11 December 2014

The Weisseritztalbahn, Rittergrun museum and the Fichtelbergbahn.
DSC6168  First time here since 1998. : Germany DSC6170  750mm gauge 2-10-2t 99 1734 waits time at Freital Hainsberg. : Germany DSC6171  Despite their fairly modern appearance the VIIK's are surprisingly old machines. : Germany
DSC6172  99 1734 at Freital Hainsberg waiting time with a train to Dippoldiswalde. When I visited in 1996 & 1998 the line ran through to Kurort Kippsdorf. The whole line was severely damaged by flooding in 2002 and, in 2014, had not been reopened beyond Dippoldiswalde. : Germany DSC6173  Freital Hainsberg depot, not hugely different to how I remember it. : Germany DSC6178  The VIIKs are "standard locos" (Einheitslok in German) which means they have features also to be found on mainline locos from the era including a feedwater pump and heat exchanger.
DSC6180  99 1734 of the Weisseritztalbahn. : Germany DSC6184  Out of service VIIK 99 1790 at Freital Hainsberg. : Germany DSC6186  The north end of the yard at Freital Hainsberg. In previous times the 750mm continued to Freital Potschappel where the Wilsdruffer Netz system set off out of the suburbs. : Germany
DSC6189  Freital Hainsberg with the standard gauge line's station on the embankmet to the left. : Germany DSC6197  First stop on the line is Freital Cossmansdorf. Here 99 1734 aproaches the station with the 09:42 from Freital Hainsberg. : Germany DSC6206  And away into the distance. The road ends just up towards the trees leaving the railway and parallel walking track to enter the Rabeanu Gorge. : Germany
DSC6211  99 780 stored at Freital Hainsberg depot. : Germany DSC6213  99 780 at Freital Hainsberg depot. : Germany DSC6217  Don't drink the water. : Germany
DSC6223  The yard at Oberrittersgrun station museum. : Germany DSC6226  Oberrittersgrun. : Germany DSC6227  The station at Oberrittersgrun, formally terminus of the 750mm gauge line from Grunstadtel. : Germany
DSC6229  The station houses an interesting museum. : Germany DSC6231  The station museum at Oberrittersgrun. : Germany DSC6241  Looks fun! : Germany
DSC6250  Looking north towards Grundstadtel at Oberittersgrun. : Germany DSC6252  Oberrittersgrun station. : Germany DSC6254  A 4 wheel van restored to post WWII condition. : Germany
DSC6258  Coaches, wagons and transporter wagons on display at Oberrittersgrun. : Germany DSC6261  Transporter wagon bogie etc. : Germany DSC6264  Oberrittersgrun's fomer loco depot. : Germany
DSC6266  Inside the loco depot at Oberrittersgrun are 3 750mm gauge locos. : Germany DSC6270  VIIK 99 1759 is in the museum depot at Oberrittersgrun. This type of loco did not run on the route to Grundstadtel but are very typical of locos which ran on the Saxon 750mm routes. : Germany DSC6271  Saxon Meyer IVK 99 1579. Most of these IVK 0-4-4-0t locos were substantially rebuilt (completely renewed) in the 1960s but this loco is one which was not so remains in close to original form. : Germany
DSC6272  Once again, don't drink the water. It appears are if 99 1579 was last overhauled in 1965. : Germany DSC6273  An explanation of the Saxon Meyer locos' basic arrangements. : Germany DSC6279  Air pump overhauled at RAW Leipzig. : Germany
DSC6281  Anyone for a bit of side play on the crank pin? : Germany DSC6286  A view into the cab of Meyer 99 1579. : Germany DSC6292  99 1579, a Saxon IVK 0-4-4-0t, typical of the locos which worked the Grunstadtel to Oberrittergrun line. : Germany
DSC6295  Guess the destination? : Germany DSC6297  Sparten facilities for the passengers. : Germany DSC6302  The backhead on VIIK 99 1759. : Germany
DSC6304  Gauges in the cab of 99 1759. : Germany DSC6306  99 1759's vacuum brake controls. Perhaps oddly the VIIK's are air braked locomotives but the train brakes are vacuum. Top centre is the loco's straight/independent air brake control. When running on a train applying the vacuum brake also makes a proportional application of the loco's air brake. : Germany DSC6310  Air pump control. : Germany
DSC6312  The third loco at Oberrittergrun is this O&K 0-4-0WT, works number 1162 of 1903. It was used in industrial service at various locations in Germany. : Germany DSC6318  750mm gauge postal coach. : Germany DSC6319  750mm gauge snowplough. The "antler" like fixtures are for the Saxon Heberlein braking system which was operated by cables. : Germany
DSC6331  99 1785 rolls into Hammerunterwiesenthal station with the 13:36 from Kurort Oberwiesenthal. : Germany DSC6332  99 1785 side on at Hammerunterwiesenthal as the snow fell. : Germany DSC6337  99 1785 sets off from Hammerunterwiesenthal with its train for Cranzahl. : Germany
DSC6342  99 1772 climbs into Hammerunterwiesenthal with the 13:23 from Cranzahl. : Germany DSC6345  Hammerunterwiesenthal and train in the snow. The trees in the background are located in the Czech Republic, the border running very close to the railway. : Germany DSC6349  At Cranzahl two VIIKs are stored - these being 99 786 and, behind, 99 794. Both are VIIK Neu, which lack features such as feedwater heating and date from the 1950s. : Germany
DSC6352  Cranzahl station, junction with the line from Floha (and Chemnitz) and, behind the camera, Barenstein and over the border into the Czech Republic Vejprty. : Germany DSC6358  750mm gauge transporter wagon and a standard gaueg wagon on display at Cranzahl. : Germany DSC6360  A clear view of how the transporter wagon works. : Germany
DSC6363  The north end of Cranzahl station which includes a ramp to load 750mm gauge vehicles onto standard gauge vehicles. : Germany DSC6364  99 1785 arrives at Cranzahl with the 13:36 from Kurort Oberwiesenthal. : Germany DSC6374  99 1785 takes water at Cranzahl. : Germany
DSC6386  Cranzhal station with the Chemnitz on the right and the Kurort Oberwiesenthal service on the left. : Germany DSC6387  Cranzahl station. : Germany DSC6397  99 1785 takes water at Kurort Oberwiesenthal depot between duties. : Germany
DSC6402  99 1785 takes water in wintery conditions. Kurort Oberwiesenthal is at 893m (2930') above sea level. : Germany DSC6405  Wintery weather at Kurort Oberwiesenthal, the town is unsurprisingly a popular ski centre. : Germany DSC6406  Kurort Oberwiesenthal works. : Germany
DSC6430  99 1785 at Hammerunterwiesenthal with the last train of the day, the 18:13 from Cranzahl. : Germany