28 January 2017

Once in a lifetime conditions on the Brocken, again....
DSC8998  Short cut, but how deep is the snow? : Germany, Harz DSC9007  Fairly deep then.... : Germany, Harz DSC9008  Harz Mountains view. : Germany, Harz
DSC9013  Off down the road. : Germany, Harz DSC9024  99 7237 lays a fair bit of smoke crossing Goethemor with the 09:40 Wernigerode to Brocken train. : Germany, Harz DSC9033  And into the curve. : Germany, Harz
DSC9043  Goethemor. : Germany, Harz DSC9047  I think there is a train coming.... : Germany, Harz DSC9060  99 7237 hauls the 09:40 ex Wernigerode towards it destination. : Germany, Harz
DSC9062  99 7237 and train a little closer to the summit. : Germany, Harz DSC9069  The 09:40 from Wernigerode passes the Witches Altar on the Broken. : Germany, Harz DSC9075  A touch of silver glint from 99 7237. : Germany, Harz
DSC9089  Yep, deep snow on Goethemor. : Germany, Harz DSC9093  Stu finds a hole.... : Germany, Harz DSC9097  Looking back towards the summit. : Germany, Harz
DSC9109  99 7232 passes Goetheweg with the 10:25 from Wernigerode. : Germany, Harz DSC9123  99 7237, having reversed its train out of Goetheweg passing siding sets off down the hill with the 11:36 from Brocken to Wernigerode. : Germany, Harz DSC9135  Roland and Stu catch up at Goetheweg. : Germany, Harz
DSC9138  Looking downhill. : Germany, Harz DSC9158  99 7235 climbs towards Goetheweg with the 12:00 from Drei Annen Hohne to Brocken. : Germany, Harz DSC9164  The increasingly frequently run Wernigerode to Brocken Tradszug heads uphill behind 99 5902. : Germany, Harz
DSC9176  99 5902 climbs towards Goetheweg and the Brocken. : Germany, Harz DSC9178  Looking uphill. : Germany, Harz DSC9188  99 7239 blasts up the 1 in 30 between Eckerloch and Goetheweg with the 10:24 Nordhausen to Brocken train. : Germany, Harz
DSC9202  After a hard walk in wet snow there wasn't quite enough time to get to the planned spot. However, in a new clearing in the trees at Eckerloch 99 7232 leads the 13:39 from Drei Annen Hohne towards the Brocken. : Germany, Harz DSC9208  Looking into the hairpin at Eckerloch. : Germany, Harz DSC9211  An unexpected extra, in the path of the seasonal 13:25 from Wernigerode, is lead into Eckerloch cruve by 99 7247. : Germany, Harz
DSC9223  Tree clearance near Eckerloch. : Germany, Harz DSC9229  99 7239 rolls downhill between Eckerloch and Shierke with the delayed 13:59 from Brocken. : Germany, Harz DSC9244  Crossing vapour trails above Bobbahn. : Germany, Harz
DSC9245  The popular Bobbahn sledging route. : Germany, Harz DSC9250  Dropping downhill near the Bobbahn crossing, if the timetable hadn't gone to pieces this would have been an uphill train in lovely light..... : Germany, Harz DSC9255  Next down was the Mallet hauled Tradszug. Then the light failed.... : Germany, Harz
DSC9259  The much delayed 14:55 from Wernigerode at Shierke. : Germany, Harz DSC9265  99 7237 at Shierke. : Germany, Harz