15 December 2014

From the Fichtelbergbahn to Berlin via Geyer, Wolkenstein, the Weisseritztalbahn and Dresden.
DSC7581  Neudorf station. : Germany DSC7589  99 1772 rolls into Neudorf with the 08:35 from Kurort Oberwiesenthal. : Germany DSC7599  And 99 1772 sets off from Neudorf for Cranzahl. : Germany
DSC7613  Singals and equipment at Cranzahl. : Germany DSC7620  99 1772 gets a dose of powdered water treatment as the loco takes water at Cranzahl. : Germany DSC7635  Cranzhal station. : Germany
DSC7644  99 1772 at Cranzahl, ready to deaprt at 10:02. : Germany DSC7645  99 1772 at Cranzahl. : Germany DSC7653  The 10:02 from Cranzahl heads away from the town in something approaching brightness. : Germany
DSC7659  Meyer 99 534 is on display with various other items at what was Geyer station on the lengthy Thumer Schmalspurnetz. : Germany DSC7661  99 534 at Geyer. : Germany DSC7663  The former station at Geyer. : Germany
DSC7665  The two road loco shed at Geyer. : Germany DSC7670  Geyer. : Germany DSC7674  This wind operated item is next to the railway display at Geyer. : Germany
DSC7677  Where? : Germany DSC7684  99 534 at Geyer. : Germany DSC7689  This standard gauge fireless loco, in a field by the roadside near Schönfeld, is used as an advert for the Pressnitztalbahn. : Germany
DSC7691  Wolkenstein. : Germany DSC7693  Wolkenstein station, standard gauge on the right and on the left the fomer 750mm gauge facilities. : Germany DSC7704  Wolkenstein station. The 750mm gauge line to Jöhstadt ran close to the river. The standard gauge yard, new buildings and some standard gauge coaches all occupy this space. : Germany
DSC7705  Wolkenstein is home to a railway carriage based restaurant. : Germany DSC7712  Wolkenstein station which includes a representation of a 750mm gauge Meyer. : Germany DSC7715  Above Wolkenstein station. : Germany
DSC7719  Standard gauge yard where the narrow gauge yard used to be. : Germany DSC7724  Alongside Wolkenstein station. : Germany DSC7727  Running in board at the north end of the station. : Germany
DSC7728  Wolkenstein. : Germany DSC7732  Some of the former 750mm gauge facilities at Wolkenstein. : Germany DSC7734  From Wolkenstein the standard gauge and 750mm gauge lines shared the alignment for a 1.9km. From there the line to Jöhstadt headed across the river and away. : Germany
DSC7735  How it used to be. : Germany DSC7741  From a distance this life size Meyer "print" can be quite convincing. : Germany DSC7749  Wolkenstein station. : Germany
DSC7750  Above Wolkenstein station. : Germany DSC7754  The 750mm gauge crossed from one side of the standard gauge to another as shown here - no moving parts. : Germany DSC7760  This was the loco shed for the 750mm gauge line at Wolkenstein. : Germany
DSC7764  Building number plate. : Germany DSC7771  A 2 car unit arrives at Wolkenstein with the 11:36 from Chemnitz Hbf, destination Cranzahl. : Germany DSC7776  Marienberg. : Germany
DSC7777  Marienberg Zschopauer Tor. : Germany DSC7788  At the south end of Malter Reservoir, just after the sun had gone behind a cloud, the 14:42 from Freital Hainsberg heads towards its destination at Dippoldiswalde behind 99 1734. : Germany DSC7813  99 1734 at the north end of Malter reservoir, not far short of the then current terminus at Dippoldiswalde. : Germany
DSC7829  Dippoldiswalde station. : Germany DSC7830  Permanent way supplies at Dippoldiswalde. : Germany DSC7839  99 1734 takes water at Dippoldiswalde. : Germany
DSC7842  99 1734, one of the VIK Alt type which includes a feedwater heater. : Germany DSC7854  Dippoldiswalde, when I visited in 1996 & 1998 the wooden structure had no roof. : Germany DSC7860  A view towards Saxon Switzerland. : Germany
DSC7867  Dresden Hbf. : Germany DSC7881  A Pirna bound local at Dresden Hbf hauled by 143 973. : Germany DSC7890  Sunset in Dresden. : Germany
DSC7896  Deadend platforms at Dresden Hbf. : Germany DSC7902  Dresden Hbf, decorated for Christmas. : Germany