21 February 2015

On the HSB, a Mallet hauled Tradszug to the Brocken and other trains.
DSC8849  99 236 heads over the level crossing at Westerntor with the 08:55 to the Brocken. DSC8855  Wernigerode street view. DSC8858  The Rathaus on a grey day.
DSC8860  Looking much better than it did in 1996 when I first visited. DSC8862  A typical side street in Wernigerode. It's not just the main streets which are wirth a look. DSC8864  Lovely buildings near Westerntor.
DSC8873  99 7240 gets away from Wernigerode with the 09:40 to the Brocken. DSC8876  The 09:40 Wernigerode to Brocken heads around the curve to Wersterntor. The Brocken is up there in the clouds. DSC8877  Wernigerode Castle.
DSC8882  Our Mallet for the day, 1918 built 99 5906. DSC8883  99 7247 on steam heat and standby duty. DSC8887  A look down on 99 222.
DSC8890  99 5906 edges towards the turntable. DSC8891  And a look down on 99 7247. DSC8895  0-4-4-0t 99 5906 on the 'table.
DSC8902  Around it goes. DSC8906  Nearly turned. DSC8907  Now facing the right way 99 5906 is ready for the run up the Brocken. 99 7237 stands waiting its turn of duty.
DSC8908  99 222, why are there rags on the safety valves? DSC8915  99 7237 and 99 5906 side by side on shed at Wernigerode. DSC8920  You can get some more on yet mate... 99 222 brews up at Wernigerode.
DSC8934  One version of Keith. DSC8935  And a different version of Keith! DSC8936  99 5906 in charge of the Wernigerode to Brocken Tradszug near Westerntor with transporter wagons in front.
DSC8937  John and Pete. DSC8941  Near Steinerne Renne and it's that hat again. DSC8944  Around the tight curve at Steinerne Renne.
DSC8953  99 5906 at Drei Annen Hohne with coal on the footplate. When I saw this loco running on the Selketalbahn in 1996 it had to "borrow" some coal from a 2-10-2t at Alexisbad! DSC8960  99 5906 taking water at Drei Annen Hohne. DSC8966  John checks the weather.
DSC8968  Phil with his entry in the stupid hat contest. DSC8971  99 7243 arrives at Drei Annen Hohne with a special from Harzgerode to Brocken. DSC8980  99 5906 takes water at Shierke. It is stood on the downhill line.
DSC8986  99 5906 with the Tradszug at Shierke. There was a long wait here as both an uphill and downhill trian had to pass. DSC8990  99 236 runs into Shierke on the 12:00 from Drei Annen Hohne to Brocken. DSC8995  After the 12:00 had arrived 99 5906 set back to allow the downhill train to enter the loop.
DSC9028a  99 5906 sat in the woods below Shierke station. DSC9037  After the arrival of the downhill train and the departure of the uphill train behind 99 236 the Mallet pulled back into the station the allow the downhill train to depart. DSC9045  Climbing towards the summit and the weather on the Brocken was worse than the day before!
DSC9049  Nothing to see at the summit, again. DSC9053  Drei Annen Hohne station, Wernigerode end. The boarded over building on the left covers steps leading to an underpass which used to lead to the standard gauge station on the line from Elbingerode. DSC9057  Drei Annen Hohne station.
DSC9060  Transporter wagons at Drei Annen Hohne. DSC9066  The derelict station building at Drei Annen Hohne on the standard gauge line from Elbingerode. The HSB is the other side of the trees. This station closed, with the rest of the line, on 16 August 1964. DSC9077  A patch of sun just south of Drei Annen Hohne, the line on the left being that to Nordhausen.
DSC9083  99 7237 starts on the climb to Brocken with the 15:05 from Drei Annen Hohne. DSC9088  99 7237 with the 15:05 from Drei Annen Hohne. DSC9094  Big beasts for metre guage track. 99 7237 heads up the hill from Drei Annen Hohne.
DSC9105  99 7232 at Drei Annen Hohne. DSC9107  99 7232 takes water at Drei Annen Hohne. It was waiting to take the 15:40 service to to Nordhausen. DSC9115  99 7232 in soft light.
DSC9123  One for Huw. DSC9130  The 15:40 from Drei Annen Hohne heads off towards Nordhausen behind 99 7232. DSC9136  99 7240 brews up at the head of the 14:55 ex Wernigerode.
DSC9146  99 5906 on the Trasdzug at Drei Annen Hohne with 99 222 just visiible behind. DSC9147  Another Wernigerode street.