09 September 2016

Bran Castle and to Bucharest via the mountains
DSC4232  Looking towards the mountains on the road between Brasov and Bran. : Romania DSC4234  Rural Romania, between Brasov and Bran. : Romania DSC4239  Bran Castle, made famous by its association with Dracula. : Romania
DSC4240  Bran and is castle are a major tourist attraction so, inevitably, has a market selling all sorts of tat. : Romania DSC4241  Bran Castle. : Romania DSC4243  In the grounds below Bran Castle. : Romania
DSC4247  Looking up to Bran Castle. : Romania DSC4248  And on the other sdie repairs were in hand. : Romania DSC4251  Inside Bran Castle. : Romania
DSC4252  Apparentley this staircase is secret. Maybe someone should mention that it now isn't? : Romania DSC4254  The "secret" staircase in Bran Castle. : Romania DSC4257  Inside Bran Castle. : Romania
DSC4259  A bit of a come down.... : Romania DSC4262  Bran Castle. : Romania DSC4264  Bran Castle. : Romania
DSC4265  Bran Castle. : Romania DSC4266  The view west from Bran Castle. : Romania DSC4269  Bran Castle. : Romania
DSC4273  Inside Bran Castle. : Romania DSC4275  Looking down towards Bran. : Romania DSC4276  Another staircase inside Bran Castle. : Romania
DSC4278  Inside Bran Castle. : Romania DSC4282  Various fighting implements inside Bran Castle. : Romania DSC4286  Bran Castle. : Romania
DSC4290  Bran Castle. : Romania DSC4291  A torture display in Bran Castle. : Romania DSC4295  Bran Castle. : Romania
DSC4298  Like says... : Romania DSC4302  The scales of "justice". : Romania DSC4299  Bran Castle - full our tourists! : Romania
DSC4301  Bran Castle, looking up. : Romania DSC4308  Quite a piece of ironwork. : Romania DSC4310  An outer wall of Bran castle. : Romania
DSC4313  In the grounds below Bran Castle. : Romania DSC4316  In Bran is a bust od Ioan Pușcariu, a noted Romanian historian, genealogist and administrator. : Romania DSC4318  A small chapel on the edge of Bran. : Romania
DSC4320  Bran Castle. : Romania DSC4321  Romania is full of new build churches like the one on the right, built on the edge of bran. : Romania DSC4322  Wooden sculptures in a small park on the edge of Bran. : Romania
DSC4325  And off into the Carpathian Mountains once more. The peaks in the distance stand over 8000' up. : Romania DSC4329  In the foothills of the Carpathians to the south west of Bran. : Romania DSC4330  The substantial ridge is the Piatra Craiului. : Romania
DSC4331  Cows and the cow herds roadside in the mountains. : Romania DSC4341  Not a hazard to traffic, unless the cows decided to stand in the road as they tended to do! : Romania DSC4344  Switzerland or Romania? This is Valea Urdii. : Romania
DSC4347  Valea Urdii in a very beautiful part of Romania. : Romania DSC4349  The Carpathians. : Romania DSC4352  Overlooking Podul Dâmboviţei from an excellent viewpoint. : Romania
DSC4355  Romanian mountain view. : Romania DSC4356  Near Podul Dâmboviţei, impressive scenery. : Romania DSC4357  The Piatra Craiului from near Podul Dâmboviţei. : Romania
DSC4363  Podul Dâmboviţei nestling in a valley. : Romania DSC4368  One of the many many apparently stray dogs in Romania. I think this chap would have happily got in my car and come with me! : Romania DSC4371  Podul Dâmboviţei. : Romania
DSC4375  Romania is not a wealthy place, this level of poverty, near Valea Cetățuia, was about as bad as I saw. : Romania 20160909 113849(0)  Out of the mountains into more gentle countryside. : Eastern Europe 20160909 155054  2373,4km (1474 miles) covered over 9 days of driving in Romania and no accidents - but a good few near misses! : Eastern Europe
20160909 190311  Stada Berzei, not an untypical street in Bucharest. : Eastern Europe 20160909 193838  Goose breast gnocchi - considerably more filling than it looks! : Eastern Europe