10 December 2014

To Berlin and onward to Dresden
DSC6061  Berlin Hauptbahnhof had this massive Christmas Tree at its south end. : Germany DSC6067  Looking into the depths of the station. : Germany DSC6084  An overnight train to Bratislava with MAV (Hungarian) stock in use. : Germany
DSC6090  And this Czech coach. : Germany DSC6095  As it says really.... : Germany DSC6099  DB 120 114 at the head of the Bratislava sleeper. : Germany
DSC6112  The resconstructed Frauenkirche in Dresden with the Christmas Market in the foreground. : Germany DSC6118  Excavations in central Dresden. : Germany DSC6121  The Frauenkirche and not so attractive bits! : Germany
DSC6125  Schlossstrasse. : Germany DSC6126  The Fürstenzug - the Procession of Princes. : Germany DSC6128  Two domes - the Frauenkirche dominates on the right with the Zitronenpresse (Academy of fine arts) on the left. When I visited in 1996 & 1998 the Frauenkirch was not there. : Germany
DSC6138  Dresden Cathedral. : Germany DSC6140  The opera house. : Germany DSC6142  Dresden Cathedral. : Germany
DSC6157  I really could so with a shift and tilt lens.... but that said Lightroom has done a pretty good job of sorting out the converging verticals. : Germany