La Ligne des Causses 20-30 June 2011

A partial look at the Beziers to Neussargues - La Ligne des Causses - route
ligne-causses-0001  La Ligne des Causses - Gradient profile and track layout as in 1961 - from Béziers to Tournemire-Roquefort. Note that the gradients quoted are per 1000. ligne-causses-0001a  La Ligne des Causses - Gradient profile and track layout as in 1961 - from Tournemire-Roquefort to Sévérac-le-Château. ligne-causses-0001b  La Ligne des Causses - Gradient profile and track layout as in 1961 - from Sévérac-le-Château to St. Chély.
ligne-causses-0001c  La Ligne des Causses - Gradient profile and track layout as in 1961 - from St. Chély to Neussargues. ligne-causses-0001d  Outline profile of la Ligne des Causses. This is taken from Henri Lartilleux's classic "Géographie de Chemins de Fer Français Premier Volume 'La S.N.C.F'. ligne-causses-001  Laurens station - now closed. 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-002  The siding at Laurens is rusty but still used occasionally. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-003  Laurens station. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-004  Laurens station building is well looked after. 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-005  Looking towards Béziers at Laurens. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-006  Laurens - 456.6 KM. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-007  Laurens station building. 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-008  Looking north at Laurens where the catenary suggests there was once a yard here. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-009  The WC, as was, at Laurens. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-010  The well kept station building at Laurens which is now a house. 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-011  Looking towards Béziers from above the mouth of a short tunnel near Faugeres. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-012  Looking north at Faugeres. The station, now closed, was here standing at 258m (846ft). 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-013  A 160m long viaduct on the descent towards Bédarieux. The gradient here is only 15/1000 (approximately 1 in 66 2/3). This is a gentle gradient on la Ligne des Causses. 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-013a  The lines around Bédarieux as they were. Only the Ligne des Causess now remains. Taken from Henri Lartilleux's "Géographie de Chemins de Fer Français Premier Volume 'La S.N.C.F'. ligne-causses-014  Bédarieux station - 225m (738ft). 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-015  Bédarieux station, north end. 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-016  Bédarieux station - but without the expected trains due to a strike. This view is towards Neussargues. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-017  A mirror at Bédarieux station. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-018  Looking towards Béziers at Bédarieux. This former junction station once boasted a sizeable yard and depot alongside the station. 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-019  A view of Bédarieux station's overall roof from the south end. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-020  European height platforms and board crossings. Bédarieux station. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-021  Looking towards Neussargues at Bédarieux. 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-022  Viaduc de Boissière seen throught the trees south of Joncels. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-023  A level crossing north of Joncels looking up the grade in the Neussargues direction. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-024  Looking south at the level crossing near Joncels seen in the previous photograph. 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-025  Viaduc de l'Usclade, km 493. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-026  Viaduc de l'Usclade and the following level crossing near km 493. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-027  Tunnel des Cabrils from the level crossing near km 493. 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-028  The former crossing keeper's house near km 493. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-029  Viaduc de l'Usclade, km 493. The viaduct is 117m long. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-030  The road parts company with the railway after km 493. However, it affords this view roughly south in which can be seen the railway climbing out of the valley at 33/1000 (approximately 1 in 30 1/3). No easy railway this one! 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-031  Ceilhes-Roqueredonde station building. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-032  Looking towards Neussargues at Ceilhes-Roqueredonde. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-033  Ceilhes-Roqueredonde station building appears well looked after. 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-034  Looking towards Béziers at Ceilhes-Roqueredonde. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-035  Ceilhes-Roqueredonde station now has to make do with a concrete waiting shelter. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-036  Level crossing treadle at Ceilhes-Roqueredonde. 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-037  Ceilhes-Roqueredonde, looking towards Béziers. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-038  Ceilhes-Roqueredonde level crossing. