Argentina & Brasil in October 2004

Another amazing trip in South America. Other commitments will preclude me from producing a detailed account of this trip so a few of my photos will have to do the talking instead.

For each day, where something of interest happened, I have created a web photo album which can be accessed via links below.

October 09 2004
October 09 2004 - Exploring the RFIRT route from Rio Gallegos to the approximate half-way point at Bella Vista. This trip was undertaken with my good friend, and Rio Gallegos resident, Christine Fox without whom a good 90% of this South American trip would have not happened. We were also accompanied by her dog Penny who has sadly passed away since.

October 10 2004
October 10 2004 - An Argentine Asado - meat all round then! An excellent way to celebrate a recently passed birthday, an anniversary of Christine's and, of course, a good reason for a get together of many friends in Rio Gallegos. Excellent Argentine meat all round but there was a bit of unnecessary drama getting hold of the meat!

October 11 2004
October 11 2004 - An amazing trans-Andean flight to Ushuaia. Here I met up with my travelling companions from Australia. Then to the 10th Anniversary celebrations at FCAF and a chance to have a close look at FCAF No.2 mid-way through heavy maintenance. Interestingly FCAF did not run any celebratory trains!

October 12 2004
October 12 2004 - I had a day of talking with engineer Shaun McMahon and a trip up to FCAF to look at a few odds and ends. My Australian friends had a day in Ushuaia.

October 13 2004
October 13 2004 - A trip along FCAF, an asado - so more meat all round!, and a cruise along the Beagle Channel. Once these were completed it was to the airport for the late flight to Buenos Aires and just a few hours of sleep...

October 14 2004
October 14 2004 - A very early morning flight from Buenos Aires to San Miguel de Tucumán. At last this was my chance to see Porta's very first engine - 'Argentina' - a machine which has since become quite a big part of my life!

October 15 2004
October 15 2004 - A drive, which basically took all day, from Tucumán to Salta via the extremely scenic trans-Andean Tafí del Valle route. Nearer to Salta time allowed a diversion to Campo Quijano for predictable reasons... Fortunately following my nose proved a good idea - the cross country, secondary roads route lacked anything in the way of signposts! I think I only drove the wrong way up one of the several one-way streets we encountered!

October 16 2004
October 16 2004 - Tren a las Nubes - Train to the Clouds. The single most impressive railway journey I have ever undertaken. This journey from Salta in North West Argentina to the impressive viaduct at La Povorilla. Fortunately the weather was absolutely fantastic! Route C-14 really ought to be even more famous than it is.

October 17 2004
October 17 2004 - A more gentle day after a few long days! A late start was followed by a brief look around Salta before an afternoon flight to Buenos Aires. After diner is was goodbye to two of my Aussie friends who were to head to Peru very early the next day.

October 18 - 20 2004
October 18 - 20 2004 - Now just two... On to the incomparable Iguazú Falls. We stayed on the Brasilian side in the city of Foz do Iguaçu. A day was spent on the Argentine side of the falls and another on the Brasilian side. The falls were so spectacular most of my photos were taken with my medium format film camera so, I'm afraid, there are comparatively few views of the falls on display. One day I may get around to scanning my slides but until then this is it....

October 21 - 23 2004
October 21 - 23 2004 - Back to Buenos Aires for a few days. A couple of brief meetings about railway matters, a concert at the Colón and a quick look around at a few sites then home again...