22 February 2015

On the HSB in good weather! A day taking photos between Drei Annen Hohne and Brocken.
DSC9153a  99 7240 - an old friend from visits in 1996 and 1998 - sits on shed ready for duty. DSC9165  Harz Camel 199 861 shunting at Wernigeorde. DSC9167  Having put a set of carriages in the station 199 861 heads off.
DSC9178  99 7237 and 99 5906 at Wernigerode shed. DSC9183  99 7237, 99 5906 and 99 236 on shed at Wernigerode. DSC9186  2 2-10-2s and a 0-4-4-0 at Wernigerode.
DSC9197  99 236 moves off. DSC9199  99 236 on the turntable at Wernigerode. DSC9206  99 236 taking water at Wernigerode depot.
DSC9206-2  Not sure why there was a red duck on the feedwater pump of 99 236. Some might say it was inappropriate! DSC9219  Steam and glint. DSC9228  99 7240 takes water at Drei Annen Hohne.
DSC9244  99 7240 with the 08:55 from Wernigerode to Brocken at Drei Annen Hohne. DSC9246  Tom at Drei Annen. DSC9256  Is that the top I can see....
DSC9265  Looking promising up ahead. DSC9267  It was cold, as the frost in the trees suggests. DSC9269  More frosty trees.
DSC9279  99 7240 at Brocken with something approaching a view visible at last. DSC9283  At the top of the Brocken. DSC9284  An essential bit of kit.
DSC9287  99 7240 at Brocken. DSC9290  Snow in the trees and a view! DSC9296  99 7240 runs-round at Brocken.
DSC9300  Snow and frosty rocks on the Brocken. DSC9304  The TV transmitter in the colours that are so reminiscent of Communist times. DSC9317  Just after the sun had gone in..... 99 236 climbs the last kilometer or so to Brocken with the 09:40 from Wernigerode.
DSC931a  Alternatively 99 236 and train in black & white. : Germany, Harz DSC9327  Snow in the trees. DSC9330  Ilsenburg is down below the trees and hills.
DSC9332  More snowy trees. DSC9335  The path the HSB snow blower cuts is clear, the rest is undisturbed. DSC9346  99 236 drops down from Brocken with the 10:51 to Drei Annen Hohne.
DSC9354  Typical of the scenes on the Brocken. DSC9355  Cold! DSC9368  99 222 in the sun! This is the 10:25 from Wernigerode.
DSC9370  And just to illustrate the power of digital photography here's one the camera got massivley wrong - unless your thing is high key photography. DSC9370-2  After about minute's editing this is the result, one rescued shot. If only I could do this with the over-exposed slides I have in my collection! DSC9374  Threatening clouds which hung to the west of the Brocken occasionally blowing across the sun to give the photogrpaher grief! This is at the crossing of the HSB and the Ilsenburg trail below the summit.
DSC9376  Looking up to the summit from the Ilsenburg trail. DSC9378  Looking down hill, magical. DSC9380  Plenty of walking options.
DSC9383  TV transmitter and Communist era buildings. DSC9400  On the circular walking track around the summit. DSC9403  More put upon trees on the Brocken.
DSC9408  An icy gleis 1. DSC9413  Looking down towards Wernigerode. DSC9422  99 7240, again, with the 12:00 from Drei Annen Hohne to Brocken with those clouds threatening again.
DSC9428  And away towards the blue sky. DSC9433  A fairly typical example of what the snow did when stood on for any appreciable amount of time! DSC9439  More frost in the trees.
DSC9444  A Tradszug hauled by 0-6-0t 99 6101 makes steady progress up the 1 in 30. DSC9448  99 6101 making a lot of noise with its 4 coach Tradszug. DSC9451  And still it comes! 99 6101 on the Brocken.
DSC9459  I was hoping for a backlit shoot here but the sun didn't play ball. 99 6101 made up for it with a spectacular show. DSC9475  99 222 rounds the hair pin Eckerloch Curve with the 13:39 Drei Annen Hohne to Brocken. DSC9480  99 7247 drops downhill towards Shierke with the 13:59 Brocken to Wernigerode.
DSC9484  A largely, but not entirely forzen, stream in the forest. DSC9486  Back at Drei Annen Hohne, 99 7232 sets back towards its train, the 14:51 Brocken to Nordhausen, which departed from Drei Annen at 15:40. DSC9501  99 236 at the head of the 14:55 Wernigerode to Brocken takes water as 99 7232 sets off for Nordhausen.
DSC9505  99 236 head on at Drei Annen Hohne. DSC9510  Glinting in the afternoon light. DSC9515  Looking south at Drei Annen Hohne.
DSC9522  Backlit 99 6101 arrives from the Brocken with its Tradszug, 99 236 will head up the hill once it has fnished taking water. DSC9533  The Brocken from Wernigerode DB station. DSC9534  There are two of these old signs at Wernigerode.
DSC9540  99 222 on the disposal road at Wernigerode. DSC9544  Having got my timing wrong I was in the wrong spot for the arrival of the Tradszug. But it worked out OK. DSC9562  99 6101 propels its Tradszug set out to the carriage depot at Wernigerode.
DSC9578  Meanwhile 99 5906, which has worked a Tradszug to Elend is also back in Wernigerode. DSC9591  Having deposited its stock 99 6101 runs light back to Wernigerode depot. DSC9598  99 6101 on the disposal road with 99 222 behind.
DSC9605  99 5906 shunts its short train out to the carriage shed at Wernigerode. DSC9610  99 6101 is an ex army loco which has been on the Harz system for many years. Sister loco 99 6102 is a saturated loco whereas 6101 is superheated.