06 September 2016

Across Romania, Hațeg to Vișeu de Sus via Dej Triaj
DSC3162  From Oraviţa I drove to Hațeg, where it was raining! It was still raining in the morning. It stopped somewhere near Alba Iulia. At Bărăbanț I found a freight headed by 40 0386 with 60 0003 dead in the consist. I then successfully failed to chase the train..... : Romania 20160906 104223  Another Romanian town with a name that would never work in the UK! : Eastern Europe 20160906 105100  Despite the name Turda looked nice! : Eastern Europe
20160906 112239  On the hilly road which bypasses Cluj-Napoca, another city I am told I should have visited! Apparently it also has/had a loco works. Sounds like an error I need to correct! : Eastern Europe DSC3167  Near to the city of Dej is Dej Triaj depot and yard, home to an excellent selection of preserved locos. This one is 2-8-2 rack tank 40.007, the same type of loco as seen at Sibiu museum. : Romania DSC3170  40.007, ex of the rack worked line between Caransebeș and Hațeg. : Romania
DSC3171  Inside the depot gates the first loco to be found is 231.050. A 4 cylinder simple Maffei built 4-6-2. A lookalike for the Bavarian compound 4-6-2s. Impressive machine. : Romania DSC3172  Someone cared.... : Romania DSC3174  760mm gauge 0-8-0t 764.153. : Romania
DSC3176  Every museum needs one.... Kriegslok 150.1123 at Dej Triaj. : Romania DSC3177  Kreigslok minus con rods at Dej Triaj. : Romania DSC3179  If I had done my research I would have been expecting this beast, as it was it took me by surprise! Malaxa, Bucharest, built 2-10-2 151.002. Only two of these impressive and successful locos were built The boiler is based on that to be found on the copies of the Austrian 2-8-4s (Romanian class 142) whilst the chassis was to a Romanian design. : Romania
DSC3180  The front end of 151.002. No longer is the star on the smokebox red. : Romania DSC3183  Worksplate on 151.002. : Romania DSC3187  Romanian copy of a DRG Class 50 2-10-0, 150.105 at Dej Triaj. : Romania
DSC3188  Rear 3/4s view of 151.002. Sadly the loco wouldn't fit in my case.... : Romania DSC3189  Front end of 150.105, built in Reşiţa. : Romania DSC3191  40 0576 and a preserved railcar at Dej Triaj. : Romania
DSC3193  Working and presumably withdrawn locos at Dej Triaj. From the left the leading locos are 60 0746, 60 1175, 40 0530 and 60 0672. : Romania DSC3195  In the prep shed at Dej Triaj were 60 0765 and 53 0841. : Romania DSC3197  CFR diesels and electrics, left to right 60 0746, 60 1175, 40 0530, 40 0069 and 60 0672. : Romania
DSC3198  First of the CFR 60s preserved at Dej Triaj. : Romania DSC3200  A Romanian "Class 47", 60 0765 in the prep shed. : Romania DSC3203  No.1, a small shunting loco preserved at Dej Triaj. : Romania
DSC3205  A steam loco bogie on display, just roughly cut off the donor loco by the look of it. : Romania DSC3207  In need of a bit of pruning, 231.050. 4 cylinders but only 4 valves. : Romania DSC3209  Cabside of 231.050 showing the exhaust injector. : Romania
DSC3210  It was nice to find a Prussian P8 copy, this one being 230.299. : Romania DSC3213  Cabside of 4-6-0 230.299 at Dej Triaj. : Romania DSC3215  Stema powered rotary snowplough at Dej Triaj. : Romania
DSC3219  060 DA 001, the first of the CFR Class 60 Sulzer fitted diesel electrics. : Romania DSC3223  Dej Triaj roundshouse and 'table. : Romania DSC3225  I suspect it was once much busier here. 80 0526 stands prominent. : Romania
DSC3227  First of the CFR Class 40 electrics 040 EC 001 at Dej Triaj in nice condition. : Romania DSC3230  Made in Yugoslavia for CFR. : Romania DSC3232  Railacar in need of a bit of TLC. : Romania
DSC3233  Worksplate on 40 0576. : Romania DSC3236  A Reşiţa product. : Romania DSC3239  Diesel shunter 20.193. : Romania
DSC3240  CFR 40.007 outside the gates at Dej Triaj. : Romania DSC3241  Four cylinders, two for adhesion and two for rack. : Romania DSC3245  Dej Triaj depot is home to the historic 1938 4400hp Sulzer 2-Do-1+1-Do-2 double loco 241.001/241.002. : Romania
