Axial Flow Char Separator

The axial flow char separator is designed to replace traditional spark arresting mesh or cyclone systems.

The following drawing and text is taken from Porta's 1992 paper "A Proposal for the Tornado Project":

It is seen that if the flus of the economizer (4) are given a helical path, the particles are projected towards the periphery. Hence they escape through the annular space (42) following the trajectory (43). By gravity, they fall down to a collecting bin placed at the bottom of the chamber (44) constituted by the space left between the tubeplate (3) and a thin "tubeplate" (45). The latter supports the tubes (46) (which may be conical so as to recuperate the kinetic energy of the gas streams) (6). If it is necessary to aspirate a part of the gas (6), it is evacuated to atmosphere by means of a small miniature ejector reproducing the main draught ejector. The bin is dumped from time time, or its contents used as standby fuel.

Some first calculations show that the draught consumption required for a good separation is small and that it may be taken advantage of to improve gas-tube heat transfer.

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