08 September 2016

Morning trains on CFF Vișeu and on to Brașov
20160908 081610  In part Romania reminded me of South America, the number of apparently homeless dogs was one such reminder. This chap hung around the sleeping coach at Vişeu de Sus. : Eastern Europe 20160908 111025  The road up the Vaser valley. Not too bad all things considered. : Eastern Europe 20160908 111137  Vaser Valley village. : Eastern Europe
DSC4020  764.469 is again on duty first thing at Vişeul de Sus just as the sun has come over the hill. : Romania DSC4028  Preparing to set back at Vişeul de Sus. : Romania DSC4038  764.469 sets back revealing the Volga car converted for rail use. : Romania
DSC4043  Plenty of wood for the trip and a nice semi-glint. : Romania DSC4045  Rossia 1 awaiting duties at Vişeul de Sus. : Romania DSC4046  The queue starts early at Vişeul de Sus. : Romania
DSC4052  764.435 stands at the head of what will be the 10:00 departure. : Romania DSC4064  764.421 runs down the yard in search of its coaches for the day. 764.435 has already found iits set. : Romania DSC4072  764.421 at Vişeul de Sus waiting time with the 09:30 for Paltin. : Romania
DSC4079  764.469 sets off from Vişeul de Sus with the 09:00 train. : Romania DSC4086  764.469 heads for Paltin. : Romania DSC4094  It is a shame the photo cannot convey the lack of valve timing on 764.469! : Romania
DSC4106  764.469 finds the sun as it approaches the level crossing south of Valea Scradei. : Romania DSC4113  The first of several suspect wire rope bridges I had to cross to get to a photo spot. : Romania DSC4114  What could go wrong? : Romania
DSC4115  I'm sure it's perfectly safe..... : Romania DSC4121  764.469 sets off from the stop at Valea Scradei and seemingly wants to smoke the village out. : Romania DSC4129  764.469 with the 09:00 tourist train heading through Valea Scradei. : Romania
DSC4135  Dodgy bridge number 2..... : Romania DSC4137  Baby haystacks. : Romania DSC4143  764.421 Elvetia heads the 09:30 tourist train up the Vaser Valley beyond Valea Scradei. : Romania
DSC4147  3rd and final iffy footbridge. This one was the one which moved the most! : Romania DSC4167  764.435 Bavaria brings the 10:00 train up the valley on a section of line which was washed out in 200X. A shot best done first thing as the light had moved around a little too much for my taste. : Romania DSC4175  And away into the distance. Until the nest time CFF Vişeu. : Romania
DSC4177  Looking down the line towards Vişeu de Sus. : Romania DSC4179  Vaser Valley view. : Romania DSC4181  One of many horses seen. : Romania
DSC4183  The all wooden church in the village of Săcel. : Romania DSC4186  The impressive wooden church in Săcel. : Romania DSC4188  A lot of work went into that.... : Romania
DSC4189  Wood carved cross and extras. : Romania DSC4192  Looking north from Pasul Şetref. : Romania DSC4194  Telegraph wires on Pasul Şetref. : Romania
DSC4199  Pasul Şetref. : Romania DSC4200  A modern, curved, railway viaduct in Dealul Ștefăniței. : Romania DSC4204  And so to Brașov..... : Romania
DSC4208  In the main square - Piata Sfatului - the Filarmonica Brașov were giving an open air concert. : Romania DSC4209  Piata Sfatului : Romania DSC4211  No mistaking where this is with the big clue on the hillside! : Romania
20160908 192105  Filarmonica Brașov mid-concert. They were half bad but were, sadly, being electricall amplified. The balance lost the brass section nearly entirely, so I went and stood next to them so I could hear them. : Eastern Europe DSC4212  Casa Sfatului, which dates from 1420. : Romania DSC4219  Piata Sfatului after dark and the end of the open air concert. : Romania
DSC4223  Piata Sfatului. : Romania DSC4231  The Prefectura Brașov by night. : Romania