05 September 2016

Oravița - Anina train
DSC2991  Oraviţa station in morning sun. : Romania DSC2995  Typical European style detination board on the tourist train from Oraviţa to Anina and back. : Romania DSC2997  Motive power for the day, Bo-Bo 69 0005. : Romania
DSC2998  The dilapidated goods shed at Oraviţa. : Romania DSC3000  69 0005 and its short train to Anina waits time at Oraviţa. : Romania DSC3002  Oraviţa shed with 73 0001 on the right. : Romania
DSC3003  The cabside of 69 0005, a tall loco. : Romania DSC3005  Oraviţa station. : Romania DSC3008  History of the line to Anina. : Romania
DSC3009  The spartan coaches in use on the tourist train. : Romania DSC3011  Disused facilities at Oraviţa. : Romania DSC3012  A feature of the 34km long line is 10 viaducts. This one is only a short distance out of Oraviţa. : Romania
DSC3019  Another (unfortunate) feature of the line is out of control vegetation which detracts from the views. : Romania DSC3026  The line to Anina was built to serve the coal mining industry. No coal is mined these days but remants of the past can be seen. : Romania DSC3031  Community with its purpose gone.... : Romania
DSC3032  Lișava station. : Romania DSC3038  At Halta Calnio the train stopped and, amazingly, there was some custom in the form of some German linesiders who joined for the journey to Anina and back. : Romania DSC3041  A typical view, when the trees allowed. : Romania
DSC3044  Jitin viaduct, 37m high, and a maintenance gang at work. : Romania DSC3050  In the hills. : Romania DSC3051  The line is heavily engineered such as here with a very substantial retaining wall. : Romania
DSC3053  The train paused at Garliște before entering the longest tunnel of 14 tunnels on the line at 1428m long. : Romania DSC3060  The rear vestibule door was open to help photographers. : Romania DSC3065  Viaduct and tunnel on the upper section of the line. : Romania
DSC3068  Given the ride it would have been easy to fall out but hey, it's Romania! : Romania DSC3071  Remains of the mining industry on the approach to Anina. : Romania DSC3074  Anina coal mine, as was. : Romania
DSC3082  The train's got the road into Anina station. : Romania DSC3089  69 0005 wasted no time in running round at Anina. : Romania DSC3090  Anina station and the short tourist train. : Romania
DSC3094  Another commemerative plaque. : Romania DSC3097  Waving the loco onto the coaches at Anina. : Romania DSC3105  Ready for the run back down the hill to Oraviţa. : Romania
DSC3110  Railway staff relaxing at Anina. : Romania DSC3116  Remains of Anina coal mine. : Romania DSC3122  Whilst the train is run for tourists on the downhill leg a few locals with a heavu barrel of something were dropped off at Garliște. : Romania
DSC3126  Garliște station, which is not on the same level as the running line. : Romania DSC3133  View from a viaduct. : Romania DSC3139  A running in sign at Halta Bradisoru de Jos. : Romania
DSC3144  And back at Oraviţa, 69 0005 alongside 50.065 which used to work these trains. : Romania DSC3150  Trainee guard and wheel tapper (Dave Hurd?) back at Oraviţa. : Romania DSC3154  69 0005 runs round at Oraviţa. : Romania
20160905 162121  Back in Reşiţa with signs of the once busy tram system still to be seen. : Eastern Europe