13 December 2014

Visits to the Eisenbahn Museum Schwarzenberg, Museumsbahn Schönheide and the Fichtelbergbahn. I also ran into two mainline steam trips I wasn't expecting.
DSC6750  Kretscham-Rothensehma station on a particularly grey morning. : Germany DSC6752  A helpful board at Kretscham-Rothensehma. : Germany DSC6759  The line is visible from the car park at the Diska supermarket in Neudorf. This is the 08:35 from Kurort Oberwiesenthal behind 99 1772. : Germany
DSC6768  The standard gauge station at Schwarzenberg. : Germany DSC6777  Schwarzenberg had a small depot which has now been turned into a nice museum. : Germany DSC6778  A sectioned boiler from a 750mm gauge VIK. : Germany
DSC6781  U foundation ring on the IVK boiler. : Germany DSC6783  To my surprise I found 50 3616 being prepared for a pair of Christmas trains. : Germany DSC6787  DR Class 50.35-37 50 3616 and train at the Eisenbahnmuseum Schwarzenberg. : Germany
DSC6794  At the rear of the train was 112 565. Plenty of leaks from the steam heat too.... : Germany DSC6796  Railcar 772 367 is part of the collection at the Eisenbahnmuseum Schwarzenberg. : Germany DSC6805  Inside the shed are locos and a number of other items. In this view the locos are 52 8183, 58 3039 and 94 2105. : Germany
DSC6809  Steam, diesel and something which looks like a car on rails. : Germany DSC6811  94 2105, a 0-10-0t built for freight work in the Erzgebirger mountains. It is a DR loco based on the  Saxon class XI HT. : Germany DSC6814  2-8-2t 86 1049 and 0-10-0t 94 2105. : Germany
DSC6816  A sectioned injector. : Germany DSC6817  94 2105 at the Eisenbahnmuseum Schwarzenberg. : Germany DSC6826  Inside the shed at Schwarzenberg. 86 1049 is on the left and 58 3049 on the right. : Germany
DSC6827  58 3049 on the left and 52 8183 on the right. : Germany DSC6835  52 8183, 58 3040 & 94 2105. : Germany DSC6838  DR Diesel Hydraulic 118 776. : Germany
DSC6841  50 3616 waiting time at Schwarzenberg. : Germany DSC6850  Eisenbahnmuseum Schwarzenberg has a decent collection of stock and other items. : Germany DSC6854  Meyer IVK 0-4-4-0t 99 582 runs round its train at Schönheide. : Germany
DSC6860  99 582 alongside the shed at Schönheide. : Germany DSC6869  99 582. : Germany DSC6871  The original station site at Schönheide (Mitte) was up by the red brick building (the old station building). Museumbahn Schönheide can't access it due to the industrial units built on the trackbed necessitating a new station further back down the line. : Germany
DSC6874  99 582 beside Schönheide depot. : Germany DSC6879  99 582 between duties at Schönheide. : Germany DSC6892  The station and yard at Schönheide. : Germany
DSC6899  Inside Schönheide were 2 more Meyers, 99 516 on the right is a runner but on the left 99 585 isn't. : Germany DSC6901  99 516, just the sort of loco which would have been shedded here in DR days. : Germany DSC6909  Inside Schönheide shed. : Germany
DSC6925  Like many preserved lines there is equipment piled up waiting to be used again. : Germany DSC6927  Spares and so on at Schönheide. : Germany DSC6933  Details inside the nicely presented carriages. : Germany
DSC6937  Neuheide station has a ground wagon body as a station building. At one time this was named Schönheide Nord. : Germany DSC6939  Ready to leave Neuheide. : Germany DSC6943  At Stützengrün the loco has to run round. From here it propels its train to the line's terminus. : Germany
DSC6944  Stützengrün station, formally Halte[unkt Stützengrün which served the factory which still surrounds the station. : Germany DSC6960  99 582 ready to propel its train from Stützengrün. : Germany DSC6969  At the terminus of the line, this is Stützengrün-Neulehn a new station built in preserved days. The line is served beyond here, primarily due to the absence of a lengthy viaduct. : Germany
DSC6982  Back at Schönheide 99 582 runs round its train. : Germany DSC6989  99 582, with some significant steam leaks, climbs towards Stützengrün with the 14:05 from Schönheide. : Germany DSC6997  The 14:05 from Schönheide climbs towards Stützengrün. Behind 99 582 is a good indication of the terrain this line, which once ran from Wilkau-Hasslau to Carlsfeld, had to cross. : Germany
DSC6999  Stützengrün-Neulehn station. : Germany DSC7013  99 582 heads away from Stützengrün-Neulehn with the 14:30 to Schönheide. : Germany DSC7016  Down the hill from Schönheide is Schönheide Ost. This no closed station was on the line from Aue which was severed by a reservoir in the 1970s. It is now the intended destination of a tourist operation. : Germany
DSC7019  No more trains in the direction of Aue, Schönheide Ost. : Germany DSC7023  Having driven back to Schwarzenberg I had hoped to find 50 3616. When I saw steam I smelt success, but instead I found another mainline operation instead! : Germany DSC7027  52 8154 runs round at Schwarzenberg. It had brought a tour in from Leipzig. I was to catch up with 50 3616 later in the day. : Germany
DSC7048  Back at Neudorf on the Fichtelbergbahn 99 1772 was caught on the the 16:37 from Cranzahl. : Germany DSC7061  The 16:37 from Cranzahl, hauled by 99 1772, stands at Kretscham-Rothensehma. : Germany DSC7083  And 99 1772 at Hammerunterwiesenthal with the 16:37 from Cranzahl to Kurort Oberwiesenthal. : Germany
DSC7090  Hammerunterwiesenthal church. : Germany DSC7103  Through the power of the internet I discovered 50 3616 was running between Schwarzenberg and Schlettau. I arrived just as the 50 was running round. : Germany DSC7104  50 3616 at Schlettau. The passengers where entertained here. : Germany
DSC7107  50 3616 at Schlettau. Being Germany there was no problem going anywhere to photograph the loco. : Germany DSC7129  50 3616 at Schlettau. : Germany DSC7132  Waiting departure time at Schlettau. : Germany
DSC7145  50 3616 and signals at Schlettau. : Germany DSC7164  With the road pulled off 50 3616 gets ready to depart for Schwarzenberg. : Germany DSC7166  Just before departure from Schlettau. : Germany