Argentina & Chile
January 13 - 27 2004

This fantastic trip came about at the invitation of Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino (FCAF) 'Technical & Technical Projects Manager' Shaun McMahon.

The trip was broken down into a number of distinct "phases", the first of which was a week on FCAF. From Ushuaia I drove north across Tierra del Fuego, into Chile, and onwards to the South American mainland, via ferry, spending one night in Punta Arenas. This put me in position for the next two days of railway exploring when I visited the YCF Rio Turbio - Rio Gallegos 750mm system, primarily to find the Mitsubishi built L.D.Porta modified 2-10-2s that used to operate the system. From Rio Gallegos I made my way back to Buenos Aires for a bit of time in the tropical summer before heading home.

As a stop gap until I can write these pages properly here are a selection of captionless photographs:

Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino

Also see here for more information on FCAF

On Tierra del Fuego


Rio Turbio

Ruta 40 - Rio Turbio to Rio Gallegos

Rio Gallegos

Also see here for more information on my visit to Rio Turbio & Rio Gallegos

Buenos Aires

I received a great deal of help and kindness from a number of people before and during my trip. Without their help I would not have had such a great time. So I would like to sincerely thank the following people:

Mr S.McMahon & Sra M.Galli-McMahon, Mrs C.Fox, Sr Boichetta and his lady wife, ALL the staff of FCAF Ushuaia and the staff of YCF Rio Turbio.