Photo Albums

Below are a selection albums of photos from the UK and around the world. There is a considerable bias towards railways but there are other topics covered as well! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have taking them. It is my intention that, slowly, a selection from all my photographs will appear here but that is a massive task! If you have any questions about them please e-mail at martyn(at)

Day Trips 2019
North Wales - October 04-12 2019
In Cornwall August 16-19 2019
Devon, Somerset & Wales 15-23 June 2019
Sussex & Kent 09-12 May 2019
India February 23 - March 17 2019
14 June - 02 July in Germany & Austria
Trier Dampfspektakel & Koln - April 27 - May 08 2018
Six weeks in the Harz
In Somerset
New Year 2017-18 in the Harz
Chiswick House 21 Lantern Festival December 2017
At Sharpham House in October 2017
Slovakia, Austria & Czech Republic
In the Harz Mountains January 2017
Eastern Europe, 01-20 September 2016 - Romania, Hungray, Slovakia, Austria & Slovenia
Isle of Man June 2016
Saxony & Prague in February 2016
Harz Mountains New Year 2015-16
Germany in September 2015

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