27 January 2017

Once in a lifetime conditions on the Brocken
DSC8552  The main station at Wernigerode with a clear view to the summit of the Brocken. : Germany, Harz DSC8554  The target above Wernigerode, but would the weather hold? : Germany, Harz DSC8555  Pete takes a shot. : Germany, Harz
DSC8564  Climbing in the forest above Stienerne Renne. 99 7239 was hauling the 09:40 from Wernigerode. : Germany, Harz DSC8571  Climbing towards Drei Annen Hohne. : Germany, Harz DSC8575  There had been much tree clearing since the last trip to enjoy the wonderful HSB. : Germany, Harz
DSC8584  Where did all the trees go? : Germany, Harz DSC8585  99 7239 at Drei Annen Hohne. : Germany, Harz DSC8589  99 7239 gets its tanks topped up at Drei Annen. : Germany, Harz
DSC8591  Yep, decent depth of snow at Drei Annen Hohne. : Germany, Harz DSC8597  Dave didn't take long to get on the footplate.... : Germany, Harz DSC8601  Next Dave got in everyone's way fixing his GoPro to the fireman's side windshield, cue much shouting from photographers! : Germany, Harz
DSC8606  The fireman looks back from the footplate of 2-10-2t 99 7239. : Germany, Harz DSC8625  Roland takes a look! : Germany, Harz DSC8626  Another areas of cleared trees, this time at Eckerloch. : Germany, Harz
DSC8632  Fantastic Harz view from near Goetheweg. : Germany, Harz DSC8637  Still clear on the summit..... : Germany, Harz DSC8645  Climbing across Goethemor. : Germany, Harz
DSC8647  Crossing the Ilsenberg trail. : Germany, Harz DSC8653  Looking roughly east. : Germany, Harz DSC8668  Snow in the trees, sadly most of it had gone.... : Germany, Harz
DSC8672  Looking down from the summit towards Wernigerode and the flat lands around the Harz. : Germany, Harz DSC8675  Brocken summit station. : Germany, Harz DSC8680  Plenty of people on the mountain today..... : Germany, Harz
DSC8682  Snow on the Brocken. : Germany, Harz DSC8683  The Brockenhaus. : Germany, Harz DSC8685  No longer are the Russian military the only people allowed to experience the summit of the Brocken. : Germany, Harz
DSC8688  Memorial to poet Heinrich Heine and, below, is Wernigerode. : Germany, Harz DSC8690  Ilsenberg from the Brocken. : Germany, Harz DSC8692  Pete setup waiting for a train to appear. : Germany, Harz
DSC8697  99 7239 crossing the Ilsenberg trail with the 11:36 from Brocken to Wernigerode. : Germany, Harz DSC8703  The crossing between the railway and the path to Ilsenberg. : Germany, Harz DSC8705  Pete finds the snow a bit deep. : Germany, Harz
DSC8706  Looking up to the summit. : Germany, Harz DSC8707  Not quite enough light at this time of year for a shot here. : Germany, Harz DSC8708  More deep snow, this time Dave's turn! : Germany, Harz
DSC8712  99 7247 rounds the curve beyond the crossing with the Ilsenberg trail with the 10:25 from Wernigerode to Brocken. : Germany, Harz DSC8721  And away to towards the summit. : Germany, Harz DSC8728  Pete takes a snap alongside Becky and Robson from the Moors. : Germany, Harz
DSC8730  A plane, a hot air balloon and the Brocken. : Germany, Harz DSC8731  Sledging down the hill. Easier than walking up! : Germany, Harz DSC8732  Looking up from the circular walking route around the Brocken. : Germany, Harz
DSC8738  The 12:21 from Brocken to Drei Annen Hohne drops down from the summit behind 99 7247. : Germany, Harz DSC8741  The witches altar on the Brocken. : Germany, Harz DSC8744  Downhill end of Brocken station. : Germany, Harz
