23 February 2015

Last day on the HSB, photos in the fresh snow around Wernigerode, a quick look at Quedlinburg and riding trains on the Selketalbahn.
DSC9616  Snow in Wernigerode. DSC9617  Still snowing! DSC9621  And definately snowing here. Wernigerode Hochschule Harz station, the former Wernigerode Kirchstrasse.
DSC9625  And with typical German efficiency the first run-past on Kirchstrasse was from this mini-snowplough. DSC9633  99 7240 heads up the short section of street running on Kirchstrasse with the 09:40 Wernigerode to Brocken service. DSC9638  Shortly after Westerntor and the famous level crossing.
DSC9648  Note quite the shot I had planned. The camera refused to focus when the loco was at the appointed spot (by the rail joint) but did for this slightly earlier shot. This is 99 7243 on the 10:25 from Wernigerode. DSC9653  The award for the most improved station since 1996 goes to Halberstadt. From a place with awful connections and an air of decay with nothing to recommed it Halberstadt in 2015 was like a different place. DSC9657  Quedlinburg station.
DSC9660  At Quedlinburg the railways are in partial decay with a lot of no longer used infrastructue still standing. DSC9661  When I was last here (1998) this signalbox was still in use. DSC9666  A surviving water column is no longer of any use but at least it remains. The HSB extension from Gernrode is on the right. Last time around, for me, the line from Gernrode was still standard gauge with a service oeprated by 4 wheel railcars. Fun!
DSC9668  Quedlinburg's station. DSC9669  If it wasn't for the cars it would be hard to date this photo. DSC9672  Quedlinburg, old and new.
DSC9673  Not sure! DSC9674  An impressive school building in Quedlinburg. DSC9676  Cobbled streets, ancient buildings and St. Nikolai Kirche in Quedlinburg.
DSC9679  The end of Polkenstrasse in Quedlinburg. DSC9681  Pension St Nikolai, Quedlinburg. DSC9683  Quedlinburg.
DSC9687  More ancient buildings in Quedlinburg. DSC9689  Steinweg, Quedlinburg. DSC9690  Yet another impressive building in Quedlinburg.
DSC9691  Behind the church the streets were a little more reminiscent of Communist times. DSC9692  Nice restored dwellings. DSC9696  A side street in Quedlinburg.
DSC9697  In need of a repaint. DSC9700  Again very hard to date. DSC9702  Quedlinburg station, it has gone downhill since I visited in 1998.
DSC9703  More buildings than are now needed at Quedlinburg station. DSC9710  The last time I used this platform the train was a standard gauge 4 wheel railcar. Now it is part of the HSB network. Railcar 187 015 was the means of transport to Gernrode. DSC9713  Tradszug set in the snow at Gernrode.
DSC9719  Fresh snow on the Selketalbahn. 2-6-2t 99 6001 is in charge on the climb to Sternhaus Ramberg with the 13:57 Gernode to Eisfelder Talmühle. DSC9724  Over the summit and down the other side gets us to Mägdesprung. DSC9727  At Mägdesprung 187 018 crossed.
DSC9729  Mägdesprung, not looking so inviting! DSC9733  Time for water at Alexisbad. DSC9741a  The the snow was falling fast as 99 6001 took water at Alexisbad.
DSC9748  99 6001 and its short train at Alexisbad. DSC9753  Alexisbad. DSC9757a  99 6001, another very clean HSB locomotive.
DSC9759  Still taking water, 99 6001 at Alexisbad. DSC9767  The bottom end of 99 6001. DSC9773  Sadly Alexisbad's station building is looking sorry for itself.
DSC9782  Silberhütte station. DSC9788  Industial decay at Silberhütte. DSC9790  The loco gets a check round at Strassberg, it would seem the fireman has been busy too.
DSC9799  At Strassberg another unit crossed, this being the 14:40 from Hasslefelde to Harzgerode. DSC9803  Beyond Güntersberge was this frozen reservoir. DSC9806  The previous time I travelled from Steige to Hasslefelde it felt about as cold as it looks here. But at least the 10kmh speed limit was no longer in force!
DSC9814  The train disturbed a local hare. DSC9816  Hasslefelde with a schneepflug on display. DSC9822  Hasslefelde looks cared for, somewhat different to my experience in 1996.
DSC9828  99 6001 takes water at Hasslefelde. In the shed is a stored 2-10-2t, 99 7244. DSC9836  99 6001 at Hasslefelde. DSC9838  99 6001's footplate.
DSC9843  Hasslefelde station has an active volunteer group looking after it. They have arranged some display items including some transporter bogies and a boiler from a Mallet. DSC9845  The simple method for supporting standard gauge wheelsets on the transporter bogies. DSC9846  A life expired Mallet boiler, this being from 99 5901.
DSC9852  99 6001 running round at Hasslefelde. DSC9856  99 6001 is a one off prototype from 1939. The presentation of the loco is a credit to the crew. DSC9857  Ready for some noise!
DSC9866  The trains destination Eisfelder Talmühle, with a connection of the left to Nordhausen but, sadly, no northward connection to Wernigerode. DSC9867  Looking south at Eisfelder Talmühle. DSC9871  99 7232 at Eisfelder Talmühle with the 14:51 Brocken to Nordhausen.
DSC9878  A snowball fight starts between the guard and fireman. The fireman won..... DSC9892  99 6001 ready for the return journey, the 17:02 to Quedlinburg. DSC9898  99 7232 adds to the atmosphere at Eisfelder Talmühle.
DSC9908  Back at Stiege, 187 018 is crossed again. It was forming the 15:30 Quedlinburg to Hasslefelde. DSC9917  99 6001 had to run round again at Stiege. It set back through the station at some speed..... DSC9921  99 6001 at Stiege.
DSC9931  99 6001 at Alexisbad. DSC9942  Having arrived at Alexisbad the train had to set back within station limits so the loco could take water. DSC9953  99 6001 takes water at Alexisbad.
DSC9959  Nicely lit by the loco's lighting system. DSC9974  99 6001 of the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen. DSC9977  Alexisbad by night.
DSC9987  99 6001 taking water at Alexisbad. DSC9992a  99 6001 at Alexisbad, lit by sodium lighting. This shot was hand held at a reasonably high ISO, never would have been achievable with a film camera. DSC0012  Back at Halberstadt with two Hex units waiting time.