14 December 2014

At the fantastic Pressnitztalbahn on a rather damp day.
DSC7170  Jöhstadt yard on the Pressnitztalbahn. VIK 0-10-0t 99 1715 is being prepped for the day. : Germany DSC7178  Also in service was Meyer 0-4-4-0t 99 1542. The Pressnitztalbahn is a preserved operation on a section of the 750mm gauge line which used to run from Wolkenstein to Jöhstadt. When the wind is in the right direction whistle from Fichtelbergbahn trains can be heard here! : Germany DSC7180  Anyone for briquettes? : Germany
DSC7187  99 1715 and 99 1542 at Jöhstadt. : Germany DSC7189  ViK 0-10-0t 19 1715. : Germany DSC7192  99 1542 brews up at Jöhstadt. : Germany
DSC7193  99 1542 at Jöhstadt. : Germany DSC7195  99 1542 and 99 1715 at Jöhstadt. : Germany DSC7197  99 1542 from the front balcony. : Germany
DSC7203  The Pressnitztalbahn has some very well presented restored coaches in service. : Germany DSC7207  99 1542 at the end of the line - Stenbach. It had arrived with the 09:05 from Jöhstadt. : Germany DSC7211  During the running round the loco headed off around the corner to very end of the line, presumably just for fun! : Germany
DSC7216  99 1542 takes water at Steinbach. : Germany DSC7221  The attractive "water tower" ar Steinbach. : Germany DSC7226  99 1542 head on at Steinbach. : Germany
DSC7229  99 1542 at Steinbach during the layover between trains. : Germany DSC7235  Don't drink the water on this vacuum brake fitted locomotive. : Germany DSC7236  Like it all says really. : Germany
DSC7238  Time for chat as the Meyer takes water. : Germany DSC7243  99 1542. : Germany DSC7247  The Pressnitztalbahn's principle crossing point is at Schmalzgrube. A demonstation train of transporter wagons was parked in a siding. One of the wagons was this multiple oil tank wagon which carried different grades of locomotive oils. : Germany
DSC7249  Demonstrator freight train at Schmalzgrube. : Germany DSC7251  Atmosphere from the steam heat. : Germany DSC7253  More atmosphere at Schmalzgrube. : Germany
DSC7256  Instead the shed at Jöhstadt was replica Saxon IK 0-4-0t 54, built at Meiningen in 2009. : Germany DSC7259  As they say. : Germany DSC7260  Outside eccentrics on IK No.54. : Germany
DSC7268  99 1715 heads alongside the Pressnitz River with the 11:00 from Steinbach. This location is a little north of the halt at Forellenhof. : Germany DSC7277  99 1715 gets away from Forellenhof with the 11:00 from Steinbach. Another day in Saxony where digital photography made photos possible! : Germany DSC7286  Gleisabfangung Typ "Dresden". Not quite sure what it is all about! : Germany
DSC7287  The full Gleisabfangung Typ "Dresden" as installed near Schmalzburge. : Germany DSC7293  99 1542 approaches Schmalzgrube with the 11:05 from Jöhstadt. : Germany DSC7304  99 1715 accelerates away from Schmalzgrube with the 11:00 from Steinbach. : Germany
DSC7311  99 1715 brews up for the final climb to Jöhstadt at Schlössel. : Germany DSC7318  The railway through Steinbach onward to Wolkenstein used to run where the wooden footbridge now stands. The buffer stops are now as far north as the line runs. : Germany DSC7321  The end of the line in Steinbach. The station is off to the right where the steam is hanging in the sky. : Germany
DSC7322  A collection of railway items in Steinbach. : Germany DSC7332  99 1542 approaches Wildbach with the 12:00 from Steinbach. : Germany DSC7339  99 152 at Wildbach. : Germany
DSC7347  And away towards Schmalzgrube at Wildbach. : Germany DSC7348  Wildbach halt and departing train. : Germany DSC7354  99 1542 alongside the Pressnitz River. : Germany
DSC7355  99 1542 side on. DSC7364  Steam everywhere from 99 1542 between Forellenhof and Schmalzgrube. : Germany DSC7371  Waiting to crossing the VIK at Schmalzgrube. : Germany
DSC7376  Not many passengers at Schmalzgrube. : Germany DSC7378  Train crew and 99 1542 at Schmalzgrube. : Germany DSC7387  99 1542 heads away from Schmalzgrube with the 12:00 from Steinbach. : Germany
DSC7387b  Or if you prefer in black and white. : Germany DSC7389  99 1542 climbs from Schlössel towards Jöhstadt. : Germany DSC7395  99 1715 stands at Steinbach alongside some 750mm gauge wagons. : Germany
DSC7410-2  99 1715 heads out of Steinbach with the 13:00 to Jöhstadt. : Germany DSC7410  Or in colour if you prefer. : Germany DSC7421  99 1715 with the 13:00 from Steinbach. : Germany
DSC7429  99 1715 stands at Schmalzgrube. : Germany DSC7432  99 1542 runs into Schmalzgrube with the 13:05 from Jöhstadt. : Germany DSC7434  The station master at Schmlazgrube doubles as crossing keeper. : Germany
DSC7437  This is the original site of Jöhstadt station. After closure of the line in the 1980s the buildings were used as part of a school. However, more recently, the Pressnitztalbahn has moved in with the line's head office being located here. : Germany DSC7438  Jöhstadt station yard, as was. The line continued a short way on up the valley beyond the station to serve a factory. : Germany DSC7439  This ugly housing block stands on old railway land at Jöhstadt. In 2014 the Pressnitztalbahn purchased the block and surrounding land which will enable to line to return to the original station site in due course. : Germany
DSC7451  Inside another of the Pressnitztalbahn's well presented coaches. : Germany DSC7457  Steinbach station. : Germany DSC7462  Schmalzgrube at dusk. : Germany
DSC7468  99 1542 with the 16:00 from Steinbach at Schmalzgrube. : Germany DSC7473  99 1542 at dusk. : Germany DSC7478  199 1542 at Schmalzgrube. : Germany
DSC7482  The 16:00 from Jöhstadt stands at Steinbach shortly after arrival. : Germany DSC7488  99 1715 at Steinbach with the 17:00 to Jöhstadt. : Germany DSC7499  99 1715 at Steinbach. : Germany
DSC7508  The 17:00 from Steinbach behind 99 1715 crosses the 17:05 from Jöhstadt at Schmalzgrube. : Germany DSC7516  99 1715 at Jöhstadt, its days work over. : Germany DSC7537  99 1715 stands outside the shed at Jöhstadt taking water. : Germany
DSC7540  99 1715 at Jöhstadt depot. : Germany DSC7556  IVK 54 inside Jöhstadt shed. : Germany DSC7567  99 1542 at Jöhstadt following the last train of the day. : Germany
DSC7575  99 1542 takes water in Jöhstadt yard. : Germany