05 August 2015

Non-passenger workings
DSC2752  66065 heads the 09:10 Acton T.C. to Theale A.R.C loaded stone train. : Southall DSC2760  The up empty Dagenham bound car train behind 66130. : Southall DSC2766  A stoneblower running from Reading to Acton Mainline. : Southall
DSC2769  59205 with the up "Jumbo", the 07:12 Merehead Quarry to Acton T.C.. : Southall DSC2775  And 59204, about to head into Hanwell Loop, with the 10:37 Whatley Quarry to Churchyard Sidings Tarmac. : Southall DSC2781  66079 heads past with the 11:20 Allington A.R.C. Siding to Whatley Quarry empties. : Southall
DSC2784  Jim Clarke is in the seat on 59004 on the 11:20 Allington A.R.C. Siding. to Whatley Quarry empties. : Southall DSC2786  66503 at the head of the 12:06 Daventry Int Rft Recep Fl to Southampton M.C.T. : Southall DSC2788  Hunting in pairs in case of failure, 60047 pilots 60076 on the slightly late running 13:54 Colnbrook Colas Rail to Lindsey Oil Refinery Colas service. : Southall
DSC2792  59001 with Whatley bound empties, the 14:40 from Acton. : Southall