02 September 2016

From Curtea de Argeș via the Transfăgărășan route to Sibiu and Alba Iulia
DSC2036  A bust of Mihai Viteazul (Michael the Brave) in Curtea de Argeș. : Romania DSC2037  The Princely Court, Curtea de Argeș. : Romania DSC2038  A statue of Basarab I of Wallachia. : Romania
DSC2043  Biserica Domneasca, Curtea de Argeș. : Romania DSC2046  One of the few English language description boards I came across whilst in Romania. : Romania DSC2047  In the grounds of the Princely Court, Curtea de Argeș. : Romania
DSC2050  Curtea de Argeș' rather grand station building, now very much under used. : Romania DSC2052  Curtea de Argeș station, waiting on a train.... : Romania DSC2053  At Curtea de Argeș station, looking south. : Romania
DSC2058  A church at the monastery in Curtea de Argeș. : Romania DSC2060  Curtea de Argeș monastery. : Romania DSC2066  Fantastic stone carved detail. : Romania
DSC2068  Further amazing stone work. : Romania DSC2069  Texting God perhaps? : Romania DSC2075  Inside the very ornate monastery. : Romania
DSC2078  Every inch is painted, even the ceiling. : Romania DSC2080  The impressive interior of Curtea de Argeș monastery. : Romania DSC2081  Plenty of gold on display…. : Romania
DSC2083  Some of the amazing decoration inside the monastery. : Romania DSC2089  Pretty impressive workmanship. : Romania DSC2091  Looking up. : Romania
DSC2096  Inside the monastery. : Romania DSC2099  Carved stone around the outside of Curtea de Argeș Monastery. : Romania DSC2100  Curtea de Argeș monastery. : Romania
DSC2101  The craftsmanship which went into the monastery was first rate. : Romania DSC2105  The ornate and impressive monastery at Curtea de Argeș. : Romania DSC2109  It must have taken something to get the geometry right. : Romania
DSC2111  Impressive! : Romania DSC2116  Against the light shot of Curtea de Argeș’s monastery made possible by the power of digital photography. : Romania DSC2117  A feature of Romania was vending machines in unexpected places. : Romania
DSC2119  Looking towards the mountains at Oeștii Ungureni. : Romania DSC2120  Traditional rural transport at Oeștii Ungureni. : Romania DSC2123  The next destination, at the top of the hill, Poienari Castle. : Romania
DSC2124  Poienari Castle, high up in a commanding position. : Romania DSC2127  There were dogs everywhere in Romania, reminding me of my time in Argentina. This one sensibly finds some shelter from the sun. : Romania DSC2128  That way then…. And only 1480 steps to go! : Romania
DSC2130  Just some of those 1480 steps. : Romania DSC2133  All about it… : Romania DSC2134  Nearly there…. : Romania
DSC2140  Poienari Castle gives great views of the surrounding rugged scenery. The road onward can be seen cut into the cliffs. : Romania DSC2148  Looking down to where I had parked. : Romania DSC2151  Poienari Castle. : Romania
DSC2157  Poienari Castle, nice on a nice day…. : Romania DSC2163  Rugged country on the fringes of the Carpathian Mountains. : Romania DSC2164  Poienari Castle. : Romania
DSC2169  Mediaeval justice? : Romania DSC2175  Another church and the small surrounding settlement somewhere to the north of  Poienari Castle on the road into the mountains. : Romania DSC2180  On route 7C, the famous Transfăgărășan (Transfiguration) route driven through the mountains under the direction of Romania’s Communist leader Nicolae Ceaușescu. : Romania
DSC2182  The road starts to get interesting, now above the tree line and starting to loop around to gain some height. : Romania DSC2183  Looking back to the tree line. : Romania DSC2187  A series of hairpins in the mountains. : Romania
DSC2188  The mountains from the Transfăgărășan road. : Romania DSC2191  A few minutes previous I was down there. It was starting to seem worth the effort! : Romania DSC2193  Looking towards the summit of the road, the last section being through the mountains in a tunnel. : Romania
