Modern Steam - The Future?

This section could have been called one of many things as it has the potential to cover a huge range of issues. To the enthusiasts of steam locomotives one reason for there to be a future for the reciprocating type of steam locomotive is just because they happen to like them. Whilst a valid reason in itself, the work of Porta and many others may have started from such a motivation but has become a much broader and deeper issue.

Before looking at the future the question to be posed is why should steam technology be used?

Whilst not an exhaustive list and undoubtedly controversial in parts some of the reasons can said to be:

Harry Valentine
Whilst these pages are dedicated to modern steam technology, of all sorts, much of the technology proved by Porta and his disciples is equally applicable to many applications on and off rails. Transport writer and researcher Harry Valentine has supplied some articles on such subjects with more to follow. These can be found here.

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