07 September 2016

CFF Vișeu - 760mm gauge forestry railway
DSC3394  Early in the morning at Vişeu de Sus depot and the locos for the day are brewing up. : Romania DSC3396  The three Reşiţa built 0-8-0ts here, from the left are 764.421 'Elvetia', 764.449 'Ioana' and 764.435 'Bavaria'. : Romania DSC3398  CFF Viseu has a number of Reşiţa locos stored for a rainy day. : Romania
DSC3401  The third of the rainy day locos is 764.436. : Romania DSC3403  Classic Romanian forestry railway traction! A converted Trani..... : Romania DSC3407  An electric Transit conversion? : Romania
DSC3410  0-8-0t 764.211 'Măriuţa' at Vişeu de Sus. This loco is an O&K product dating from 1910. : Romania DSC3412  faur B-B 87-0033. Each of the four Faur diesels on the line are in a different colour. : Romania DSC3415  764.449 in the yard at Vişeu de Sus. The steam was provided by 764.421 ‘Elvetia’ which was moving up the yard. : Romania
DSC3421  From the left 764.469, 764.435 'Bavaria' and 764.449 'Ioana'. : Romania DSC3425  Track workers in HV, times change even at CFF Viseu. The day has dawned to clear skies. : Romania DSC3427  764.469 moves off shed. : Romania
DSC3431  87-0036, in the shed, 87-0015, current era traction for the log trains and, behind, now in tourist train service 764.435 'Bavaria' and 764.449 'Ioana'. : Romania DSC3440  764.435 'Bavaria' pushes the 'dead' 764.449 'Ioana' up the yard. : Romania DSC3442  It had to be in black and white to dull the effect of the HV wear on the track gang. : Romania
DSC3446  764.449 'Ioana', 764.421 ‘Elvetia’ with 764.211 'Măriuţa' in front and, on the right, 764.469. : Romania DSC3447  87-0015 and 764.435 'Bavaria' on shed. : Romania DSC3453  Trying to fix a leaking injector : Romania
DSC3458  Steam shed filth and atmosphere. : Romania DSC3459  A foundation ring take a rest against a wagon of coal. : Romania DSC3463  Track gang at work. Behind is the wood store for the locos. : Romania
DSC3465  In the lifting bay was 764.408 'Cozia-1' a Reghin product of 1986. In front of the loco is one of the Klein-Linder wheelsets these locos are fitted with. : Romania DSC3468  764.469 gets some final prep as the track gang carry on with their tasks. : Romania DSC3475  Tightening flange bolts. : Romania
DSC3476  Finally the sun appears over the hills. : Romania DSC3482  Front ends. : Romania DSC3490  87-0015 and 764.421 ‘Elvetia’. : Romania
DSC3497  764.421 ‘Elvetia’. : Romania DSC3499  87-0015, 764.435 'Bavaria' and 764.421 ‘Elvetia’. : Romania DSC3502  764.435 ‘Bavaria’ waits off shed time alongside 764.469 and 764.421 : Romania
DSC3505  Reşiţa front ends at Vişeu de Sus. : Romania DSC3507  Springs that aren't going to do another trip.... : Romania DSC3515  764.435 has a smoke whilst waiting for something else to do. : Romania
DSC3522  Reflection in the dirt. : Romania DSC3527  Still leaking then..... : Romania DSC3533  Vişeu de Sus depot. : Romania
DSC3536  New spark arrestor chimney. : Romania DSC3538  Vişeu de Sus works forge. : Romania DSC3543  764.469 stands at the head of the 09:00 tourist train to Paltin. : Romania
DSC3553  764.469 sets back at Vişeu de Sus. The 9am departs from way back down the yard, next to the station building whereas the other portions of the tourist train depart from across the yard. : Romania DSC3554  A Russian Volga car coverted for rail use. : Romania DSC3558  0-8-0t 764.469 gets its water tanks topped up at Vişeul de Sus station. : Romania
DSC3567  764.469 baths in the warm morning sun. : Romania DSC3570  The car park rapuidly fills in the morning. The 09:00 train is normally full by 08:30. Get there early! : Romania DSC3577  Away from the tourist train the logging operations continue. : Romania
DSC3581  0-8-0t 764.313 in nice morning light. : Romania DSC3585  764.421 ‘Elvetia’ drops down from the shed towards the station yard. : Romania DSC3587  Don't on the railway, oh hang on.... 764.421 ‘Elvetia’ approaches a set of points which need changing..... : Romania