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-039  Despite the strike this was one train which ran. Having stopped to take some general photographs of the scenery, I heard the train coming and was able to get this grab shot through the trees. The train, the 13:00 Beziers to Millau, has just left Montpaon station and is passing the village of Fondamente. 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-040  Now in the Causses region proper the line crosses the D93 some way south of Tournemire-Roquefort. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-041  Looking upgrade (30/1000, approximately 1 in 33 1/3) and towards Béziers at the crossing of the D93 some way south of Tournemire-Roquefort. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-042  The gradient (30/1000, approximately 1 in 33 1/3) shows near the crossing of the D93 some way south of Tournemire-Roquefort in this view towards Neussargues. 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-043  The level crossing with the D93 some way south of Tournemire-Roquefort. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-043a  Tournemire-Roquefort in better times for the railway showing the developments at their maximum extent. Taken from Henri Lartilleux's "Géographie de Chemins de Fer Français Premier Volume 'La S.N.C.F'. ligne-causses-044  Tournenmire-Roquefort station building. The altitude here is 500m (1640ft) - 291m (955ft) below the town of Roquefort the station apparently serves! 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-045  Looking towards Béziers at Tournemire-Roquefort. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-046  Looking towards Neussargues at Tournemire-Roquefort. This station, in the days when it was a junction, used to boast an overall roof. Two lines joined the Ligne des Causses here. From behind the camera a branch came in from St Affrique and in the direction the camera is looking a line to Le Vigan and Quissac headed off. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-047  A sizeable yard used to be here alongside the station at Tournemire-Roquefort. 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-048  Tournemire-Roquefort, where else? 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-049  Departmental vehicles in the former bay at Tournemire-Roquefort. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-050  Tournemire-Roquefort looking towards Béziers. 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-051  Tournemire-Roquefort was once a junction with a branch from Le Vigan and Quissac. The line closed to L'Hospitalet in1955 but was briefly resurected by the army in the late 1970s/early 1980s. The former branch yard remains alongside the mainline. The branch headed off through the hillside and turned through nearly 180° within the next couple of miles. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-052  Part of the former loco depot at Tournemire-Roquefort. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-053  Concrete fencing at Tournemire-Roquefort. 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-054  Overlooking the Tarn Gorge at Compeyre showing viaduc du Terrals. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-055  Viaduc du Terrals. The gradient here is 33.3/1000 (approxinmately 1 in 30) in the early stages of a 15km climb out of the Tarn valley. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-056  Viaduc d'Aguessac and the village of Aguessac. 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-057  As no trains were running north of Millau, presumably due to the dtrike action, I took various angles of Viaduc d'Aguessac which seems to have a large number of photographic possibilities. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-058  Viaduc d'Aguessac and the village of Aguessac with the Causses Noir in the background overlooking the Tarn. 20 June 2011. ligne-causses-059  A view down into Aguessac. The straight on the railway is the site of the station with the loco depot on the right. The overhead wires in the foreground are on Viaduc d'Aguessac. 20 June 2011.
ligne-causses-060  Tournemire-Roquefort looking north with the Ligne des Causses on the left and the La Vigan/Quissac line on the right. 21 June 2011. ligne-causses-061  Looking back towards Tournemire-Roquefort from the formation of the La Vigan branch. 21 June 2011. ligne-causses-062  South of Tournemire-Roquefort the line appears to be double track. However, the overgrown line furthest from the camera is the St Affrique route which ran parallel to la Ligne des Causses until heading west away from the line. This view is towards Tournemire-Roquefort. 21 June 2011.
ligne-causses-063  The level crossing in the previous view is at km 523. 21 June 2011. ligne-causses-064  A view towards Béziers at km 523 with the St Affrique formation on the right. This line finally closed to goods traffic in 1992 but lost its passenger service in December 1939. Closer to St Affrique the route is now a cycle track. 21 June 2011. ligne-causses-065  Km 523 level crossing looking towards Tournemire-Roquefort. 21 June 2011.
ligne-causses-066  Back in Compeyre and an alternative view of Aguessac and its viaduct with the rover Tarn on the left. 21 June 2011. ligne-causses-067  The Tarn valley and Aguessac from Compeyre. 21 June 2011. ligne-causses-068  Waiting for a train in fading light; this view is from the small car park and viewing area in Compeyre. 21 June 2011.
ligne-causses-069  A train! This is the 18:42 Millau to St Chély d'Apecher passing the site of Aguessac station and about to start climbing out of the Tarn valley. 21 June 2011. ligne-causses-070  The 18:42 Millau to St Chély d'Apcher crosses viaduc d'Aguessac a little while after the clouds had obscured the sun. 21 June 2011. ligne-causses-071  Looking up the 15km climb out of the Tarn valley from below Compeyre. 22 June 2011.
