19 February 2015

London to Wernigerode and a bit of time on the HSB
DSC8294  Goslar. DSC8296  Goslar. DSC8297  Goslar.
DSC8298  Goslar. DSC8302  Goslar. DSC8304  Outside our hotel in Wernigerode.
DSC8310  Wernigerode HSB depot with two Harz Camels and 99 7243 awaiting duties. DSC8314  Wernigerode DB station. DSC8315  Wernigerode HSB station.
DSC8317  99 7243 coming off shed at Wernigerode. DSC8319  The 14:55 Wernigerode to Brocken train. DSC8325  99 7243 well past the signal at Wernigerode.
DSC8329  Train Vege - Phil, Matt and Michael all Brocken bound. DSC8341  99 236 on shed at Wernigerode. DSC8344  Forestry track gricing below Drei Annen Hotel with Bernd Seiler.
DSC8349  99 7243 comes around the corner.... DSC8358  Just below Drei Annen Hotel is this convenient gap in the trees giving an excellent view of 99 7243 on the 14:55 Wernigerode to Brocken service. DSC8366  99 7243 stopped at Drei Annen Hohne.
DSC8372  The fireman gets a dose of sodium carbonate. DSC8377  Adding the sodium carbonate the water tank. DSC8380  Skiamid - tannin and antifoam mix.
DSC8384  99 7243 sets off from Drei Annen Hohne with its Brocken train. DSC8392  99 7243 heads away from Drei Annen Hohne with the 14:55 Wernigerode to Brocken train. DSC8397  99 7241 up on jacks at Wernigerode Westerntor works.
DSC8399  99 7234 and 99 7241 in Westerntor Works. DSC8413  Wheelsets out showing the Beuginot steering mechanism employed on the HSB 2-10-2 tanks. DSC8417  Leading bogie and driving wheel sets from a 2-10-2t.
DSC8423  99 7245 detubed at Westerntor works. DSC8427  Water treatment lab at Wernigerode Westerntor. DSC8434  Cylinder and motion of 99 222.
DSC8435  99 222 in the early evening light at Westerntor. DSC8456  99 222 at Wernigerode depot. DSC8465  Coaling 99 222 at Wernigerode.
DSC8478  99 222 and coal at Wernigerode. DSC8491  More coal for 99 222. DSC8497  99 222 sets back for the next stage of disposal and prep for the next day.
DSC8508  Lamps covered to protect them prior to emptying the smokebox on 99 222. DSC8509  99 222 at Wernigerode during disposal. DSC8511  99 222 of 1931.
DSC8522  Opening the smokebox door on 99 222. The water draining out is added to control sparks when running. DSC8527  Shovelling char. DSC8532  Plenty of char on the shovel.
DSC8534  Time to get rid of the char. DSC8535  And down into the skip below. DSC8554  Fishing for char.
DSC8559  Collecting a boiler water sample on 99 222. DSC8563  99 7237 and 99 236 on shed at Wernigerode. The depot and turntable is no longer dual gauge but once was on certain roads. DSC8574  Crystal clear at the top of the Brocken.
DSC8577  Wernigerode at dusk. DSC8587  Wernigerode's splendid Rathaus (town hall). DSC8592  Wernigerode contains a remarkable selection of ancient buildings.