DSC2195  Mountain road through the Carpathians. It looks so innocent in warm early autumn conditions but is regularly shut in the winter. : Romania DSC2196  The road winds up the mountains. : Romania DSC2202  Into the light on the Transfăgărășan road. : Romania
DSC2204  Getting very near to the top now. The road reaches an altitude of 2034m (6673’). : Romania DSC2207  Now on the north side of the mountain pass and the well-known view of the road winding down or up depending on your perspective. : Romania DSC2208  In the Carpathians. : Romania
DSC2210  That’s the way down then. : Romania DSC2212  Must be some good walks to do on those mountains. : Romania DSC2215  Do I trust dodgy Communist era concrete? : Romania
DSC2217  Pretty impressive road. : Romania DSC2218  Plenty of sheep enjoying the mountain grass. : Romania DSC2220  Looking back up towards the summit. : Romania
DSC2221  A decent amount of concrete was used in the construction of the road. : Romania DSC2225  A hazard on the roads of Romania I was to encounter more than once and they don’t get out of the way for anything! : Romania DSC2227  The clouds toy with the tops of the mountains. : Romania
DSC2229  Looking down to the plains around the mountains. : Romania DSC2234  Now out of the mountains, time for a view back. : Romania DSC2236  The Carpathians, in this part of Romania and in many others, rapidly rise out of relatively flat lands. : Romania
DSC2237  Mountains and clouds. : Romania DSC2240  Rural living. : Romania DSC2242  Cartisoara church and graveyard. : Romania
DSC2244  The road through Cartisoara. : Romania DSC2246  Mountains in the haze. : Romania DSC2249  And so to the first proper appointment with a Romanian railway. This is Sibiu station with a loco hauled train in the station. : Romania
DSC2251  CFR 60 0928, a diesel electric Co-Co with a Sulzer 12LDA28 engine of a very similar type to those fitted to BR Class 47s in the UK. : Romania DSC2255  Sorting out the paperwork at Sibiu. : Romania DSC2256  CFR 60 0928 at Sibiu ready to head away to the south. : Romania
DSC2258  Sibiu was the terminus for a 760mm gauge line, the well-known Sibiu to Agnita railway. It closed in 2001 but is now subject to a preservation attempt. This is the site of the narrow gauge station in Sibiu where, under the weeds, are the rails awaiting their next train. : Romania DSC2260  Sibiu is a town renowned across Romania for being historic and well worth a visit so I went to the railway museum at the depot instead… Unlike the UK no one bats and eyelid at anyone walking around looking at the locos at what is an open railway depot : Romania DSC2262  At the entrance to the museum is CFR 40-004, a rack and adhesion tank loco used on the Caransebeș to Hațeg route, Romania’s only rack worked line. : Romania
DSC2263  2-8-2t rack and adhesion tank 40-004 at Sibiu railway museum. : Romania DSC2265  Stuck behind a hedge is 0-6-2t 6845, built by Borsig in 1908. : Romania DSC2267  CFR 389-001 is a 760mm gauge loco used on the Sibiu – Agnita line. It was built in 1885 at Wiener-Neustadt. : Romania
DSC2268  Cabside details. : Romania DSC2270  Outside valvegear on 389-001. : Romania DSC2271  Another 760mm gauge loco on display is 0-6-0t CFF 763.148. : Romania
DSC2272  A steam crane at Sibiu museum. : Romania DSC2273  Three locos in a line, closest is 764.201, behind is 324.951 and behind that is 94.649. : Romania DSC2274  Skoda built 2-6-0 130.503. : Romania
DSC2276  764.201, 324.951 and 94.649 at Sibiu Railway Museum. : Romania DSC2277  Cabside plates on 130.503. : Romania DSC2279  Rear three quarters view of 130.503. : Romania