ligne-causses-073  All the bridges on the line have similar protection against the overhead wires which are energised at 1500V dc. There should be a warning sign on the brackes but it's gone somewhere. 22 June 2011. ligne-causses-074  Compeyre stands on the hill overlooking the line and viaduc des Terrals. The line here used to be double track which helped with pathing in steam days allowing assisting engines to return to Millau without hindering the progress of the next northbound train. 22 June 2011. ligne-causses-075  Viaduc des Terrals looking down the 33.3/1000 (approxinmately 1 in 30) gradient towards Aguessac. 22 June 2011.
ligne-causses-076  The weather was not playing ball but none the less this view of the 10:27 Millau to Rodez crossing viaduc des Terrals is pleasing none the less. The line to Rodez, which leaves the Ligne des Causses at Sévérac-le-Château, is not electrified hence the use of a diesel railcar. 22 June 2011. ligne-causses-077  The line can be seen sometimes clinging to the hillside as it climbs hard out of the Tarn valley beyond Compeyre. On the far right a tunnel mouth can be glimpsed. 22 June 2011. ligne-causses-078  South of Millau the line, which is alongside the river Tarn, is crossed with the A75 autoroute on the spectacular Millau Viaduct. The pillar in this view is the second tallest being 221m from its base to the road deck with another 90m above the road. The tallest pillar, out of view to the right is 245m tall. The river to the road is just 270m - 886ft. 22 June 2011.
ligne-causses-079  The historic village of Peyre sits alongisde the river Tarn with the Ligne des Causses in betwee. There was a station here somewhere but not anymore. 22 June 2011. ligne-causses-080  A typical stanchion at Peyre. When the Midi hoop type stanchion is not in use this is the common type on the line. 22 June 2011. ligne-causses-081  Typical metal fencing alongside the Ligne des Causses. 22 June 2011.
ligne-causses-082  Peyre and the Ligne des Causses looking towards Millau. 22 June 2011. ligne-causses-083  The Tarn and Ligne des Causses at Peyre. 22 June 2011. ligne-causses-084  Millau Vidauct seen from Peyre. 22 June 2011.
ligne-causses-085  The still waters of the Tarn give an excellent reflection of Peyre and the railway. 22 June 2011. ligne-causses-086  A small bridge at Peyre which looks to have been given some attention in recent times. 22 June 2011. ligne-causses-087  The railway sits on top of a substantial retaining wall as it squeezes between the Tarn and Peyre. 22 June 2011.
ligne-causses-088  Peyre, allotments and the Ligne des Causses in a view towards Béziers. 22 June 2011. ligne-causses-089  Looking towards Béziers at Peyre. 22 June 2011. ligne-causses-090  The weather only got worse this day! Low cloud being driven in with rain by a stiff wind threathened to obscure this view at times. The train is the "successor" to the "l'Aubrac" through train from Paris. During my visit the now Clermont Ferrand - Beziers service was running St Chely - Beziers with a bus from Clermont Ferrand due to engineering work leading to the temporary closure of Garabit Viaduct. So, this is 15:39 St Chely to Beziers crossing viaduc des Terrals. To get a decent shutter speed the camera was set to 1600ISO for this shot. The wonders of digital photography! 22 June 2011.
ligne-causses-090a  The same photograph as previous but in black and white - which is what I had in mind when I took it. The 15:39 St Chely to Beziers crosses viaduc des Terrals. 22 June 2011. ligne-causses-091  Still climbing hard out of the Tarn valley on the 15km climb at Vezouillac, looking towards Neussargues. 23 June 2011. ligne-causses-092  Looking down the gradient at Vezouillac. 23 June 2011.
ligne-causses-093  A typical bridge over the line at Vezouillac. 23 June 2011. ligne-causses-094  At Vezouillac with a typical geological feature - La butte de Suèges - in the background. 23 June 2011. ligne-causses-095  Vezouillac viaduct. 23 June 2011.
ligne-causses-096  Viewed from the road to Suèges the line can be made out in the scenery. The lines climbs from left to right. 23 June 2011. ligne-causses-097  The village of Serres is in the background with the course of the line is clear on the climb from Aguessac. 23 June 2011. ligne-causses-098  Looking towards the Tarn valley the line is just visible in the trees in the middle distance. 23 June 2011.
ligne-causses-099  Also from the Suèges road the line is in the foreground with the competetion in the form of the A75 autoroute in the middle distance. 23 June 2011. ligne-causses-100  Moments after the sun had gone in the 15:39 from St Chély to Béziers drops down the bank and across Vezouillac viaduct. The gradient here is 31.8/1000 (approximately 1 in 31.5.) 23 June 2011. ligne-causses-101  On the road beyond Compeyre looking down into the Tarn valley the line twists around. 23 June 2011.
