After a very long period of silence there is, at last, some news to report on the ‘Argentina Rescue Fund’. The silence has regretfully been required, as any public statements lead to further problems for the fund.

It is felt best, for legal reasons, not to enlarge on previously made comments regarding what has happened. Maybe one day the real story can be told, but now is certainly not that time. Suffice to say certain individuals have made it impossible for ‘Argentina’ to be recovered.

Very sadly on Friday 19 January 2007, a little over 2 years since the Fund was launched, the decision was taken to wind it up having failed to secure the locomotive. The remains of ‘Argentina’ are still at Mate de Luna but it would seem now to be impossible to extract them. We consider every legal avenue open to us has been exhausted and would certainly not countenance resorting to illegal methods! The profound sadness this situation creates can not be adequately put into words.

All donors should, by now, have received an e-mail or letter from the fund outlining the situation and the options now open to them. However we have not been able to contact a small number of donors. Some e-mail addresses are no longer valid whilst the Fund also recieved a few dontations with no contact details enclosed. If you are a donor but have not heard from the Fund please contact us by one of the following methods:


Post: The Argentina Rescue Fund, C/O 5 Camvale, Peasedown St John, Bath, BA2 8AG, UK.

Sincere thanks for your support, we only wish the outcome could have been different.

Martyn Bane, Richard Campbell, Christine Fox, Shaun McMahon & Alejandro Porta for the ‘Argentina Rescue Fund’.

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