16 December 2014

In Berlin.
DSC7905  Berlin Hbf, built after reunification. : Germany DSC7907  The Bundestag, Berlin. : Germany DSC7908  The Chancellery, typical of the modern buildings constructed after the fall of Communism. Still using concrete..... : Germany
DSC7911  The Reichstag. : Germany DSC7918  Memorial to Sinti and Roma killed during the Nazi era. : Germany DSC7928  The Brandenberg Gate. : Germany
DSC7929  Brandenberg Gate. : Germany DSC7933  One of several street displays relating to events of WWII, this being the invasion of Poland. : Germany DSC7934  And the other side. : Germany
DSC7938  The Staatsoper - well the building is in there somewhere. : Germany DSC7939  One entrance to the Humboldt University. : Germany DSC7942  St Hedwig’s Cathedral. : Germany
DSC7949  Entrance to the museum of German History. : Germany DSC7950  Much of central Berlin seemed to be a building site. This work was in connection with the extension of U-Bahn line 5. : Germany DSC7951  More building works! : Germany
DSC7952  Bridge detail. : Germany DSC7955  Berlin Cathedral with the TV Tower at Alexanderplatz in the background. : Germany DSC7962  Berlin Cathedral. : Germany
DSC7965  The impressive frontage to the Altes Museum. : Germany DSC7970  Bronze door. : Germany DSC7973  The Spree alongside Berlin Cathedral, looking roughly north. : Germany
DSC7977  Trains, boats and the River Spree. : Germany DSC7981  A S5 bahn train. The dome is part of Berlin's New Synagogue. : Germany DSC7985  Marienkirche and Alexanderplatz's TV Tower. : Germany
DSC7989  Christmas market and tram at Alexanderplatz. : Germany DSC7991  Christmas market at Alexanderplatz. : Germany DSC7994  Alexanderplatz station. : Germany
DSC7995  Potsdamer Platz contains sections of the Berlin Wall which have been preserved. The wall ran straight through the platz. : Germany DSC8000  Berlin Wall fragments at Potsdamer Platz. : Germany DSC8001  History at Checkpoint Charlie. : Germany
DSC8003  And looking the other way at Checkpoint Charlie. : Germany DSC8005  Checkpoint Charlie. : Germany DSC8015  A double deck local service crosses the Spree at Friedrichstrasse. : Germany
DSC8017  An ICE at Friedrichstrasse station. : Germany DSC8023  The Bundestag, more concrete "architecture".... : Germany DSC8024  Memorials to East Germans who lost their life's trying to cross the Spree to reach the West. : Germany
DSC8030  ICE at Berlin Hbf. : Germany DSC8035  PKP 370 001 at Berlin Hbf with the 13:37 to Warsaw. : Germany