22 February 2016

DSC8461  Dresden Hbf looking west. : Germany DSC8463  Dresden Hbf looking east with DB class 140s and a czech class 371. : Germany DSC8469  Trains in the low level platforms at Dresden Hbf. : Germany
DSC8472  An S1 service, Meissen bound, at Radebeul Ost with 146 010 propelling. : Germany DSC8476  Display loco 99 791 at Radebeul Ost. : Germany DSC8477  The tour group minus the tramp and the photographer. : Germany
DSC8482  And with the photographer. : Germany DSC8487  Coaches in various states of repair at Radebeul Ost. : Germany DSC8503  VIIK Alt 2-10-2t 99 1761 comess off shed at Radebeul Ost. : Germany
DSC8513  99 1761 alongside a coach bearing the name of this line - the Lossnitzgrundbahn: the Lossnitz Gorge Railway. : Germany DSC8515  At Radebeul Ost, a station much rebuilt since my first visit in 1996. : Germany DSC8519  99 1761 runs-round at Radeburg, the line's terminus. : Germany
DSC8521  99 1761 runs to shed for water at Radeburg. : Germany DSC8525  99 1761's front end with various Einheitslok features. : Germany DSC8529  99 1761 takes water and gets a check over at Radeburg. : Germany
DSC8530  Cabside details. : Germany DSC8544  99 1761 at Radeburg. The shed contains two IVk Meyer 0-4-4-0 tanks used on the line's Tradzug. : Germany DSC8555  VIIk Alt detail, taken at Moiritzburg. : Germany
DSC8560  Moritzburg Castle. : Germany DSC8561  At the entrance to Moritzburg Castle. : Germany DSC8562  And on the other side of the entrance road. : Germany
DSC8567  Moritzburg Castle. : Germany DSC8568  A musical statue at Moritzburg Castle. : Germany DSC8572  The walls of Moritzburg Castle are painted, which only becomes clear close up such is the quality of the painting. : Germany
DSC8578  Around the back of Moritzburg Castle. : Germany DSC8580  The rear of Moritzburg Castle. : Germany DSC8581  In the gardens around Moritzburg Castle. : Germany
DSC8586  An entirely false doorway. : Germany DSC8588  Ducks and castle. : Germany DSC8594  Moritzburg Castle through the trees. : Germany
DSC8597  Moritzburg Castle and surrounding castle pond. : Germany DSC8607  A touch of brightness illuminates Moritzburg Castle. : Germany DSC8610  Moritzburg station. : Germany
DSC8612  99 1761 arrives at Moritzburg with the 12:56 from Radebeul Ost. This train terminated here. : Germany DSC8622  Streetside running in Radebeul. : Germany DSC8624  At Weisses Ross with the road, tram tracks and, cutting across both, the Lossnitzgrundbahn. : Germany
DSC8626  A route 4 tram at Weisses Ross. : Germany DSC8628  Weisses Ross station with children from the local school waiting for the steam train home. : Germany DSC8633  As cars and a tram wait 99 1761 crosses the road aproaching Weisses Ross station with the 14:26 from Radebeul Ost to Radeburg. : Germany
DSC8637  99 1761 on Weisses Ross crossing. Since my first visit here, in 1996, the railway has been realigned a little. : Germany DSC8640  Route 4 tram crosses the railway at Weisses Ross. : Germany DSC8641  A street view in Dresden Neustadt. : Germany