DSC2280  Some of the locos at Sibiu museum at not well positioned for photography. On the left is industrial tank Sm 1 and on the right is CFR 2-6-2t 131.040. : Romania DSC2282  CFR 131.040 was like many Romanian locos a coal fired machine but with the capacity to have an oil over coal firing system. The tanks for the oil are sat on top of the water tanks. : Romania DSC2283  MAVAG (Budapest) built 2-6-2 324.951 and KPEV (Prussian) T16 0-10-0 94.469. : Romania
DSC2287  Looking into the cab of 324.951. : Romania DSC2289  Many locos on Romanian Railways have their origin in Prussian and German technology. 94.649 is a Prussian T16 type. This loco came to Romania as a consequence of WWII. : Romania DSC2291  Firebox and air pump detail on 324.951. : Romania
DSC2292  The CFR copied the DRG Class 50 2-10-0s as their Class 150. 150.1105, one not to feature a Kylchap exhaust, is displayed at Sibiu museum. : Romania DSC2293  Prussian T16 (as was) 94.649, built in 1914 by Schwartzkopff. : Romania DSC2295  Hungarian built 2-6-2 324.951 dates from 1917. : Romania
DSC2296  A tender looking for an engine. : Romania DSC2298  CFR Class 60 diesel 60-1201 awaiting duty at Sibiu depot. : Romania DSC2301  94.649 seen from alongside 150.1105. : Romania
DSC2306  764.201 in contrasty light. : Romania DSC2307  764.201, an 0-8-0 760mm gauge loco. : Romania DSC2308  Wheel detail on 324.951. : Romania
DSC2309  The good looking 324.951. : Romania DSC2312  A rotary snowplough and 130.503 at Sibiu museum. : Romania DSC2315  CFF 673.148. CFF indicates this locomotive was engaged in forestry railway work. : Romania
DSC2317  Dome and feedwater “purifier” detail on 2-6-2t 315.032. : Romania DSC2319  2-6-2t 315.032 and 0-6-0 620 at Sibiu museum. 620 was built by Franco-Belge in 1890. : Romania DSC2321  62 1011, 60 0832, 64 1219, 60 12?6 (number obscured by the raised coupling) and 65-0925 lined up around the turntable with nothing to do. : Romania
DSC2322  A fireless loco, 315.032, CFR 077 (Hanomog 7280 of 1915), 620 and 1493 at Sibiu museum. : Romania DSC2324  Water column and multiple unit, which presumably doesn’t need the water on offer? : Romania DSC2325  Another ancient 760mm gauge loco on display is 388.002, built at Weiner-Neustadt in 1896. : Romania
DSC2329  The turntable, museum locos and CFR service machines at Sibiu depot. : Romania DSC2330  CFR diesels 60 0832, 64 129 and 60 12?6 around the ‘table at Sibiu depot. : Romania DSC2333  It wasn’t going to take long before I found one of these Reşiţa 0-8-0t locos…. This one is CFR 764-106. : Romania
DSC2338  0-6-0t 077, unfortunately not well positioned for photos. : Romania DSC2339  Diesels outside the roundhouse. : Romania DSC2341  0-6-0 tender loco 620 and 1493 at Sibiu Museum. 0-6-0 1493 was built by Henschel in 1894 as works number 3820. : Romania
DSC2345  Don’t know anything about this loco other than it is a fireless. : Romania DSC2350  Cabside of CFR 89 0498. : Romania DSC2352  This CFR Class 64, 64 0927, is some way from its home depot at Târgu Mureș. : Romania
DSC2354  This sticker on the side of 64 0927 tells of the locomotive’s refurbishment. : Romania DSC2359  CFR logo on the side of a unit. : Romania DSC2362  A side view, over the hedge, of 389.001. : Romania
DSC2363  A pair of tagged units at Sibiu depot. : Romania DSC2367  The view from the depot towards the Sibiu station. : Romania DSC2369  A final view of 40.004. : Romania
DSC2374  A residential street near the depot. : Romania 20160902 183956  Crossing a bridge paralleled by a pipeline bridge on the outskirts of Alba Iulia. : Eastern Europe DSC2380  Once again didn’t really look around the renowned city of Alba Iulia. Other things took precedence, next time as it is meant to be worth a look! : Romania
DSC2381  Sunset in Alba Iulia : Romania 20160902 201324  Dinner was a very nice goulash. : Eastern Europe