ligne-causses-102  Looking roughly north up the Tarn valley the line, or rather the overhead, can be seen amongst the trees. 23 June 2011. ligne-causses-103  The 18:42 Millau to St Chély d'Apcher crosses viaduc des Terrals below Compeyre - at last this train's running combined with some evening sun resulting in a very pleasing photograph. 23 June 2011. ligne-causses-104  Aguessac substation. 24 June 2011.
ligne-causses-105  My favourite pair of gates in France. Presumably a work in progress but there again..... 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-106  The line at Auguessac where the small former depot, which once had a turntable, still stands. View towards Millau 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-107  Aguessac station and yard. 24 June 2011.
ligne-causses-108  Compeyre stands on the hill above the railway with viaduc des Terrals on the right. The gradient is obvious! 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-109  Aguessac and its viaduct, the graident is again obvious. 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-110  The Ligne des Causses climbing out of the Tarn valley beyond Aguessac. 24 June 2011.
ligne-causses-111  The line continues to climb out of the Tarn valley. 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-112  The 08:52 Rodez to Millau railcar descends the grade across viaduc des Terrals below the ancient village of Compeyre. 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-113  The 08:52 Rodez to Millau railcar crosses viaduc d'Aguessac. 24 June 2011.
ligne-causses-115  Don't touch the overhead. A sign dating from electrification in the 1930s. 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-116  In Aguessac looking down the gradient towards Millau. 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-117  In Aguessac looking up the gradient. 24 June 2011.
ligne-causses-118  Lineside in Aguessac looking down the gradient towards Millau. 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-119  Viaduc d'Aguessac, classic Chemin de Fer du Midi overhead and Compeyre. 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-120  The 10:27 Millau to Rodez railcar climbs across viaduc d'Aguessac. 24 June 2011.
ligne-causses-121  The 09:12 Beziers to St Chely (then bus to Clermont Ferrand) climbs the 31.8/1000 (approximately 1 in 31.5) gradient out of the Tarn valley at Serres. 24 June 2011 ligne-causses-122  The 09:12 Beziers to St Chely (then bus to Clermont Ferrand) climbs the 31.8/1000 (approximately 1 in 31.5.) gradient out of the Tarn valley at Serres. 24 June 2011 ligne-causses-123  And away into the distance. The 09:12 Beziers to St Chely near Serres. 24 June 2011
ligne-causses-124  The summit of the 15km climb from Aguessac at Engayresque. The line has now entered the Grand Gausses region. In the 15km from Aguessac the line has climbed 467m (1532ft) to 839m (2752ft). 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-125  As the line descends from Engayreque towards Sévérac-le-Château is enters a tunnel. This is one of the tunnel vents. 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-126  Sévérac-le-Château station. 24 June 2011.
ligne-causses-127  Details of the timetable alterations due to the closure of the line north of St Chély. 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-128  Sévérac-le-Château looking towards Millau and Béziers. 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-129  Looking north at Sévérac-le-Château. The Rodez line heads off to the left beyond the substation whilst the Ligne des Causses starts to climb away at 30/1000 (approximatley 1 in 33 1/3). 24 June 2011.
ligne-causses-130  Sévérac-le-Château was once an important place with a large yard and loco depot. Only bits remain now. 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-131  Sévérac-le-Château sits in the middle distance, overlooked by the Château on the hill, with the railway climbing at 33/1000 out of the valley. 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-132  It might not look it but the gradient here, on the climb north out of Sévérac-le-Château remains at 30/1000 (1 in 33 1/3). 24 June 2011.
ligne-causses-133  The gradient here is more obvious! Sévérac-le-Château can just be made out in the distance. 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-134  Looking the other way from the same location as for the previous photo this is the summit of the climb out of Sévérac-le-Château at Col de la Garde. The height is 801m (2628ft). 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-135  Just north of the summit at Col de la Garde and the line is off downhill again but this time the gradient is only 17/1000 (approximately 1 in 59), so an easy gradient on this route. 24 June 2011.
ligne-causses-136  An SNCF conifer perhaps? 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-137  Campagnac St. Genez station. The buildings are now in private ownership. 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-138  This is the modern station building at Campagnac St. Genez now spelt Campagnac-St-Genies. 24 June 2011.
