12 December 2014

A day chasing the trains on the Fichtelbergbahn.
DSC6435  99 1785 heads the 08:35 from Kurort Oberwiesenthal between Hammerunterwiesenthal and Niederschlag. : Germany DSC6444  99 1785 rounds a curve on the approach to Kretscham station with the 08:35 from Kurort Oberwiesenthal. : Germany DSC6459  99 1785 runs through Neudorf with its train to Cranzahl. : Germany
DSC6467  Journey nearly over. 99 1785 in Cranzahl with the 08:35 from Kurort Oberwiesenthal. : Germany DSC6474  Cranzahl, junction for trains north to and from Chemnitz. Here the 09:55 arrival, the 08:36 from Chemnitz, runs across the curving viaduct just north of Cranzahl station. : Germany DSC6481  Himmelfahrtskirche, Cranzahl. : Germany
DSC6489  The 10:01 to Chemnitz sets off from Cranzahl. : Germany DSC6494  99 1785 gets away from Cranzahl with the 10:02 to Kurort Oberwiesenthal. : Germany DSC6513  99 1785 accelerates through Neudorf on the 10:02 from Cranzahl. : Germany
DSC6522  99 1785 again, passing the church in Hammerunterwiesenthal. : Germany DSC6533  The final approach to Kurort Oberwiesenthal features a steel viaduct. 99 1785 climbs over it with the 11:03 arrival from Cranzahl. : Germany DSC6539  And over the road on the steeoly inclined viaduct. : Germany
DSC6549  The snow had largely disappeared by the time 99 1772 headed away from Cranzahl with the 11:45 train. : Germany DSC6557  99 1772 arrives at Neudorf. : Germany DSC6563  99 1772 head on at Neudorf. : Germany
DSC6567  Neudorf, 43m higher than Cranzahl, retained a bit of snow as 99 1772 takes the 12:01 out towards Kurort Oberwiesenthal. : Germany DSC6574  The lines crosses the main road through Neudorf. : Germany DSC6583  99 1772 climbs away from Kretscham-Rothensehma with the 11:45 from Cranzahl. : Germany
DSC6584  Same train, this time in colour. : Germany DSC6595  The 11:45 from Cranzahl climbs away from Hammerunterwiesenthal behind 99 1772. Most of the background is the Czech Republic. : Germany DSC6606  99 1772 above Hammerunterwiesenthal. : Germany
DSC6621  99 1772 arrives at Kurort Oberwiesenthal, still plenty of snow here. : Germany DSC6627  99 1772 runs-round at Kurort Oberwiesenthal. : Germany DSC6639  Back down on the edge of Cranzahl is 99 1785 with the 13:23 service. : Germany
DSC6654  99 1785 between Niederschlag and Hammerunterwiesenthal. : Germany DSC6668  99 1785 climbs towards Kurort Oberwiesenthal shortly after Unterwiesenthal with the 13:23 ex Cranzahl. : Germany DSC6677  99 1785 shunts at Oberwiesenthal. : Germany
DSC6686  The town map at Vejprty station, Czech Republic. : Germany DSC6687  Vejprty station looking towards Germany - clearly once a busyt place from the size of the yard. : Germany DSC6689  Vejprty station - looking south, more tracks than are now needed. : Germany
DSC6692  Vejprty station, until recently the station building was very much larger. The meagre train services now barely justifies even this building. : Germany DSC6698  Vejprty station from the south. : Germany DSC6701  The German town of Barenstein from Vejprty . : Germany
DSC6703  Vejprty from the Czech side of the border with Germany, but only a few metres into the country. : Germany DSC6726  99 1785 between duties at Oberwiesenthal depot. : Germany DSC6734  Hammerunterwiesenthal station by night. : Germany
DSC6749a  99 1772 pauses at Hammerunterwiesenthal with the 18:13 from Cranzahl. : Germany