24 February 2015

A visit to Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp and V1/V2 rocket facilities, then onward to Meiningen.
DSC0030  Lovely morning light in Wernigerode. DSC0032  It's still at an angle... DSC0040  Michael, Pete & Colin outisde the excellent Altwernigeröder Apparthotel in Wernigerode.
DSC0041  We ran early so our coach driver took us into Nordhausen. This the HSB station frontage. DSC0050  Looking north at Nordhausen Nord, a station which retains a working signalbox and semaphores. DSC0052  99 7232 at the head of the 10:24 Nordhausen Nord to Brocken. The loco runs as far as Drei Annen Hohne only.
DSC0054  Brewing up at Nordhausen Nord. DSC0059  The 10:24 waits time at Norshausen Nord. DSC0066  Stop signal at Nordhausen.
DSC0068  Amanda, Lesley, Richard and Huw at Nordhausen Nord. DSC0077  Alongside the DB station at Nordhausen is a sizeable yard. Voith diesel hydraulic B-B 265 019 is on shunting duty. DSC0081  143 178 sets off from Nordhausen with a 2 car double deck service.
DSC0093  193 860 and an unidentified 193 at Nordhausen. DSC0095  The view into Nordhausen from the DB station. DSC0098  A general scene at the Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp site. The entrance is off down the road to the right. The hills left and middle contain numerous tunnels used in the construction of V1 and V2 rockets. See:   the memorial's website .
DSC0099  A wagon used in the tunnel complex by the forced labour. DSC0103  A map of the complex including, underneath, a partial rendering of the tunnel complex. DSC0104  The Dora concentration camp site.
DSC0106  SS guard bunker and the remains of a steam loco used on the site. DSC0107  Communist era concrete, behind is the roll call area and on the hillside one of the prisoner's barracks. DSC0109  The Communist era installed memorial at the rear of the roll call ground.
DSC0111  The other half of the roll call ground. DSC0115  This area was the railway arrival area with the station off on the right. DSC0116  The entrance to one of the tunnels. The Soviets blew up the original entrance when they were done with the tunnel complex.
DSC0121  Inside the section of tunnel open to the public. Behind the remains of a V2 rocket engine would have been an entrance, also blown up by the Soviets. DSC0124  Looking into the tunnel complex. A 3D rendering of the what was built - by forced labour - is on the left. End to end is roughly 2km. Only a very small proportion is open to the public. V1 rockets were made in the first section, beyond this V2s then in the farthest section planes. DSC0129  Former rocket entrance and V2 rocket engine remains.
DSC0135  Reamains of a V2 rocket. DSC0139  The engine section of a V2 rocket as recovered from the Mittelbau-Dora site. DSC0143  Looking back down the tunnel.
DSC0148  This side tunnel was used for "accomodation". Up to 1500 people could be here at any one time. DSC0154  The tunnel floors are littered with remains. First the US removed equipment then, as the area was in the Russian sector of Germany, the Soviets removed what they wanted. The rest was left. DSC0159  There would have been two levels in the tunnels as indicated by the remaining uprights.
DSC0163  Parts of V1 rockets. DSC0168  V1 rocket remains in tunnel 45. DSC0170  Much of the complex beyond that open to the public is flooded. In this section the water is up to the height of the upper floor level.
DSC0180  Tunnel 44. DSC0187  Meiningen has an air of faded glory. : Germany DSC0189  Meiningen station and the roundhouse opposite. : Germany
DSC0190  At Meiningen station. : Germany DSC0191  These railcars handle most services through Meiningen. : Germany DSC0196  The English Park in Meiningen. : Germany
DSC0197  Max Reger, in the English Park. : Germany DSC0200  This memorial in the English Park has seen better days.... : Germany DSC0201  A statute to writer Jean Paul who lived in Meiningen for a short while. : Germany
DSC0202  A memorial to Johanes Brahms who was in Meiningen in the 1880s. : Germany DSC0203  Johanes Brahms. : Germany DSC0207  This grand building in Meiningen appeared disused. : Germany
DSC0209  Meiningen is full of nice buildings. : Germany DSC0210  An excellent place to eat! : Germany DSC0218  Meiningen with the Stadt Kirche prominent. : Germany
DSC0221  Street art. : Germany DSC0223  A side street in Meiningen. : Germany DSC0228  Stadtkirche Meiningen. : Germany
DSC0232  The Marktplatz, Meiningen. : Germany DSC0233  Another famous visitor to Meiningen - Schiller. : Germany