ligne-causses-139  In the department of Averyon Campagnac St. Genez station is at 660.68m (approximately 2167ft). 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-140  The 11:45 St Chély to Béziers train arrives at Campagnac St. Genez station. 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-141  And after a short pause the 11:45 St Chély to Béziers train sets off from Campagnac St. Genez station. The line starts to climb away towards Col de la Garde at 30/1000. 24 June 2011.
ligne-causses-142  The former station toilets at Campagnac St. Genez are now in use as stables. Presumably the building smells much the same as it did during its original use! 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-143  Viaduc de St. Laurent d'Olt through the trees on the side of the D37. 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-144  Viaduc de St. Laurent d'Olt as it crosses the D37. 24 June 2011.
ligne-causses-145  Viaduc de St. Laurent d'Olt looking south. The line is climbing here at 30/1000 (1 in 33 1/3) away from the camera. 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-146  Viaduc de St. Laurent d'Olt. 24 June 2011 ligne-causses-147  Banassac La Canourgue station. 24 June 2011.
ligne-causses-148  Banassac La Canourgue station looking northwards towards Neussargues. 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-149  Banassac La Canourgue station looking towards Béziers. 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-150  Banassac La Canourgue is in the department of Lozere at 529.50m (1737ft). 24 June 2011.
ligne-causses-151  Banassac La Canourgue station seen from the car park side. 24 June 2011. ligne-causses-152  The 15:39 St Chély to Béziers replacement for the l'Aubrac heads south across viaduc de la Rimieze. This viaduct is between St Chely and Aumont-Aubrac and can be seen from the A75 autoroute which is parallel to the line at this point. The river it crosses with popular with fishing enthusiasts and families out for a paddle. 26 June 2011. ligne-causses-153  Viaduc de la Rimieze in morning light. 28 June 2011.
ligne-causses-154  Viaduc de la Rimieze offers several nice photographic angles, but not this one during morning light! 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-155  The 08:53 Millau to St Chély service crosses viaduc de la Rimieze. The A75 autoroute bridge across the same river can be seen in the background. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-156  The north end of Banassac La Canourgue looking south. 28 June 2011.
ligne-causses-157  The 11:45 St Chély to Béziers runs south alongside the Lot just to the north of Banassac La Canourgue. This was not the train I had expected to photograph here. I had waited for the northbound 09:13 Beziers - St Chely but it never showed up. I believe, but could be wrong, that the unit had failed the previous day so the service was cancelled. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-158  The 11:45 St Chély to Béziers just to the north of Banassac La Canourgue. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-159  The Ligne des Causses and the river Lot north of Banassac La Canourgue. 28 June 2011.
ligne-causses-160  At Les Ajustons the Ligne des Causses emerges from a tunnel, crosses the Lot then immediately crosses the D809 on the level. This is followed in very quick succession by a short tunnel, another level crossing with the D809 and finally a crossing of the Lot again. This is the first of the level crossings. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-161  The is the first of the level crossings over the D809 at Les Ajustons and the short tunnel which follows. The second level crossing can be made out through the tunnel as can the next bridge over the Lot. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-162  Looking south from the most southerly of the level crossings at Les Ajustons with the bridge over the Lot and the short tunnel to its south. 28 June 2011.
ligne-causses-163  Level Crossing and overhead warning sign at Les Ajustons. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-164  The Hotel - Bar - Restaurent Les Ajustons sits besides the D809 at its junction with the N88. Prior to the building of the A75 autoroute this road must have been very busy and presumably passing trade was good. The concrete viaduct carries the N88 to and from the A75. The lights and boom for the northern level crossing here can be seen next to the road signs. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-165  The second (northern) level crossing at Les Ajustons. 28 June 2011.
ligne-causses-166  The second (northern) crossing of the Lot at Les Ajustons. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-167  A second view of the crossing of the Lot with the N88 viaduct in the background. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-168  Looking south from the northern most level crossing through the tunnel to the other level crossing, bridge over the Lot and other tunnel. 28 June 2011.
ligne-causses-169  At the junction with the line to Mende and La Bastide - La Ligne Gevaudan also known as the Trans-Lozérien. This route is unelectrified and is the further of the two in this view. The bridge is, again, across the Lot. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-170  At Le Monastier station. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-171  The well, presumably no longer used, at Le Monastier. 28 June 2011.
