24 February 2016

Weisseritztalbahn and around Dresden.
DSC8866  Czech 371 002 gets uncoupled from its train, EC 178 from Prague to Dresden. : Germany DSC8873  DB 101 043 heads towards EC 178, this loco took the train on to Berlin Hbf. : Germany DSC8876  CD 371 002 runs through Dresden Hbf whilst an SBB Cargo train approaches on the freight lines. : Germany
DSC8883  SBB Cargo 482 032 at Dresden Hbf. : Germany DSC8885  101 043 at the head of EC 178, ready to head to Berlin. : Germany DSC8888  At the confluence of the Rote Weisseritz and the Wilde Weisseritz rivers in Freital 99 1771 hauls the short 09:42 Freital Hainsberg to Dippoldiswalde service. : Germany
DSC8896  99 1771 and train crossing the Wilde Weisseritz. : Germany DSC8905  A diesel in its correct state, out of use. This Romanian 760mm gauge loco is dumped at Freital Hainsberg. : Germany DSC8906  Freital Hainsberg depot. : Germany
DSC8908  V90 294 702 hauls a short freight service past the depot at Freital Hainsberg. : Germany DSC8911  Looking down to the narrow gauge facilities at Frietal Hainsberg from the standard gauge platforms. : Germany DSC8915  Freital Potschappel station, once junction station for the Wilsdruff 750mm system. : Germany
DSC8916  Remains of the Wilsdruffnetz station at Freital Potschappel. : Germany DSC8921  Tharandt bound S3 service at Freital Potschappel, this being the 10:37 from Dresden Hbf. : Germany DSC8922  And at the read of the 10:37 S3 from Dresden Hbf to Tharandt was 143 952. : Germany
DSC8925  At Freital Postchappel the 750mm is still present, the shed being used for carriage overhauls. : Germany DSC8927  The road here at Freital Potschappel used to be crossed by a much wider railway bridge, the removed section carried 750mm gauge tracks. : Germany DSC8928  Freital Potschappel station, not as important as it once was. : Germany
DSC8934  The site of the 750mm station at Freital Portschappel. : Germany DSC8938  The former cigarette factory belonging to Yenidze which is alongside the railway and the Elbe. : Germany DSC8940  146 010 leads the 11:16 Meißen Triebischtal to Bad Schandau service over the Elbe just beyond Dresden Neustadt station. : Germany
DSC8943  An S2 service from Heidenau to Dresden Flughafen passes the Yenidze building. : Germany DSC8945  143 909 propels the Dresden Flughafen bound S2 service across the Elbe. : Germany DSC8949  A Dresden Hbf bound DMU crossing the Elbe. : Germany
DSC8953  Dresden's old city skyline in semi-silhouette. : Germany DSC8954  Road 6 tram crosses the Elbe on the Marienbrucke. : Germany DSC8963  Looking along Prague Strasse with two of the three Ibis hotels. : Germany
DSC8965  Ibis Bastei on the left and centre the Ibis Konigstein. : Germany DSC8966  Dresden Hbf low level platforms, longer than they need to be for the trains now in use. : Germany DSC8968  A DMU, which will head to Liberec in the Czech Republic, pulls into Dresden Hbf. : Germany
DSC8973  Dresden Hbf. : Germany