DSC3593  764.421 ‘Elvetia’ sits at the head of the 09:30 depature from Vişeu de Sus. As might be expected the vehcicles all sit at different angles!! : Romania DSC3596  Still trying to get to Switzerland? : Romania DSC3598  Wengenalpbhan coaches showing some Romanian mods. : Romania
DSC3599  CFF Viseu was very busy despite it not being peak season. Long may that continue. : Romania DSC3601  Time for some steam shunting with 764.435 ‘Bavaria’. : Romania DSC3613  764.435 ‘Bavaria’ pushes the rake of bogies back down the yard between two sets of carriages. : Romania
DSC3626  Having done its shunting 764.435 ‘Bavaria’ heads towards its train whilst 764.421 ‘Elvetia’ waits time. : Romania DSC3631  764.435 ‘Bavaria’ in the lovely September light at Vişeu de Sus. : Romania DSC3645  Looking back. : Romania
DSC3649  764.435 ‘Bavaria’. each train goes out with a wagon laden with wood for the journey. : Romania DSC3657  Plenty of steam and vehciles at angles as 764.421 ‘Elvetia’ struggles for grip near Valea Scradei. : Romania DSC3658  At Valea Scradei the 09:30 caught up with 09:00. : Romania
DSC3665  Like it says really.... : Romania DSC3666  One of many interesting looking bridges over the Vaser river. : Romania DSC3671  Vaser valley view. : Romania
DSC3681  The loop at Novat. : Romania DSC3683  At Novat we passed a train heading down the valley which was brining a party of Germans back from a night in the forest. : Romania DSC3689  At Novat a branch, now close, diverged up a valley. : Romania
DSC3690  No, no, you go first. I insist! : Romania DSC3694  Water stop time at Glimboaca. : Romania DSC3696  Whilst at Glimboaca the log supply on the loco gets a top up. : Romania
DSC3702  764.421 ‘Elvetia’ at Glimboaca. : Romania DSC3707  The fireman was pretty athletic. Why use the steps at the front when the motion and tank will do? : Romania DSC3714  Checking the sand box. The chimney shows signs of fresh wood on the fire. : Romania
DSC3718  Filling the valley with wood smoke. : Romania DSC3720  Water is taken by sucking it out of a stream. : Romania DSC3727  764.421 ‘Elvetia’ at Glimboaca. : Romania
DSC3732  The CFF Viseu locos are genuine dual fuel locos - wood is the primary fuel with coal as needed. : Romania DSC3733  The Vaser river at Glimboaca. : Romania DSC3741  At Glimboaca the 10:00 portion of the tourist service for the day caught up with the 09:30. : Romania
DSC3745  The Vaser valley is very impressive and well worth a visit. : Romania DSC3747  Crossing the Vaser near Cozia. : Romania DSC3755  Cozia. : Romania
DSC3757  An alternative to log extraction by rail.... : Romania DSC3762  Looks like there is coal on the fire for the climb ahead. : Romania DSC3766  Smoke trail in the Vaser valley. : Romania
DSC3771  Logs by rail at Novicior. : Romania DSC3774  Heading around another of the line's many corners. This one is just beyonf Novicior. : Romania DSC3777  Not for the first time speed was down to walking pace due to lack of adhesion. It was so bad the driver was off to have a look! : Romania
DSC3778  Presumably the sand needed some assistance to flow. So the fireman was up on top to sort it out. : Romania DSC3781  The fireman is now sat on the cab roof as adhesion returns. : Romania DSC3784  So, time to get back into the cab. : Romania
DSC3785  Acrobatics in progress..... : Romania DSC3788  Walking along a metal strip no wider than an inch. : Romania DSC3790  And nearly back to the cab. : Romania
DSC3791  And back, all done as the loco rocked and rolled. : Romania DSC3794  And so to the destination of the train, Paltin. : Romania DSC3795  764.421 ‘Elvetia’ at Paltin. : Romania
DSC3804  So, the decision was queue up for lunch at Paltin or leg it back down the line to try to get a shot of the 10:00 service coming up the valley. No contest!!! 15 minutes walk back from Paltin, at Novicor, 764.435 ‘Bavaria’ heads around the corner dictated by the river. Amazingly luck was on my side, within seconds the sun had gone behind a cloud. : Romania DSC3815  At Novicior a wooden gate stands astride of the line. Evidence of the lassing of the 10:00 services hangs in the valley. : Romania DSC3817  A wooden weit in the Vaser. : Romania