ligne-causses-172  Looking north at Le Monastier. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-173  Looking south at Le Monastier on another day in the mid 30s C. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-174  Le Monastier station building. 28 June 2011.
ligne-causses-175  Just to the south of Marvejols station is the difficult to photograph viaduc du Piou. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-176  Marvejols station, with resident shunter, looking north. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-177  Signalling equipment at Marvejols. 28 June 2011.
ligne-causses-178  Marvejols station building. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-179  Looking south at Marvejols station. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-180  The side of the goods shed at Marvejols has been tastefully decorated. 28 June 2011.
ligne-causses-181  16:21 at Marvejols station and it was rather warm in the shade, but a thunder storm wasn't far away. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-182  Marvejols station from the car park. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-183  This line through the car park at Marvejols used to serve the local abbatoir. 28 June 2011.
ligne-causses-184  The former rail served abbatoir at Marvejols. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-185  To the north of Marvejols station looking to the north. The line climbs hard out of Marvejols, climbing here at 27.5/1000 (approximately 1 in 36 1/3). 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-186  Looking south from the same bridge as in the prvious photograph with the town of Marvejols off to the left and much lower down. 28 June 2011.
ligne-causses-187  Looking down the hiill towards Marvejols station. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-188  A wider view of the climb out of Marvejols with the town in the background. The previously mentioned thunder storm is visible on the left. As this photograph was taken large drops of rain were starting to fall. 28 June 2011. ligne-causses-189  Looking north over viaduc de Sénouard and the northern edge of Marvejols. 28 June 2011.
ligne-causses-190  Aumont-Aubrac station. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-191  At Aumont-Aubrac I found the unit used to cover the l'Aubrac service. I believe it failed two days previously. A pair of fitters were in attendance. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-192  Aumont-Aubrac and failed EMU. 29 June 2011.
ligne-causses-193  Aumont-Aubrac station and EMU on a grey day. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-194  Failed unit at Aumont-Aubrac. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-195  Looking north towards St Chély at Aumont-Aubrac. 29 June 2011.
ligne-causses-196  Despite retaining its original station building Aumont-Aubrac has also acquired a bus shelter style of building. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-197  Looking south at Aumont-Aubrac and to the tunnel at the south end. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-198  A few kilometers south of Aumont-Aubrac the 08:53 from Millau to St Chély climbs relatively gently at 15/1000 (approximately 1 in 67). 29 June 2011.
ligne-causses-199  The 08:53 from Millau to St Chély a few kilometers south of Aumont-Aubrac. The line in this area has taken on a different character having left the Causses proper now running over far flatter land than further south and at consistently higher altitude 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-200  The 08:53 from Millau heading north near Aumont-Aubrac. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-201  St Chély d'Apecher station. 29 June 2011.
ligne-causses-202  Looking north at St Chély. At this time, due to engineering work at Garabit, no trains were going north from here. The regular steel flow was suspended. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-203  St Chély station looking south with the 08:53 from Millau in the platform waiting to become the 11:45 to Béziers. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-204  St Chély d'Apecher. 29 June 2011.
ligne-causses-205  Waiting to form the 11:45 to Béziers at a very grey St Chély. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-206  St Chély station and goods shed. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-207  The now closed station at Arcomie, the highest point of the Ligne des Causses, standing at 1053m (3455ft). 29 June 2011.
ligne-causses-208  Arcomie station toilets, as they once were. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-209  The derelict station building at Arcomie. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-210  Arcomie, 1053m (3455ft). 29 June 2011.
ligne-causses-211  Looking for another use, but only if you are hardy given the prevailing climate, Arcomie. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-212  Arcomie station building. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-213  Arcomie substation. 29 June 2011.
ligne-causses-214  The telephone at Arcomie, 660.6 km. Some way further on from the last telephone shown in this album. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-215  Looking south around the curve at Arcomie. Amazingly the track is level here! 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-216  And looking north at Arcomie. 29 June 2011.
ligne-causses-216a  Eifflel's outstanding viaduc de Garabit across the now dammed river Truyère. The viaduct was shut to trains for heavy engineering work. Scaffold work platforms can be seen on two of the vaiduct's uprights. 26 June 2011. ligne-causses-217  St Flour-Chaudes-Aigues station. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-218  The goods shed at St Flour. 29 June 2011.
