Locomotives with Porta Exhaust Ejectors

Since 1950 a surprisingly large number of locomotives have been fitted with a Porta type exhaust system. These fall into two basic types - the Kylpor and the Lempor. Both systems came into being at around the same time. Despite being made up of more components the Kylpor was perfected ahead of the Lempor which goes some way to explaining why the Lempor only became the system of choice for Porta in the 1970s. Using locomotive No.1802 of the Ferrocarril General Belgrano, Argentina, Porta was finally able to complete the development of the Lempor system between 1969 and 1974. Photographs of the locomotive during this era show how the diffuser section of the chimney changed shape as development progressed. Less visible were changes to the arrangement within the smokebox which removed earlier problems such as carbonising of the nozzles.

Below are a series of links to Adobe Acrobat format documents listing, by country, locomotives known to have been fitted with Porta exhaust ejectors. These listings are something of a work in progress with details for some countries still be compiled; where this is the case the link is currently inactive. If you can correct any errors, fill in some of the gaps etc I'd be very pleased to hear from you! Please

Kylpor Fitted Locomotives

Argentina United Kingdom

Lempor Fitted Locomotives

Argentina Australia
Brazil Canada Cuba
Finland Russia Paraguay South Africa Sudan
Switzerland United Kingdom United States of America    

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