DSC8745  Buildings on the Brocken. : Germany, Harz DSC8751  Plenty of snow for sking. : Germany, Harz DSC8754  Looking off the mountain to Wernigerode with the Schloss prominent. : Germany, Harz
DSC8758  Which way would you like to go? : Germany, Harz DSC8767  The circular walking path and the view roughly east. : Germany, Harz DSC8771  There's a train coming down there.... : Germany, Harz
DSC8781  99 7235 crosses Goethemor with the 10:24 from Nordhausen to Brocken. : Germany, Harz DSC8786  Dave and Pete on the rocks...... : Germany, Harz DSC8789  Here it comes.... : Germany, Harz
DSC8792  99 7235 rounds a curve on the final part of the climb towards the Brocken. : Germany, Harz DSC8800  A little nearer to its destination, 99 7239 leads the 10:24 ex Nordhausen to Brocken. : Germany, Harz DSC8804  No mistaking the location. : Germany, Harz
DSC8809  Roland, Pete and and an interesting move from Dave! : Germany, Harz DSC8814  The red light protecting Brocken station. : Germany, Harz DSC8815  99 7235 drops off the Brocken with the 13:59 departure. : Germany, Harz
DSC8826  Working hard across Goethemor, 99 7247 lifts the 13:39 ex Drei Annen Hohne up the mountain. : Germany, Harz DSC8829  More photos for Stu and Pete. : Germany, Harz DSC8833  Roland practices his flailing but needs to work on the arm angle. : Germany, Harz
DSC8834  99 7247 climbs around the circuit of the summit the railway makes to gain height. : Germany, Harz DSC8841  The 13:39 from Drei Annen Hohne climbing towards Brocken. : Germany, Harz DSC8845  The witches altar. : Germany, Harz
DSC8846  1 in 30 all the way. : Germany, Harz DSC8853  Wernigerode from the summit. : Germany, Harz DSC8861  99 7247 sits at Brocken waiting departure time with the 14:51 to Nordhausen. : Germany, Harz
DSC8866  Looking sort of south east from the summit of the Brocken. : Germany, Harz DSC8868  This was my fifth trip to the Harz and the first to the actual summit of the Brocken! So, time for that rare thing, a photo of me.... : Germany, Harz DSC8877  And the team, Stu, Pete, me and Roland taken by our guest for the day Dave. Thanks Mr O. : Germany, Harz
DSC8879  On the summit of the Brocken in wonderful conditions. The lack of wind was a real bonus. : Germany, Harz DSC8883  Interesting clouds above the Brocken. : Germany, Harz DSC8888  A glint test with Dave! : Germany, Harz
DSC8896  Misty in the Harz Mountains and beyond. : Germany, Harz DSC8901  Plenty of contrast as the sun starts to drop. : Germany, Harz DSC8904  Dave, maybe not so happy to be getting is photo taken! : Germany, Harz
DSC8909  Glinting off the snow on the Brocken. : Germany, Harz DSC8915  The 15:06 from Drei Annen Hohne approaches the top of the Brocken behind 99 7235. : Germany, Harz DSC8923  99 7235 runs-round in lovely light at Brocken station. : Germany, Harz
DSC8954  Last train up the hill of the day, the 14:55 from Wernigerode, heads past the passing siding at Goetheweg behind 99 7239. : Germany, Harz DSC8959  Pink steam and trees in the headlight. : Germany, Harz DSC8966  99 7235 takes water at Drei Annen Hohne whilst at the head of the 16:22 from Brocken to Wernigerode. : Germany, Harz
DSC8974  Taking water at Drei Annen. : Germany, Harz DSC8978  It's been a tiring day for the youngster..... : Germany, Harz DSC8986  Back at Wernigerode at 18:00. 99 7235 waits to shunt its empty stock out. The day had stayed clear allowing the lights on the summit of the Brocken to be seen from the town. : Germany, Harz