dustbin sized cylinder, is a cross compound air pump made by Knorr. : Germany, Harz
DSC9436  Don’t drink the water….. : Germany, Harz DSC9438  Inside the shed at Blankenburg is out of ticket 50 3708. This class 50 is an East German Reko loco. : Germany, Harz DSC9440  50 3708 last ran on September 21 2014. : Germany, Harz
DSC9442  A piston valve of the Schulze type. Similar in thinking to the Trofimoff valve but with springs between the valve head components. : Germany, Harz DSC9444  The back end of Reko 50 3708. : Germany, Harz DSC9446  I am really not sure why there is the top half of a manikin on the footplate! : Germany, Harz
DSC9452  Cabside of 50 3708. : Germany, Harz DSC9454  Built in 1941 and reconstructed in 1962. : Germany, Harz DSC9461  Bufferbeam detail which tells that the locomotive was given a main overhaul at Mansfelder Lokomotiv Werkstatt, being released to traffic on 22 September 2006. K7 refers to the type of repair, LBK indicates it is allocated to Blankenburg and the next overhaul fell due on 13 May 2011. : Dora, Germany, Harz
DSC9470  171 002 head on at Blankenburg depot. : Germany, Harz DSC9471  Tom looks for some fan action but was disappointed. : Germany, Harz DSC9478  The group at Blankenburg depot, from the left Stu, me, Pete, Tom and Roland. : Germany, Harz
DSC9485  95 027 waits time at Blankenburg depot. : Germany, Harz DSC9491  A side road at Blankenburg depot. : Germany, Harz DSC9494  The Rübelandbahn climbs out Blankenburg to the reversing station at Michaelstein. Here 95 027 runs-round its train in the snow. : Germany, Harz
DSC9498  The short train hauled by 95 027 was well filled. : Germany, Harz DSC9503  95 027 runs-round at Michaelstein. : Germany, Harz DSC9508  95 027 finds a hint of brightness at Michaelstein. : Germany, Harz
DSC9511  95 027 is now at the head of the train and ready to set off for Rübeland. : Germany, Harz DSC9518  The snowy scene on the descent towards Rübeland. : Germany, Harz DSC9519  Ready to cut off and go for servicing following arrival at Rübeland. The railway continues from here but the steam service does not. : Germany, Harz
DSC9529  95 027 at a snowy Rübeland station. : Germany, Harz DSC9535  As in so many places the station building at Rübeland is huge. Was it ever fully utilised? : Germany, Harz DSC9540  There is no longer a regular passenger service to Rübeland but the station is kept in good order. : Germany, Harz
DSC9542  A moment of weakness from Tom, a smile for the camera. : Germany, Harz DSC9544  The impressive station building at Rübeland. : Germany, Harz DSC9545  Rübeland signalbox. : Germany, Harz
DSC9549  Following on from a discussion around all photographers being a pain (to be polite!) Tom photobombs at Rübeland. : Germany, Harz DSC9555  95 027 takes water at Rübeland. Normally it would run to the small museum nearby which hosts one of the original 2-10-2t locos used on the line, a loco named “Mammut” (Mammoth). Unfortunately, this was not possible due to incomplete track repairs. When at the depot “Mammut” is normally pulled out for display alongside the T20. Next time….. : Germany, Harz DSC9556  The snowy scene at Rübeland. : Germany, Harz
DSC9559  A view up the partial frozen river Bode alongside the station building at Rübeland. : Germany, Harz DSC9562  Having taken water 95 027 runs-round at Rübeland. : Germany, Harz DSC9564  A well cared for wooden church at Rübeland. : Germany, Harz
DSC9565  Looking towards Blankenburg at Rübeland. As is normal in German there is no fence on the railway. : Germany, Harz DSC9568  The route of the Rübelandbahn has been altered over the years. The line now climbs away from Rübeland sooner and less steeply than it once did. The old route diverged at this point (marked by the red track marker) running lower down before passing through a tunnel and up another section of 1 in 16. The museum containing “Mammut” is off to the right. : Germany, Harz DSC9571  All freight trains on the Rübelandbahn are top and tailed to save running round at Michaelstein. The tale engine on this train, 185 641, brings up the rear in Rübeland. : Germany, Harz
DSC9577  The river Bode contains a fish ladder at Rübeland. : Germany, Harz DSC9579  The new Rübelandbahn route climbs fairly sharply out of the valley, the old route is under the snow on the right. : Germany, Harz DSC9580  A largely frozen weir on the river Bode. : Germany, Harz
DSC9596  95 027 repeats its running round at Michaelstein on the way back to Blankenburg. : Germany, Harz DSC9599  95 027 at Michaelstein. : Germany, Harz DSC9605  95 027 runs-round in the last of the light at Michaelstein. : Germany, Harz
DSC9608  Sunset at Blankenburg station. : Germany, Harz