ligne-causses-219  Opposite St Flour-Chaudes-Aigues station is the now closed Hotel Terminus - typical of many French towns. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-220  La Ligne des Causses looking north near Le Saillant between St Flour and Talizat. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-221  Looking south at Le Saillant. 29 June 2011.
ligne-causses-223  Near the local summit at Talizat, secodn highest point on the line, in foul weather. It was not difficult this day to see why this area is known as Little Siberia. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-224  Looking south at Talizat. 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-225  Talizat station building, now in farming use. 29 June 2011.
ligne-causses-226  Talizat. The station stands at 934m (3064ft). 29 June 2011. ligne-causses-227  Looking down from the higher town at St Flour to the lower town with the station and yard in the left centre. In the distance are the Margeride mountains with highest peak at 1551m (5089ft) high. During the Second World War these mountains were home to many resistance fighters and the scene of many battles with Nazi troops. 30 June 2011. ligne-causses-228  St Flour station. This used to be a junction which boasted a loco depot. At this time no trains were calling here due to the engineering block at Garabit. 30 June 2011.
ligne-causses-229  la Ligne des Causses making its way out of St Flour with Neussargues to the left. 30 June 2011. ligne-causses-230  Looking in the direction of Neussargues as the line leaves St Flour with another viaduct visible. 30 June 2011. ligne-causses-231  Nuessargues staion and yard, once a much more important place. Béziers trains enter from the far side of the photo. Behind the camera leads to la Ligne du Lioran and Aurillac. 30 June 2011.
ligne-causses-232  Looking west at Neussargues in the direction of Aurillac - another line shut by lengthy engineering work. Buses were replacing trains. 30 June 2011. ligne-causses-233  Take note! Neussargues is the end of the overhead. 30 June 2011. ligne-causses-234  Heated point at Neussargues - despite it being another scorthingly hot day it does get cold here. 30 June 2011.
ligne-causses-235  Neussargues with more platform faces than it now needs. 30 June 2011. ligne-causses-236  Neussargues station and yard. Normally there would be steel traffic in the yard here, if the route to St Chély hadn't been shut. 30 June 2011. ligne-causses-237  Goods and engineering facilities at Neussargues. 30 June 2011.
ligne-causses-238  Neussargues. 30 June 2011. ligne-causses-239  Looking west at Neussargues with a footbridge which has featured in many generations of railway photographs. 30 June 2011. ligne-causses-240  Details of the replacement of trains on the la Ligne du Lioran over a four month period. 30 June 2011.
ligne-causses-241  War memorial at Neussargues station. 30 June 2011. ligne-causses-242  No trains and nothing due for some months. The unused platform the photograph was taken from used to be served by trains to and from Bort-les-Orgues, closed in 1993. When trains run it should be possible to get direct services here towards Béziers, Clermont Ferrand and Aurillac. This view is eastwards. The junction between la Ligne des Causses and the route to Arvant is beyond the signalbox in the distance. 30 June 2011. ligne-causses-243  Looking towards Aurillac at Neussargues. Bort-les-Orgues trains peeled off to the right a little way out of the station. The lines between here Bort-les-Orgues and Aurillac along with the Bort-les-Orgues to Aurillac line formed what was known as the 'Triangle du Cantal'. Now only the south leg of the triangle remains open. 30 June 2011.
ligne-causses-244  Metal gate at Neussargues. 30 June 2011. ligne-causses-245  Neussargues which stands at 807m (2648ft). 30 June 2011. ligne-causses-246a  The lines around Neussargues as they were in 1950. Taken from Henri Lartilleux's classic "Géographie de Chemins de Fer Français Premier Volume 'La S.N.C.F'.
ligne-causses-247  La Ligne des Causses climbs away from Neussargues at 33/1000 (1 in 30) and out of the Alagnon valley. In the distance the Auvergne region can be seen. 30 June 2011. ligne-causses-248  Little Siberia on a hot day. There is a tunnel between the Alagnon valley and the summit at Talizat with the location of the mouth and subsequent route of the line clear to see in this southward view. 30 June 2011. ligne-causses-249  Near Talizat on a nice day! 30 June 2011.
ligne-causses-250  Talizat station and one of the many substations needed to supply the 1500V dc overhead. 30 June 2011. ligne-causses-251  A road overbridge near Andelat station not far north of St Flour. 30 June 2011. ligne-causses-252  Looking north up the line near Andelat. 30 June 2011.
ligne-causses-253  Looking towards St Flour near Andelat. 30 June 2011.