DSC3247  Back inside the depot perimeter, another view of the very impressive 151.002. : Romania DSC3248  Diesel shunter 20.022 and tank wagon. : Romania DSC3249  Dej Triaj is home to a lot of withdrawn locos. First in this line of diesels is Faur built 80 0244. : Romania
DSC3250  40 0621 seems to have done its last turn. : Romania DSC3251  60 0643 and some spare wheelsets. : Romania DSC3254  60 1314, 60 0643 and 40 0022 await their fate at Dej Triaj. : Romania
DSC3258  40 0023, the nose of 80 0189, 80 049 and 40 0621 at Dej Triaj. : Romania DSC3259  CFR Marfa 47 032 at Dej Triaj depot. : Romania DSC3264  241.001 2-Do-1, part of the Sulzer double loco. : Romania
DSC3265  241.001 and 241.002 (closest to the camera) at Dej Triaj. : Romania DSC3267  Cosbuc, on road 17C. : Romania DSC3268  Brown river at Cosbuc. : Romania
DSC3272  Cosbuc station, which only hosts a few trains a day. The line through here did not open until the 1970s. : Romania DSC3277  Leaving the village of Telciu, these signs were common in this part of Romania. : Romania DSC3280  Rural scene near Tecliu. : Romania
DSC3286  Like Swizz cows Romanian cows are fitted with bells. : Romania DSC3287  Hay barn near Tecliu. : Romania DSC3291  Nice colours in the trees. : Romania
DSC3293  Road C17 passes over Pasul Şetref at 818m high. At the summit is a restaurant and surrounding it plenty of agricultiral activity. : Romania DSC3296  The view north from Pasul Şetref  looking into Maramureș county and, beyond, to Ukraine. : Romania DSC3300  Destination for the day, CFF Viseu in Viseu de Sul. In the car park 150 216 and 764 484 Maramureș are in display. : Romania
DSC3301  Reşiţa built 0-8-0t 764 484 Maramureș. : Romania DSC3302  Also in the car park is Mariazellerbahn (Austria) 1099 012. : Romania DSC3303  CFF Viseu 763 193 and a log fuel wagon on display. : Romania
20160906 170027  My bed for the next few nights in an old sleeping coach in the yard at Viseul de Sus. : Eastern Europe DSC3305  Rossia 1 is a 1962 built railcar constructed by Demikhov (Russia). : Romania DSC3306  Viseul de Sus station. : Romania
DSC3309  Maramureș front end. : Romania DSC3311  CFF Viseu is still an operating commercial logging railway. Each afternoon the freshly cut logs roll down the valley. After the loco is cut off the train descends in to the yard by gravity on handbrakes only. : Romania DSC3316  Logs everywhere! : Romania
DSC3318  Brakesman on the log train. : Romania DSC3321  Much of the passenger carrying stock at CFF Viseu comes from Switzerland. This Wengenalp Bahn coach seems to want to go home..... : Romania DSC3322  Meanwhile this Wengenalpbahn coach wants to go a bit higher! : Romania
DSC3326  Logs waiting off loading. : Romania DSC3327  Another loco on display in the car park at Viseul de Sus is 0-8-0t 764.313, a Budapest product of 1921. : Romania DSC3328  Vişeul de Sus station. : Romania
DSC3329  763.193 with a hatch in the cab back sheet to allow logs to be delivered from the wagon behind. : Romania DSC3333  Waving the propelling diesel down the yard from a "position of safety". : Romania DSC3335  Logs for unloading. : Romania
DSC3337  Faur built B-B 87-0032 propels the loaded log train through the car park at Vişeul de Sus. This operation blocks the car park for several hours each afternoon. : Romania DSC3341  764.421's injector wastes.... : Romania DSC3343  Nicely stacked logs which seem right in the way of the firehole door!! : Romania
DSC3346  Faur built L18H-001 ‘Ecaterina’ in the yard at Vişeul de Sus. : Romania DSC3349  764.421 spark arresting chimney and front end. : Romania DSC3358  Cabside on 87-0032. : Romania
DSC3362  Still not clear of the car park. Bhins the diesel are the coaches used on the daily tourist train which, at this time, was running in 3 portions to cater for demand. : Romania DSC3370  CFR 2-10-0 150.216 is displayed at Vişeul de Sus in front of the dining coach and two sleeping cars used for accomodation. The loco, a copy of the DRG Class 50, is one of the type to have gained a double Kylchap exhaust system. : Romania DSC3374  Cabside on 150.216 in golden light. : Romania
DSC3383  Bogies awaiting logs and, behind, the crew coach. : Romania DSC3385  A busy yard at Vişeul de Sus. : Romania DSC3391  1099.012, ex of Austria. : Romania