20 February 2015

On the HSB, starting with a workshop tour, then a train up the Brocken. From there it was a walk down to Shierke.
DSC8596  Feedwater pumps ready for fitting. DSC8597  Works visit for the group. DSC8600  Preparaing an axlebox for machining.
DSC8609  99 7245 in Westerntor works. DSC8612  99 7234 up on jacks. DSC8615  2-10-2t wheelsets.
DSC8618  99 7234, all wheels out, giving a good view of the plate frames. DSC8626  The front end of 99 7234. DSC8627  Plenty of side play in the 'boxes!
DSC8634  Fixing 99 7235 with the aid of a bar and a forklift. DSC8642  Railcar 187 013 was just back from an overhaul. DSC8649  Works tour with obligatory grinning idiot.
DSC8653  The loco shed at Wernigerode Westerntor with railcar T1 poking out. DSC8661  The exciting works shunter at Westerntor. DSC8663  The Harz tour party.
DSC8669  RC and that "hat". DSC8672  Guess where? DSC8675  Lesley, somwehere or another.
DSC8678  Stupid hat entry 1. DSC8679  A very stupid hat. DSC8681  An "also ran" stupid hat.
DSC8686  99 7245 takes the 10:25 Wernigerode to Brocken service out across the level crossing at Westerntor. DSC8692  Just into the hills is Steinerne Renne. DSC8699  Climbing in the forest above Steinerne Renne.
DSC8708  99 7247 during the stop at Drei Annen Hohne. DSC8709  99 7247, last of the class, takes water at Drei Annen Hohne. DSC8712  99 7247 at Drei Annen Hohne.
DSC8715  Drei Annen Hohne with the 09:38 Eisfelder Talmühle to Wernigerode railcar in the platform. DSC8719  The front end of 99 7247. DSC8722  Mr Gough.
DSC8730  A patch of sun as the 2-10-2t takes water. DSC8733  Lesley with 99 7247. DSC8736  Michael taking a photo.
DSC8739  99 7247 again! DSC8742  As it says really. DSC8749  The next water stop is at Shierke, this fill gets the loco to Brocken and back down to Drei Annen Hohne.
DSC8755  Schnapps anyone? DSC8757  99 7240 sits in the passing siding at Goetheweg with the 11:36 Brocken to Wernigerode service. DSC8760  Frosty trees, snow and loco exhaust.
DSC8767  Climbing across Goethe Moor behind 99 7247. DSC8771  A rather foggy Brocken summit. DSC8772  Plenty of snow on the Brocken.
DSC8774  It was determined the snow was "one Corser" deep. DSC8776  Which way today? DSC8777  Until the fall of Communism in East Germany the Brocken was off limits to most.
DSC8785  99 236 drops down across Goethe Moor with the 13:14 Brocken to Wernigerode. DSC8788  99 222 climbing across Goethe Moor with the 12:45 from Drei Annen Hohne to Brocken, the train originated in Nordhausen. DSC8788-2  Same again, but this time in black and white.
DSC8794-2  99 222 a bit closer. DSC8794  And again in black and white. DSC8798  Monochrome on the Brocken. But this is a colour photo!
DSC8800  Looking uphill at Goetheweg. DSC8805  99 7247 in the forest below Goetheweg with the 13:39 from Drei Annen Hohne to Brocken. DSC8808  Plenty of ice.
DSC8829  99 222, again, climbing beyond Schierke with the 15:06 from Drei Annen Hohne. DSC8835  99 222 crossing the service road.