DSC3819  Forestry railway track. : Romania DSC3822  Leaning over somewhat..... 764.469 waits at Paltin with the return leg of the 09:00 train. : Romania DSC3824  Paltin. : Romania
DSC3826  764.435 ‘Bavaria’ and train at Paltin. The trains run beyond the station to allow the engines to run-round. : Romania DSC3828  Paltin! : Romania DSC3833  Platin has a small and interesting museum. : Romania
DSC3840  On top of 764.421's boiler. From the left, spark arresting chimney, feedwater delivery dome, sand box, steam dome and whistle. : Romania DSC3841  Calea Ferată Forestieră Viseu. : Romania DSC3842  Cabside plates on 764.421. : Romania
DSC3847  Ride height variation one. : Romania DSC3848  Ride height variation two. : Romania DSC3852  Former Swiss WAB coaches adapted for Romania, which includes the fitment of heating stoves and basic couplings. : Romania
DSC3853  An older coach in use on CFF Viseu. : Romania DSC3854  Primative couplings on what are loose coupled passenger trains. Not sure what the procedure is should a train divide! : Romania DSC3855  Is that a toilet or guard's compartment? : Romania
DSC3860  heading down the Vaser valley behind 764.421. : Romania DSC3873  A very basic bridge, once again after you, I insist.... : Romania DSC3876  Logging operation in the Vaser valley. : Romania
DSC3878  Line of sight working with a Mercedes minibus at Novat. : Romania DSC3879  Traditional horsepower. : Romania DSC3883  Definately not trying this bridge! : Romania
DSC3886  Orders by radio. : Romania DSC3888  Back at Vişeu de Sus. : Romania DSC3890  764.211 in the sun at Vişeul de Sus. : Romania
DSC3894  Back up the valley, a few kilometres north of Valea Scradei, modern and environmentally destructive logging was in progress. : Romania DSC3896  The path cut by the logging operation extends up into the trees. : Romania DSC3906  Faur 450hp B-B diesel 87-0032 hauls the loaded log train down the Vaser valley a few kilometres north of Valea Scradei. : Romania
DSC3917  Log train in the Vaser valley with a brakesman ready for action. : Romania DSC3919  Shortly after the passage of the main logging train L18H-001 ‘Ecaterina’ followed with a short train of logs and other vehicles. : Romania DSC3928  L18H-001 ‘Ecaterina’ and its short train in the Vaser valley. : Romania
DSC3937  B-B diesel 87-0032 hauls the loaded log train down the Vaser valley a little south of Valea Scradei. : Romania DSC3942  On the brakes. Knowing the road is essential! : Romania DSC3948  Faur built L18H-001 ‘Ecaterina’ and its short train pulls away from a stop at the small village of Valea Scradei. : Romania
DSC3953  ‘Ecaterina’ in Valea Scradei. : Romania DSC3955  Tradtion traction in Valea Scradei. : Romania DSC3956  0-8-0t 764.313. : Romania
DSC3957  CFF Viseu 763 193 and a log fuel wagon on display. : Romania DSC3962  CFF Viseu, once state run, is now owned by RG Holz. : Romania DSC3963  A view up the yard at Vişeu de Sus. : Romania
DSC3968  'Ecaterina' has been afflicated with a number of stickers. : Romania DSC3969  Cabside on L18H-001. : Romania DSC3973  Fly shunting in the yard. There was much excitement down the yard as the vehicles approached and it was relaised the road was set up incorrectly.... : Romania
DSC3975  87-0015 rolls down through the yard. : Romania DSC3978  Machanised wood handling, a sign of the times. : Romania DSC3981  Duties done for the day, L18H-001 ‘Ecaterina’ rests on shed. : Romania
DSC3985  87-0015 alongside the recently built office at the depot. : Romania DSC3987  87-0015 goes about its duties. : Romania DSC3988  A bogie from something. : Romania
DSC3991  Awaiting use again? : Romania DSC3994  Devoid of a lots of parts. : Romania DSC3996  Also out of use, presumably. : Romania
DSC4002  87-0036 and another L18. : Romania DSC4003  My hire car with evidence of dusty roads. : Romania DSC4005  764.484 by night. : Romania
DSC4009  Mariazellerbahn 1099.012 in the car park. : Romania