Livio Dante Porta - Summary CV

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CV as scanned (but obviously I originally scanned it a tad larger than this.....)
Note: In January 2004 Shaun McMahon kindly allowed me to scan a copy of the translated summary CV below, originally in hand written form. The document was written in Spanish, in 1997. I have slightly altered the CV to better suit online presentation and to remove ambiguities.

1946 Qualified as a Civil Engineer

Honorary Member of Argentine Engineers Centre.

Fellow of the Institute of Energy, London

Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, London.

1948 Head of the company "Ing. Livio Dante Porta & Co.Ltd"

Construction of experimental narrow gauge 2100HP locomotive, world record for power to weight ratio and thermal efficiency.

1952-1957 Contractor to Argentine Ministry of Transport, construction of 10 locomotives and modernisation of about 100.

1957-1960 General Manager of the Río Turbio Railway and the Río Gallegos Coal Port. Trains of up to 3,000 tons on a 75cm track. Development of GPCS.

1961-1982 Head of Thermodynamics Dept of INTI [National Institute of Technology and Engineering, Buenos Aires]

1982 - Retirement

1983-1985 Technical Head of ACE3000 Project in USA with 3rd category residence visa. The project (70% Porta technology, 30% American technology) was aimed at replacing 27000 diesel locomotives. It was stopped when the oil price came down from 40 to 13 dollars/barrel.

1986-1988 Advisor to the President of Argentine Railways (state owned company): Solution to the problem of the "wheel flats" on the Electric Service of the General Roca Railway.

Advisor and Argentine Representative for improvements to Paraguayan Railway.

1989-1991 Advisor to Brazilian Railway: application of coal-fired GPCS to solve problems of environmental contamination by smoke.

1993-2002 Advisor to Cuban Ministry of Transport: To make the railways environmentally "clean" through the use of Biomass as fuel.


Published and unpublished (internal circulation) works: Approximately 150.

Various International Awards/Prizes.

Permanent Advisor to the Presidency of the Pan-American Railways Congress.

Industrial Thermal Energy Consultant.

Techniques have been applied in about 10 countries.

Consultant to MINAZ, Cuba.

Río Gallegos
May 2004

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