Latvia in June 2005

This very interesting four day trip to the geographically central of the three Baltic states. Once a part of the USSR Latvia has successfully extricated itself from the mess left behind and the future looks rosy.

The reason for going was to see the Gulbene – Alūskne Railway in the east of the country. However it also presented the opportunity to look around the very interesting and well preserved medieval parts of the Latvian capital, Rīga. Both the railway and the capital come highly recommended!

June 26 2005 June 26 2005A look around Riga and a slow rail journey out to Gulbene.

June 27 2005 June 27 2005A day spent in and around the railway’s Gulbene workshops.

June 28 2005 June 28 2005More time at the works and a return trip on the line before returning to Riga .

June 29 2005 June 29 2005A morning looking around Riga before flying home.